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James Lee
• Wednesday, 13 January, 2021
• 10 min read

Of course, it all comes down to gear and skill, but I recently started playing Rogue after a year of avoiding it, and I really, really love it. Pay no attention to form keyboard cruisers and develop your skill at the class you love.

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Outlaw is just made for that content in every way possible, while Sin has this weird mechanic where your DMG relies more on getting restealth between packs than any CDs. Also, you’ll be playing a rogue, so your team will never be short on utility stuff like CC and Shroud.

And, if you don’t want to play Sin, then you’re even more screwed because Outlaw’s never going to have good single target damage, while Sub is legit so bad that your Corruptions doesn’t even matter anymore. No matter what you do, you’ll end up doing roughly the same damage, because nothing in your kit interacts with any Corruption at all.

I was doing Outlaw, super fun levelling, but wasn’t having much luck in dungeons. Yesterday I was in a dungeon w/a Sin rogue, and they had top DPS almost the whole time.

It isn’t worthwhile to base your class decision on current viability. I don’t recall a time when all three rogue specs were considered dumpster level.

It’s an awkward expansion, it depends on aerate traits, essences, and situation. Hypothetically if you have all the options in the world you’ll find Sin/Sub for PVP, Outlaw/Sin for mythic+, Sin/Outlaw for raid.

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The specs feel very hollow and deviation from specific builds results in massive DPs losses. Romina:God almighty that’s ridiculous that a thing like that even exist.

You’ll definitely see low DPS early on compared to other classes but once you start stacking Expedients with Exanguinate and Shrouded Suffocation your DPS will skyrocket, most of the early bosses die in 3 mins. I have reached 400k DPS openers with Haste build, albeit for a short period, but it still feels wonderful.

The class is also wonderful in M+, you can play Outlaw or Assassination with SSx3 depending on the key and week with great results, a lot of groups will invite Rogues over other melee. Things like damage will go up and down, but rogues at their worst are still a pretty strong class because of their toolkit.

Available to Blood dark Iron dwarfDwarfGnomeGoblinHumanKul Tirana'heir orcMechagnomeNight elfNightborneOrcPandarenTrollUndeadVoid elfVulperaWorgenZandalari troll Specializations Assassination (melee DPS) Outlaw (melee DPS) Subtlety (melee DPS)Resource(s) Energy, Combo points Primary attribute Agility Weapon skills Bows, Crossbows, Daggers, One-handedSwords, Maces, Axes and Fist weapons Armor type Leather ; can also equip Cloth. Signature abilities You're going to find a number of outfits that covet our skills, . Adventurers, SI:7 ... heck, even the disorganized rabble wouldn't mind a spy or two inside Storm wind.

Rogue combat centers around using instant attacks to build combo points, which are used to unleash more powerful finishing moves on the target. With their distinctive ability, rogues are capable of sneaking through the shadows unnoticed, dispatching their foe in a whirl of attacks, then vanishing from sight.

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Rogues can also stifle their opponents with a variety of poisons, bleeds, stuns, and other disabling effects. Rogues are renowned for their elusiveness, having a number of defensive abilities that make them adept at escaping combat when the odds turn against them.

Lethal assassins and masters of stealth, they will approach their marks from behind, piercing a vital organ and vanishing into the shadows before the victim hits the ground. Rogues can dip their weapons in paralyzing toxins that render foes unable to defend themselves.

These silent stalkers wear leather armor, so they can move unencumbered, ensuring that they land the first strike. Fond of poisons and silent projectile weapons, rogues rely on a blend of stealth and minor mysticism.

Usually in the employ of rich nobles or local governments, the rogue redistributes wealth or eliminates designated targets. Fans of knives and poisons, Rogues stalk their foes from the silent dark, always ready to slit throats and pick the pockets of the unwary.

The diverse aspects of their trade requires rogues to be well versed in lock picking, toxicology, rudimentary alchemy and brawling. In combat, rogues rely on the element of surprise, and tactics which are regarded by most as vile and cowardly.

