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Bob Roberts
• Wednesday, 30 December, 2020
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In the pictures, by Gregory Michael King, I’m wearing: the 1950s Handmade skirt,1940s inspired blouse from House of Foxy. In 1906 A.G. Scalding, the American sporting goods company, introduced saddle shoes as athletic footwear.

shoes saddle spitz sneakers wearing 1940s
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During the 1920s and 1930s when sports such as golf and tennis gained enormous popularity with the middle classes on both sides of the pond, there was a need for a more relaxed approach to clothing. Sport shoes and clothing are popular because they spell ease and freedom of movement and in name associate themselves with luxury and relaxation from the daily grind.

In the 1930s the white shoes with contrasting black leather saddle became such a huge hit among American University students, both male and female, that they were immortalized on the June 1937 cover of “Life” magazine. This can, at least in part, be attributed to some of the biggest names in the music and film industry; Elvis Presley, Katherine Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, who were fans of that particular style of footwear.

Teenagers often wore these two-tone shoes with white bobby socks, full circle or a pencil skirt or blue jeans. Truth be told, they were shoes for any occasion and looked great paired with any garment imaginable.

The sales of saddle shoes dropped in the 1960s although they continued to be worn by young students and teenagers as part of their daily uniform. In recent years saddle shoes came back into favor thanks to the revival of TV shows such as Twin Peaks and Gilmore Girls.

The hugely successful film Stoker (2013) starring Mia Wasikowska also helped to put the shoes back on the fashion map. Mia Wasikowska as India in Stoker (2013) As you can see, the shoes look great paired with a simple black dress.

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The shoes look fantastic paired with a plaid skirt and a pale pink long-sleeve sweater. Vintage style with a modern twist is how I would describe their glorious saddle shoes, which make them the ideal footwear.

The brand’s signature pointed-toe sneakers are incredibly comfortable due to their shock absorbable insoles. I'm the founder of It's Beyond My Control blog and I would like to welcome You to my razzle-dazzle world of vintage fashion with a modern twist.

We’d often wear both together on the same day, and one of our favorite features of the saddle shoes was that they packed quite a wallop when you kicked a meanie on the playground! Chucks, Docs, Vans, TOMS, oxfords, creepers, Beds, and yes saddle shoes have become chic and are a far more wearable trend.

Here, I have styled a weekend look that this time last year would have likely been paired with a sky-high wedge or pointy nude heel. Put a modern spin on Annie Hall by pairing saddle shoes with shrunken classics with a menswear vibe.

A pair of saddle shoes with a slim, perfectly-tailored black pantsuit is downright chic and can look fabulous with a shirt dress with a fuller skirt. I know this is one of the questions you have been asking on repeat while cleaning your closet and storing your last seasons’ clothes.

abercrombie fitch saddle mensfashion saddleshoes 1925 circa
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Many of your favorite accessories, bags, shoes, and clothes from previous seasons are still i n style for winter 2021. Just wait till you see the list of accessories, shoes, bags and clothes that are still in style this season.

Scroll down to see the list of last season’s clothes, shoes and bags still in fashion now! I get a commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

As you read, even if you can’t go to the store to shop for the new season since all the brick and mortar stores are closed down, nor can to shop online any of the things from my winter 2021 capsule shopping list, you can still be the most stylish girl in the town. All you need to do is to keep wearing that top, that dress, those boots, and those pretty little things from the list below.

Tick all the things you think are still in fashion for winter 202 1 and share your answer on Instagram. Tag @veronikalipar so that I can check your answers.

Also, use #BSquadknows if you want to brag about knowing what is still in fashion for winter 2021. Truth to be told, that huge number of the things that are still in fashion for winter 2021 is so big mostly because of the hair accessories, knits, square toe shoes and leather clothes.

saddle eastland saddleback
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Indeed, all the last season’s hair accessories but one are still in style. So yes, wearing pearls in your hair is still in style.

As well as the wide headbands, scrunchies, tortoiseshell hair accessories, bow headband, and pearl hair pins. As a matter of fact, all pearl hair accessories are still fashionable.

Same as all the hair accessories with a bow and crystals. Check the winter 2021 hair accessory trend report to see all the hair accessories that are in style this season.

Bucket hats will somehow still be fashionable in spring 2021. Take a look at headwear trend report to see all the hats and caps that are in fashion for winter 2021.

But also all these shoes : shoes with a square toe, retro sneakers, pumps with kitten heels, chunky and even more the geometrical heels. Furthermore, Mary Jane’s, under the knee boots, riding boots, bold pumps, slingbacks, sporty sandals, heeled loafers, nude sandals, and lug sole boots.

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By the way, the updated bag trend report is coming up on Brunette from Wall Street soon. Finally, the list of the last season’s clothes that are still fashionable for winter 2021.

#2 CLOTHES IN FLORAL PRINT ON WHITE BACKGROUND Not to list every single garment in floral print on white background, let me simply tell you that all the clothes in floral print are still in style. Pardon, clothes in decadent floral print.

In short, everything that comes in jacquard floral print is still fashionable. Check AW21 print trend report to see the entire list of print’s that are fashionable this winter.

Be sure to check the biggest 2021 swimwear trends to find out which swimsuits are worthy of keeping also. Truth to be told, I was quite surprised to see so many winter 2020 and summer 2020 fashion trends transitioning into winter 2021.

Sure, I knew the 90s fashion trends and leather wouldn’t go out of style over the night since the longevity of this particular fashion trend has a lot to do with the current economy and one of the most important macroeconomic factors. Also, I knew that beige and neutral colors would stay in style this season because they are the staple winter colors.

saddle cordovan gmto shoemaker carmina
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I sure thought this fashion trend would go out of style together with other animal prints. Anyway, I also answered some of your most frequent questions about fashion trends.

Leggings were not supposed to be in style for winter 2021. But then the COVID-19 happened, and people stayed at home wearing leggings again.

Scarves were supposed to come in fashion for winter 2021 long before we started wearing masks and scarves to protect ourselves and others. Nevertheless, white cowboy boots are still somehow stylish.

The 70s style is still in fashion, also the statement sleeves. Hence, you can leave bell sleeves in your closet for a little while.

Leopard print will still be in style in the first few months of 2021. But dresses over pants (not leggings though) will come back in style in spring 2021.

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Burberry's scarves are a class ic piece that is not trend limited. Pea coats are some coats in fashion for winter 2021.

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