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Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. Figure 310.1 shows examples of the prohibited fittings and practices addressed in this section.

number schedule saddle tee
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The thickness or material in the wall of any type of drainage or vent piping is not sufficient to form a tapped thread. Approved adapter fittings are required whenever drainage pipe is joined with dissimilar materials.

A closet bend is an approved fitting that may include an integral or attached stub receiving vertically discharged waste from a water closet and changing its direction of flow, usually to horizontal. The closet bend is a trap arm up to the point of fixture vent connection.

The waste flow that would occur in the trap arm from this installation could cause venting problems. Figure 310.3 shows an illustration of a prohibited closet bend with side inlet.

PVC DWV 90-Degree Hub x Hub Elbow with Lo wheel InletPriceRatings(5)(4)(0)(13)Fitting 1 size3"4"2"3"Fitting or Connector TypeTeeTeeTeeElbowSchedule Reschedule 40Schedule 40Schedule 40Schedule 40ApplicationNon-Potable WaterNon-Potable WaterNon-Potable WaterNon-Potable WaterConnectivitySolderSolvent CementedSolvent CementedPack Size1111DWVDWVDWVDWVFeaturesSide Inside InletCleanoutSide Inlet Bend Degree90 Degree View Production Production Production Product Brandon STEPHENSHOLDRITECharlotte PipeName3 in. PVC DWV Saddle Tee Kit Less GasketTestrite 2 in.

Please call Data Customer Service at 1-800-321-9532 for availability. We don't offer a we version of the Saddle Tee Kit.

saddle code plumbing acceptable tees according
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This is a solvent weld connection and you drill hole in pipe before clamping. If this product is installed correctly, it could be used to add a clean out o your system.

We recommend that you check with your local building officials to confirm this is an approved application in your area. I ordered the wrong size, returned with no problem ....

Again I state Illinois code is pretty strict, it may be allowed in your area, so it's always best to check with your local plumbing inspector. The drilling and tapping of house drains, soil, waste, waterlines or vent pipes, and the use of saddle hubs, bands and sleeves is prohibited.

Most of us won't use a saddle tee for an ice maker because they are so prone to fail. Imagine a large saddle for a water main blowing off.

It shut down the airport till they were able to get a repair clamp over that live main, then they installed a new saddle and hot tapped it a few feet away. I am till this day waiting for that one to blow off, but that was 20+ years ago.

saddle tees pvc clamp spigot socket tee length base
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saddle tee tees poly plastic orbit underground pipe clamps repair 1x1 depot sku
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