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They are rarely seen entering a fight without weapons laced in poisons and ample supplies of everything from bombs to elixirs in their backpacks. Their attacks concentrate on weak points in the body in an attempt to finish fights brutally and quickly.

Main article: List of rogues NameRoleAffiliationStatusLocation Edwin Canceled Former kingpin of the Defies BrotherhoodDefias Brotherhood DeceasedFormerly Ironclad Cove, DeadminesGarona Reinforced Former personal assassin of GUL'nonindependent Alive Various Lilian Loss Champion of the UncrownedUncrowned Active Various Lord Coach Reinhold Lord of Reinhold ManorRavenholdt Alive VariousMaiev Shadow song Former leader of the WatchersIndependent Alive Various Master Mathias Shaw Leader of SI:7SI:7, Storm wind Alive VariousTaoshiTaran Zhu's right hand and Shadow of The UncrownedShadow-Pan, Uncrowned, Armies of Legion fall Alive Various Tess Grey mane Princess of Giles, Shadow and Champion of The Uncrowned. Giles, Uncrowned, Armies of Legion fall Alive VariousValeera Sanguinary Advisor to and companion of Variant Brynner Council of Trial, Variant Wynn Alive Various Vanessa Canceled Kingpin of the Defies BrotherhoodDefias Brotherhood Alive Various'Jin Former chieftain of the Mani tribesman tribe DeceasedFormerly Zulu'Man A dwarf rogue as originally seen on the official World of Warcraft website.

Groups may rely on a rogue's stealth ability to scout dungeons, and to use for added crowd control. In PVP, stealth combined with disables and burst damage gives an element of surprise that can be especially effective against cloth-wearers.

Stealth also enables rogues to bypass mobs that other classes would be forced to engage, which is useful for solo play. They are applied as a buff to the player, lasting for one hour before they need to be reapplied; one Lethal and one Non-Lethal poison can be applied at the same time, and faster attacks (through faster weapon speed and attack speed, higher haste, and greater energy regeneration) will cause the poison to pro more often.

Poisons are now no longer items, but individual buffs that can be applied to the weapons by the rogue. Note that diminishing returns apply to all effects that cause players to lose control of their character (stun, incapacitate, fear, etc.

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Stun: , , , (when paired with ) Incapacitate: , , Disorient: Silence: (from stealth) Interrupt: Rogues are characterized by their high mobility as well as their adeptness at quickly engaging, disengaging or outright escaping from a skirmish.

These two elements form a significant part of the rogue's core play style across all three specs, enabling them to use the battleground to their advantage, strike at an opportune moment and utilize their speed and abilities not only to attack from an advantageous position and stick to their targets, but also to evade pursuers, dodge targeted attacks, and mitigate ground effects and area of effect damage. The rogue's use of stealth and their ability to vanish in the middle of combat aid in their ability to stay alive and oftentimes escape from a dire situation, but they also open up a number of offensive tools; for example, attacks that are only usable from such as or deal high damage, which can be increased further by adding the talent .

Mobility and elusiveness are among the rogue's most important tools, as vital as their ability to deal heavy damage in a small window of time and quickly dispatch their targets. Worsen rogues are also able to use their racial ability, , which increases movement speed by 40% for 10 seconds and can be treated as a longer but slower additional .

allows a rogue to disappear from combat and enter stealth instantly (2-minute cooldown). In a dungeon or raid setting, casting can be utilized as part of an offensive rotation, as well as to drop aggro if you come under attack.

is meant for use in dungeons, raids or other Eve groups, and will redirect any threat that you generate, applying it to a selected friendly player; when cast, the player will be marked for 30 seconds, and the spell will trigger after your first attack, with the effects lasting for 6 seconds. This ability is best-utilized proactively instead of reactively, as you may not immediately lose aggro from enemy NPCs if you use it when you are already under attack.

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is a level 30 passive talent for Outlaw rogues that increases movement speed by an additional 15%. is a level 30 passive talent for Assassination and Subtlety rogues, with different effects for each: Increases movement speed by 20% while in or while is active, and increases damage dealt by your abilities while in stealth by 12%.

