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• Friday, 27 November, 2020
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Whether you appreciate Western-inspired details like at Celine and Max Mara or prefer a more modern and sleek take à la Hermes and Metro, we're betting on this cross body style as a ubiquitous silhouette next season. One of the big benefits about accessorizing with a new bag or a new pair of shoes is the way you can transform an outfit and make it look more modern simply by adding an on-trend accessory.

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If you are treating yourself to a new bag for the new season, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in this article. Slouchy styles were featured on the catwalks of everyone from Salvatore Ferragamo to Altuzarra.

A green purse would look beautiful with white summer outfits. This style has been a trend for a couple of seasons now, so you may already have a bucket bag in your closet.

If you want to go for two trends in one, you could choose a woven style like that of Prada, or a bag adorned with feathers like Valentino’s design. A woven bag like Stella McCartney’s (below, right) is a great option for summer.

Shoe trends also feature square edges for spring and summer 2020. These work really well as a stylish alternative to a clutch bag when you simply need to take a few essentials with you.

The first is a clutch featuring triangles (left and right), or a bag that you slip your hand through (middle). Or, if you have more to fit in your bag than your credit card, phone and lipstick, take a look at the next option on our list.

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There were plenty of mini and micro bags on the catwalks for spring and summer, but there were also lots of oversized styles, including these large clutches (below). You could choose to add some bright color to your closet like Dries van Noted (below, left), or stick to neutrals.

Again, saddlebags were all over the catwalks for winter and fall, so if you did treat yourself to one, then don’t put it away in the bag of your closet. Some had a preppy vibe to them, such as Celine’s style (below, right), while Christian Dior revived the fashion house’s very classic saddlebag (middle), which first made its debut in 2000.

Woven styles were prevalent in shoe designs too, so it’s no surprise that this trend has made its way to bags. Florals are always a major trend for clothes and accessories during spring and summer.

To make sure your florals are really on trend, you could mix them with another major style for 2020 and choose a square bag featuring flowers. When Gucci first unveiled its iconic bamboo-handled bags, World War II was still ongoing.

Many designers for spring and summer had a more playful take on the animal print trend. As an associate for Amazon and many other brands, we receive a small commission (at no cost to you) on qualifying purchases which enables us to keep creating amazing free content for you.

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), the Hermès Broken, the Prensa Schooler PS1, and the Manner Gabriel bucket bag have been on nearly every celebrity's arm and, subsequently, on every woman's wish list. Instead of one designer purse dominating the season, it's all about a single silhouette: the saddlebag.

Whether you’re a total trendsetter or love to keep it minimal and classic, there are bound to be trends that just don’t tickle your fancy. While chunky boots had a moment, we’ll always go back to a sleek, pointed-toe pair for a chic look that easily goes from day to night.

This boot is classy and sexy, meaning you can rock it with a blouse and blazer for work and look killer in a meeting or with a mini-skirt and graphic T-shirt for a night on the town. While adding this intense hue into your wardrobe might seem a bit daring (especially if you live for the absolutely Everygirl-approved color palette of beige, black, white, and blush), there are so many ways to tone it down and make it extra chic.

Paired with straight-leg jeans and a classic black belt, a bright pink sweater injects a little color without being too extra. OK boots took the world by storm a few years ago, and while we love them with skirts and dresses in colder temps, a knee-high version is the 2020 update we’re looking for.

Instead of the sheer, drama kimono style, opt for a card for a stylish look that’s always cozy and cute. Or with a cropped version, button it up and wear it as a top with straight-leg jeans for a solid sexy librarian vibe.

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Long, tassel earrings have a place in our closets, for sure, but we’re digging minimalist jewelry with intricate and unexpected details instead. We were obsessed with bucket bags last summer (especially in straw and rattan fabrics), but they’re equally chic in leather and suede for the winter.

The ’90s shoulder bag has been popular among It girls, street style stars, and celebrities alike for the past few seasons. Accessory designers like Carolina Santo Domingo and S. Joon have crafted versions of the shoulder bag in crescent and tulip-like shapes, respectively, adding crafty details like two-tone leathers, stamped cross, and acrylic tortoise detailing.

Alternatively, squish-able soft pouches and hobo bags have married into the ultimate hybrid baguette, with options from Ortega Genera, Rag & Bone, and Stand. If you’re looking to add a hands-free bag to your repertoire, consider one of these updated purses, which offer a fresh, more minimalistic approach to the classic luxury style (which can be pricey when bought new and hard to find in vintage).

Either panniers bags or saddlebags, both are of immense importance for bike commuters. Due to many reasons, more and more peoples are using bikes which increase the need for luggage carrying resources.

Because different varieties of pannier bags and saddlebags are now in the market. Selecting between the two, pannier bags or saddlebags thoroughly depends on one’s taste, requirement, and budget.

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To give you a better understanding of the differences between panniers Vs saddlebags we have discussed a few main factors which are: Panniers bags are also available in leather that may weigh as like the saddlebags.

Whereas wrapping up bags made from Cordoba fabric or polyester are a lot easier than they can be flat-packed and stored. As these are placed comfortably without any boxes and you don’t have to stop for accessing your stuff or gears.

Secondly, they are placed inside the panniers (hard cases) which prevent them from exposing to water. While the saddlebags are not that much water-resistant as they are placed openly on the bike and also leather provides resistance to a certain level.

Pannier bags require almost no maintenance as their material is not prone to water and dust and also they don’t stretch with use. Whereas the leather saddlebags need greater maintenance in case if it is affected by rain.

In terms of looks, the saddlebags are on top of the list as leather made products always look classy and elegant. It thoroughly depends on people’s choice which looks they prefer but generally leather made saddlebags are obviously on top in terms of looks.

causal saddle retro bag bags messenger shoulder
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It can carry more than that but ideally, you should not exceed the given capacity, to prolong the bags life. Both the pannier bags and saddlebags are equally important for motorcycle users.

However, buying a pannier bag or saddlebag thoroughly depends on the riders’ needs and Vikings. In this particular guide, we have shed some light on panniers Vs saddlebags to give you a better understanding of the two.

Weight Cost Wrapping up Access Compatibility Security Handiness Water-resistance Looks Holding capacity A lot of the people making the purchases are millennials who yearn to harden back to a time when fashion wasn’t dominated by Instagram.

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