Are Saddle Company Saddles Adjustable

Ellen Grant
• Sunday, 11 October, 2020
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Dover's Price: Bates Carrillo Close Contact+ Saddle with Extended Flap and Luke Leather I have patriot jumping saddles and had the tree changed in one it worked fine.

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I have one of them upsized twice and may shortly downsize one of them and as I already have the smaller tree it will a very economic thing to do. I'm basically going the same asking questions & scratching head process as OP. I know nothing about these saddles : but what DOES worry me a little is that its always possible to find one going on Removed and/or e-bay or FB...............

I know it depends on if the fitter you get is good or not but I bought a dressage saddle about 5yrs ago now and it was made to measure for my mare and me (I wasn't all that knowledgeable regards saddles so trusted the fitter). I only rode in it not even 10 times when my mare became ill (not saddle related) and had to be PTS.

She also said that the saddle flaps were far too long for me and that it had been over flocked so was very hard for the horse's back. I was attracted by the reasonable price and now I'm going to have to sell it for probably £100-200. It's just sat in my bedroom doing nothing and I feel silly that I accepted and paid for it when the fit was so poor.

CF came with a SaddleCompany Who saddle, with suede seat & knees. The seem to age badly and look tired/ worn very quickly, the second hand value is next to nil.

So I guess if you really like the idea then pick up a second hand one for £150 and get it fitted. This means flocking can also be added in any area, rather than pushed in through one or two points or the panel being removed.

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As serge is much more flexible than leather it also means that it's easier to stuff for a custom fit. They are awful, cheap nasty trees that break easily and poor quality materials...the 'fitters' aren't much cop either, one weekend course in taking a template and away you go......

The shape of their trees doesn't suit my own shape and I get uncomfortably chafed when I ride in them That said, their Webb says that you can have memory foam put in the seat of custom-made, but I'd hate to take the risk and end up out of pocket and still uncomfortable. Some leather is treated and/or plastic-backed so you can never seem to give is a wonderful clean and condition. Incidentally, stray hairs on serge are easily removed in seconds with a grooming stone, IME.

I am seriously considering buying a new one for the Draft horse (who is currently wearing the Clydesdale's previous saddle). I have an SC dressage saddle, basic model (Verona) bought 2nd hand about 5 years ago, and used daily for hacking schooling and competing on my WB.

I love it to bits, and it still looks fantastic. I also have a harmony jump saddle for the same horse, which has the same serge panels and synthetic lower part, and the same tree, but a 'proper' leather upper, and that is also a great saddle. I've had all sorts over the years including Albion platinum ultra, Barnaby jump saddle. I had a BC made to measure and a Barry swain m2 m for my Welsh cob.

I didn't even pay for it, when it came to be fitted even I could see that it would fit as it was so poorly made to 'template'....the point about the materials breaking easily came from a local and well renowned saddle fitter who explained the chemical composition of the 'fiberglass' (cheap plastic) tree and how easily it could snap whilst being adjusted....most good adjustable trees are wooden with a steel head which can be moved in or out as many times as you like.....Bloom or crème de menthe will be along in a minute to explain this properly hopefully The biggest thing for me is the dishonesty in the marketing...if you look on their website they say they are Master Saddler registered but I can find neither the marque nor the MD on the register of Master saddlers....

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I love them, both fit well and the saddler I use is brilliant, spent a lot of time getting the flocking right for the pony. I bought a brand new made to measure SD GP saddle.

After several months it had worn on the later so badly I complained, and they replaced the saddle with a slightly more expensive model free of charge. However, I had problems with the flocking from day one but a change to a non saddle company fitter soon corrected that.

We eventually gave up and got a couple of winter wide after I nearly ended up under the bottom of my sums mare (despite the girth being properly done up, couldn't of got it any tighter without garroting her) and then she tried to jump the indoor school fence in a blind panic with it hanging underneath her stirrups and all. TRUMBULL SADDLE STYLE ADJUSTABLE PIPE SUPPORTS are standard stock saddles that are formed to fit ductile iron pipe diameters; other pipe diameters available upon request.

The Collection of Saddlery and Cowboy Gear Catalogs & Ephemera contains over 500 original and reproduction items from more than 100 saddle and cowboy gear makers and distributors from the United States, Canada and Mexico. Saddles are seats for the rider, fastened to an animal’s back by means of a cinch, a wide strap that goes around the animal at a point about four inches behind the forelegs.

Some western saddles will also have a second strap known as a flank or back cinch that fastens at the rear of the saddle and goes around the widest part of the animal’s belly. Trade catalogs are printed materials published by manufacturing, wholesaling, or retailing firms.

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They promote sales by making advertising claims, give instructions in using products, provide testimonials from satisfied customers, and include detailed descriptions of sale products. The material in the collection was gathered from unprocessed catalog collections; curator’s research files for a writing project concerning holsters, cartridge belts, and other gun leather; and purchases.

To improve access, the decision was made in 2004 to pull these items together into an artificial collection. The collection is geographically diverse, with makers from all over the United States, as well as Canada and Mexico.

The Saddlery and Cowboy Gear Catalogs Collection consists of more than 500 trade catalogs focusing on saddles, cowboy boots, clothing, and tools from the American mid-nineteenth to the twenty-first century. It includes a cross-section of major saddle manufacturers and distributors along with a number of smaller and lesser-known makers.

