Are Saddle Company Saddles Any Good

James Lee
• Sunday, 25 October, 2020
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My saddler recommends them, although he did a fab job judging a second hand black country saddle for me one bay which fitted like a glove, apart from a bit of flocking. He did recommend one for friend on yard who bought a second hand one, and he fitted it, so not like he made mega out of it. I am very pleased with mine- modestly priced, comfy, secure, lightweight.

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I have also had made to design dressage saddles, one with massive moveable knee blocks and one with them integrated into the actual flap. Quality was diabolical, The saddle looked worn out within 6 months, the stirrup leathers rubbed the saddle,it never did fit properly despite adjustments, it always slipped to the left.

I have looked after it and cleaned it, yet it still looks worse than my old GFS.... IMHO I would rather buy a Winter or Thorogood as they are less money and better materials, The SC saddle is just shoddy, In fact I binned it in the end as it was so unfit for purpose. Oh dear, I have just ordered a custom-made SC Saddle for my horse.

Oh dear, I have just ordered a custom-made SC Saddle for my horse. You get a guarantee with them anyway so if mine had gone downhill like that in that short of time I would have sent it back no problems.

As I mentioned I have them in all shapes, sizes and leathers and not one has let me down, and they still look great. Think they are one of best options in terms of the horses comfort and that is my main priority.

The molded plastic tree is adjustable and the flocking can be regulated through the serge lining making the saddle versatile. Mid-priced saddle tend not to stand up to the rigors or riding every day for very long but should give a couple of years good service.

saddle company saddles quality
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Very comfy, fits well, and easy to clean but disappointed in the quality. They do wear over time when the stirrup leathers lie, but I now have a GFS which I've only owned for 12 months with is rubbed where the leathers lie and that cost a lot more to buy.

I had one for 3 months and it was uncomfy and put me completely in the wrong position making my horse so unbalanced. A lot had to do with the absolutely horrendous saddle fitter that came out and fitted it.

If anyone is looking for a saddle fitter in the North East of Scotland I know one to avoid like the plague!! I had one for 3 months and it was uncomfy and put me completely in the wrong position making my horse so unbalanced.

It is a very comfy saddled, but where the girth sits has worn quite badly, even with guards. Our saddler stopped selling them, as she had had some quality issues coming through with the trees.

Their products are comfortable and prevent a sudden attack when riding. It provides safety for both rider and horse while on a long ride.

saddle company quality saddles
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English saddle brands are a great choice as well. This particular model requires low maintenance and suitable for daily uses.

The roping saddle is built with a wooden rawhide covered tree. It offers plenty of space to attach any accessories to the saddle.

Comfortable suede seat ideal for long hours of riding comfortable and affordable Built for children with durable leather low maintenance provides safety when riding This model provides an excellent source of durability and long-lasting performance.

The Lorraine company makes its saddle at many prices. I will suggest you make a reasonable budget for a quality product.

It includes 7 inches gullet size with 90 degree angled bars. It takes to build their saddle up to 30-60 days that depends on style.

saddle company saddles
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Typically, Lorraine company takes four weeks to build a buckle. Many people like the Lorraine saddles because it comes with decent quality, and they seem to hold up well.

If your saddle is too small will cause discomfort as you bump against the pommel at every stride. Synthetic saddles can last for years if they are well-cared for and used gently, but they show wear and tear signs faster than leather ones do.

Used saddles can sell for anywhere less than 100 dollars, depends on their condition and value. The seat size on a Western saddle is determined by measuring the saddle from the horns back to the castle’s top and ranges from 12 to 18 inches.

Many runners change shoes every six months to a year because of wear. It makes affordable, well fit, and adjustable horse saddles.

We think CSR 100 Lorraine Team Roping Saddle is the best Lorraine saddle because it provides an adjustable seat as well offers many seat sizes. These are some brands I'm considering. Royal King Circle S Double T Showman Nash Saddlery Blue River.

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Some people really like Abet ta (doesn't put my legs in good position though). Some go with Winter, but I'd stay away from western Winter (heard number of complaints and personally had an accident with this saddle).

It sounds like you are in the $600 price range and for that money I would look into a Dakota. I had one special made last summer as a backup and now it's my go-to saddle (the one I got was in the $1,000 range with the extras I wanted).

I have a Circle Y saddle that is wonderful and fits a wide range of horses. I also have a Western Rawhide which is a mid range saddle that I LOVE.

It fits all of my horses, keeps me in a good seat and is so comfortable and sturdy. I have a SIMC roping saddle I bought about 5 or 6 years ago and it is very well-made and comfortable.

I can't really say much about the others because the only other saddles I have ever ridden were Billy Cooks that were made in the 70s. I would highly recommend circle Y, Billy Cook, or Hereford.

saddle company saddles
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My circle Y has been put on wild horses and thrown on the ground and everything you can imagine and its still in absolutely wonderful shape. Mine is a barrel saddle (which typically run higher in price) and I paid $2,200 for it new.

And a used, regular (not barrel) saddle will run you a cheaper price. So, if you can wait, I would save me money and invest in a good saddle instead of buying a cheap saddle and having to replace it in a few years.

I love Billy Cooks, and Circle Is for well known, mass-produced saddles. I'm not impressed with Big Horn, not quite as nice or well-made. I own a Billy Cook, Jim Taylor, and a McPherson and love them all.

I was just starting on saving for one when I came across a used SIMC my boss had for sale. It's 20 some odd years old and still in better condition than most of the brand-new saddles I've seen around the barn because my boss took great care of it after he bought it new.

You can find all the brands one bay used for less the $500 for some great looking saddles and then you don't have to break them in (unless the saddle is particularly nice, new leather is no fun). We own Billy Cook, SIMC, Pesky, Big Horn and a Tex Tan/Hereford.

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