It can be used in mid-air to limit or avoid fall damage, and can also be used to pull your character to areas that are higher or lower in elevation, but can sometimes not be used on sloped or bumpy terrain and as such, is most reliable on flat ground. can be used by Subtlety and Assassination rogues to quickly teleport behind a selected target within 20 yards and can be utilized while in or out of stealth (30-second cooldown).

allows Subtlety rogues to attack from and teleport behind their target; it has a range of 15 yards and consumes 40 energy, generating 1 combo point (2 with ). restores 30% of your maximum health over 6 seconds, costing 30 energy (30-second cooldown).

is a level 60 passive talent for Outlaw rogues that increases the amount of health restored by , Hearthstones and potions by 30%. will not activate if you are hit by an attack that deals damage greater than 200% of your maximum health; as an example, if your maximum health is 200,000, then the spell will not trigger if you are hit by an attack that deals more than 400,000 damage.

A deadly master of poisons who dispatches victims with vicious dagger strikes. Much of an Assassination rogue's toolkit is based on heavy damage over time through poison effects, rapid auto-attacks (assassination rogues require daggers in both hands to utilize many of their abilities), and abilities that cause bleed damage.

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Rather than requiring stealth and relying on powerful openers, you can simply run up to most targets and quickly hack away at them, building combo points with and while maintaining personal buffs through the use of ; these enhancements are random and will either augment the characteristics of some of your abilities, reduce your cooldown times, or boost your secondary stats. While they share plenty in common with other rogues, these outlaws have little use for tact or discretion, happy to engage in a tavern brawl or spontaneous duel, rarely patient enough to wait in stealth for the opportune time to engage.

Once they have initiated their attack, a subtlety rogue focuses on accumulating as many combo points as possible in a short amount of time, relying on high burst damage at the beginning of combat and pooling energy to maximize damage during phases of as a fight progresses. Subtlety is the archetypal (and infamous) PVP rogue spec, appearing from nowhere to overwhelm and defeat a player in a matter of seconds using a combination of incapacitating abilities and deadly damage.

Subtlety rogues try to avoid a straight fight; their greatest strength is centered on their ability to catch their prey by surprise, and if they are unable to defeat the opponent in their initial burst, then they will often slip back into the shadows before their opponent is able to rally. They don’t have the lethal poison-tipped daggers of the assassin or the brawling prowess of the outlaw, but their acumen on the battlefield and ability to hide in plain sight are unrivaled.

In dungeons, rogues may be asked to preemptively disable certain enemies with , or before the party enters combat. More frequently, rogues may also be tasked with interrupting important spells during some encounters, notably against bosses such as HUL'Horace, Key'Thread and General Vegas.

In general, rogues should not expect to be healed on a regular basis, meaning that you must oftentimes fend for yourself and rely on your mobility, positioning, and prudent use of abilities such as , , , and to quickly move away from targeted attacks and ground effects and to minimize incoming damage. Utilize , potions and hearthstones as needed, and especially in encounters with many enemies, be sure to use to transfer threat to one of your tanks and reduce the chances of taking aggro.

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If you come under attack, drop aggro with , or mitigate damage by using or . They possess a wide range of skills that allow them to accomplish feats from disarming traps to finding secret doors to smacking a magic item until it works.

Roguery is a profession for those who seek the adventures of stalking and silent forests, dimly lit halls and heavily guarded strongholds. Using trickery in combat and able to vanish at the slightest distraction, the rogue is a welcome addition to any group of adventurers.

Ideal spies, deadly to those they can catch unaware, rogues have no problem finding a place in the world. Deadly masters of stealth, rogues are the whispers in shadowy corners and the hooded figures crossing dark fields.

Skilled with daggers and the art of silent death, these vagabonds and bandits skulk about Zeroth seeking targets and profit. Whether they are diplomats, spies, thieves, scoundrels, entertainers, or simply adventurers, you can find them plying just about any trade from Mount Heal to Ratchet.

During early development of World of Warcraft, the Rogue class was originally called Assassin. Elitist Jerks The rogue forum contains helpful guides and is a good place to find the latest discussions in theory crafting.

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