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• Tuesday, 15 December, 2020
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Even when you ride with the best, most comfortable chamois, your nether regions are continuously subject to heat, moisture, chafing and pressure. Fortunately, when saddles sores do occur, there are some simple ways to treat them and avoid a recurrence.

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Diagnose The term saddle sore” can refer to several specific conditions, but generally it means problems occurring in the area where your cycling shorts’ chamois contacts your body due to ongoing pressure or chafing from your saddle. For most people, a saddle sore looks like a pimple or an ingrown hair, and essentially, it is the same thing: a bacteria-filled pore.

In sensitive areas like in or on the back of your thighs or in your crotch, saddle sores can really hurt, making riding downright unpleasant. Treat Once you get saddle sore, the best thing to do is to take a day or two off the bike to give delicate skin some time to heal without being subjected to more friction and sweat.

A day or two off is usually enough time to calm down the inflamed area, but to further speed the healing process, you can take a cool bath with Epsom salts. Saddle sores are fairly easy to treat on an occasional basis, but if they’re recurring, you may have a problem.

First, if your saddle sores keep coming back, you might want to talk to a dermatologist to see if your sensitive skin has an underlying problem. Signs of infection include serious pain, pus, a fever, and chills; those symptoms might mean it's time for antibiotics.

Then wash your shorts with the chamois inside out to get the pad spotless and completely dry between uses. But know that using a cream can trap bacteria; that means you need to be even more vigilant about dropping your pants and cleaning up immediately after your ride.

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This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. , clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive services at Yale School of Medicine.

That can promote the overgrowth of yeast, which thrives in hot moist environments for many people,” Min kin says. The Symptoms: Unusual discharge, change in odor, itching and/or burning, especially when you pee.

The Fix: To avoid these unpleasantries, minimize chances for bacteria and fungus to multiply. You can also make yourself more resistant to infection by eating probiotic-rich foods that maintain protective bacteria in your body.

But if one application doesn’t work, see your doctor for an antifungal like Rifleman and a topical steroid cream like Cortisone for prompt relief, Min kin says. Up to 62 percent of competitive women cyclists reported feeling genital numbness, tingling, or pain within the past 30 days in one small study of 48 racers published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The Fix: “Along with testing various saddles, get a good professional bike fit,” Pruitt says. If you have a fleshier vulva, cut-outs may not work for you, because those tissues sit in the cut-out space and gravity pulls fluid into them as you ride.

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The Fix: Flushing the pipes by drinking plenty of water and peeing when nature calls generally helps avoid infection, but not always. Also, if you’re prone to Otis, drinking cranberry juice that contains a chemical called A-type proanthocyanidins, which acts like a non-stick coating against bacteria in the bladder, may help.

The Cause: Consistent pressure and chafing in the same place will irritate and inflame your skin over time, leaving it open to infection. Lubricate: Chamois cream is designed to reduce friction between your skin and your shorts.

You can find women’s-specific creams, which are specially formulated to help you maintain a healthy pH balance in your nether region. “Your pubic hair is like MIPS for your vagina, in that it’s a protective layer between your sensitive tissues and the friction with the saddle,” he says.

Shaving and waxing eliminates that protection, and can create more problems with irritating stubble. Create a protective barrier: Some women have problems with inner-thigh chafing, as the sides of the saddle rub that delicate skin raw.

Apply topical solutions: You can treat mild sores yourself with a healing, protective ointment. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

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I was sitting around a dinner table with a few pro women cyclists when the conversation turned to the decidedly un-table-talk topic of saddle sores and, well, worse. As I tried to surreptitiously remove my jaw from the table, others chimed in with their own issues, which ranged from the errant ingrown hair to labial swelling so severe, they were considering surgery.