Collection highlights include an original 1881 military saddle catalog from the Whitman Saddle Co., a beautiful 1852 advertising lithograph for J. R. Hewitt Saddle, Harness & Trunk Maker of Springfield, Massachusetts, and an elaborately decorated 1907 receipt issued by Hermann-Sanford Saddlery Co. of Springfield, Missouri. The Porter Company material includes an interesting 1940s-era publication entitled Know Your Saddle that goes into great detail about the saddle trees, fronts, candles, horns, skirts and rigging, fenders, and stirrups available on Porter saddles.

Visalia is represented by more than a dozen catalogs, pocket calendars, brochures, and other items from the late nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth century. Related Collections Additional saddlery catalogs and related material can be found in the Ron Bedsore Trade Catalog and Ephemera Collection.

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Subject Headings: Advertising Bits (Bridles) Boots Commercial catalogs Harnesses Headgear Leather goods Saddles Spurs Western saddles Work clothes Notes to Researchers: Most of the photocopied catalogs are from a curator’s research files for a writing project concerning holsters, cartridge belts, and other gun leather.

When an item is a photocopy or reproduction, this is indicated in the container list within square brackets. Incomplete catalogs are indicated by the notation “selected pages.” Since it is believed researchers are primarily interested in the date of the content, the container list includes the date of original publication, not the date of the photocopy or reproduction, even if that information is known.

Provenance Statement: The material in the collection was gathered from unprocessed catalog collections; curator’s research files for a writing project concerning holsters, cartridge belts, and other gun leather; and purchases. The Collection is the property of the Donald C. & Elizabeth M. Dickinson Research Center, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

Collection of Saddlery and Cowboy Gear Catalogs & Ephemera, MS 070, Box # Folder #, Donald C. & Elizabeth M. Dickinson Research Center, National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma BoxFolderFolder Title / Content Description and Dates 11 A.D. Settler, Saddle Catalog, 1913 2 Maelstrom & Gunther, Saddle Catalog 14, 1916 3 Albert Milling Company, Catalog1, 1950 4 AL. Furrow Saddlery Company, Catalog 27, ca.

1920s 4 Blake Miller’s Famous Hand Made Saddles, Catalog 12, ca. 1960 6 Bond Allen, Inc., Catalog 64 Price List, 1961 7 Bond Allen, Inc., Catalog 64 Price List, 1963 8 Bond Allen, Inc., Catalog 64 Price List, 1965 9 Bond Allen, Inc., Catalog 96, n.d. 10 Bond Allen, Inc., Catalog 96A, Sales Files, ca.

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P. Shirley Saddlery and Mercantile Co., Catalog 9, ca.1910 3 Has. P. Shirley Saddlery and Mercantile Co., Catalog, ca.1913 (Checked out) 4 Has.

P. Shirley Saddlery and Mercantile Co., Catalog 12, ca.1914 5 Has. P. Shirley Saddlery and Mercantile Co., Catalog 12, ca.

P. Shirley Saddlery and Mercantile Co., Catalog 12, ca. P. Shirley Saddlery and Mercantile Co., Catalog 19, 1923 10 Has.

P. Shirley Saddlery and Mercantile Co., Catalog 27, 1933 11 Has. 1925 6 Clover Bar Saddlery and Cattle Co., Ltd., Catalog 67, ca.

1978 8 The Colorado Saddlery Co., Catalog 181, Price List, 1980 9 The Colorado Saddlery Co., Catalog 183, Price List, 1982 10 The Colorado Saddlery Co., Catalog 186, Price List, 1984 61 J. W. Cooper, Catalog of Belts, Boots, and Buckles, 2003 2 Country Supply, Inc., 2000, 2001 3 Country Supply, Inc., 2002, 2003 4 Country Supply, Inc., 2004-2006 5 Country Supply, Inc., 2007 6 Country Supply, Inc., 2008 7 Conan Ranch, Horse Catalog, 2009 71 Crockett & Renaldo, Catalog 53, ca. 1920, 5 Crockett Bit & Spur Co., Catalog 11, ca.

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1980 7 Miles City Saddlery Co., Catalog, ca. 1900 8 Miles City Saddlery Co., Catalog 26, 1925 9 Miles City Saddlery Co., Catalog 22, ca.

1942 16 Luis B. Ortega, Brochure and Letter, 1952 17 Otto F. Ernst, Inc., Catalog 13, ca. 1941 12 Prosper Martin Cowboy Outfitter, Catalog, ca.

1999 15 Ray Holes Saddle Co., Catalog 42 and Order Form, ca. 1940 2 Each Saddlery Co., Catalog 3 and Price List, 1949 3 Each Saddlery Co., Catalog 6, ca.

1970 6 Victor Leather Goods, Inc., Flier, ca. 1970 7 Visalia Stock Saddle Co., Advertising Card, 1881 8 Visalia Stock Saddle Co., Advertising Cards, 1894 9 Visalia Stock Saddle Co., Catalog, ca.

1894 10 Visalia Stock Saddle Co., Catalog 10, 1896 11 Visalia Stock Saddle Co., Catalog 21-B, 1923 12 Visalia Stock Saddle Co., Catalog 22, 1923 13 Visalia Stock Saddle Co., Catalog 23, ca. Co., Catalog 30, 1926 7 The Western Saddle Mfg.

toulouse dressage saddle 2652 seat genesis 18ins fitting adjustable professional ref saddles english
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Co., Catalog 11, 1934 15 John B. Wickersham, Patent Wire Railings, n.d. 16 Wilder & Co., Brochure, Order Form and Price List, 1934 17 Wild Horse Feathers, Catalog, 2003 18 Williams Saddlery, Catalog, ca. Co., Catalog 202, 1934 23 Wyeth Hardware & Mfg.

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