I pulled out my phone when dinner was done and texted the researcher who has more clinical experience with women’s saddle issues than anyone on the planet: Andy Pruitt, Ed. D., founder of the University of Colorado’s Sports Medicine and Performance Center and medical consultant to numerous World Tour teams and riders. It often develops in three stages: skin abrasion, folliculitis (which looks like a small, reddish acne), and finally abscess.

In cycling, friction from bobbing or swinging motion while pedaling is reduced by setting the appropriate saddle height. For western riding, closely fitted jeans with no heavy inner seam, sometimes combined with chaps, are preferred.

Padded cycling shorts worn under riding pants helps some equestrians, and extra padding, particularly sheepskin, on the seat of the saddle may help in more difficult situations such as long-distance endurance riding. Using petroleum jelly, chamois cream or lubricating gel to further reduce friction.

If left untreated over an extended period of time, saddle sores may need to be drained by a physician. Where there is swelling but not yet open sores, the incidence of sore backs may be reduced by loosening the girth without immediately removing the saddle after a long ride, thus allowing normal circulation to return slowly.

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M. Horace, Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners, Stanley Paul, London, 1977 Cycling is an intense sport that is great for burning calories, improving cardio fitness, and building muscle in the legs and core.

But, as with all types of vigorous exercise, injuries can be a major concern for cyclists, whether they ride on the road or trail. They are typically caused by pressure and friction between the rider’s skin, cycling shorts, and bike seat, with sweat helping to exacerbate the situation.

The level of discomfort brought on by these sores can range from slightly irritating to incredibly painful. They usually form on a rider’s inner thighs or crotch area, and generally don’t persist for more than a day or two.

Taking a break from riding usually allows them to heal, but if you experience them regularly it may be time to replace your cycling shorts, bike seat, or both. Other causes for Achilles tendonitis in cyclists include a bike that is poorly fitted to the rider’s frame or shoe cleats that aren’t aligned properly.

Cyclists like to go fast, and to do, so they need to hold a tight, aerodynamic position on their bikes for an extended period of time. Similarly, if the bike frame is too large and the cyclist has to reach for the handlebars, back pain can be an issue.

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This is caused by a tightening of the muscles that run along the base of the skull and down into the shoulders, which become tired due to the strain of holding the rider’s head in extension for a prolonged period of time. Wearing shoes that are the right size for you will ensure proper circulation and will quickly fix the first of those issues.

Riding up hills puts a lot of pressure on your legs and feet to generate power and maintain a steady speed. But if you’re finding your feet are numb after a hilly ride, perhaps shifting to a gear that is easier to pedal will help.

Since I’d had such a painful experience the week before, I started using the post-ride cream even on no-ride days. On a whim, I ordered a sample of Petal Power post ride intimate parts wash from Handwritten.

I even tried to convince Autumn at Stream2Sea to take Petal Power’s ingredient list and develop an conscious version in biodegradable containers, but Stream2Sea was busy recreating itself in the new Covid-19 world where cruise lines were not purchasing their sunscreen. She developed an conscious spray hand sanitizer, and saved her company.

I used it a couple of times, liked its piney scent due to tea tree oil, and admired the attractive container. I’m obsessed with Cycle Booty, so I went online to find out who was behind these wonderful products, but also what from their line I could order next.

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Cycle Booty was begun by Caitlin Yates over a year ago, and they just began expanding this Spring about the time I found them on Amazon. She’s an indoor cycling instructor in Northern California, and had struggled with saddle sores while teaching three to four classes a day.

Her grandmother owned a skin care company with products made of 100% natural oils that were soothing. Her North CA indoor cycling community had great success combating saddle sores, so… She went national.

Caitlin very generously gifted me with a full-size of the chamois cream and the cooling gel. The quality is wonderful, the scents are gorgeous, and I can pronounce every single ingredient on the label.

Stream2Sea Reef Safe SPF 20 or 30 mineral, regular or tinted sunscreen, mask defog, shampoo, conditioner, rash guards and more reef-safe supplies. Cycle Booty Citrus Cleanser and Post Ride Cream.

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