Are Saddle Valves Legal In Nj

Christina Perez
• Friday, 11 December, 2020
• 9 min read

Saddle valve to fridge water line leaks. The hose that leads from my water heater to my refrigerator The hose that leads from my water heater to my refrigerator has a small leave whenever it's opened (a few drops a minute).

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Recently when the fridge was repaired, the appliance tech stated the valve that feeds the fridge is too small I have 1/4 inch plastic line Ca… read more I bought some poly tubing and a shut off valve.

I thought I would hook it up to the existing saddle … read more Shutting off a saddle valve to the fridge water line.

Just hooked up a cold water line to my new fridge and reason Just hooked up a cold water line to my new fridge and for some reason the water will only pump through the line when the saddle tight shut off valve is loose, causing water to leak out of the cold… read more I am in the process of installing a refrigerator in a home I am in the process of installing a refrigerator in a home that does not currently have a water supply line to the fridge.

I want to install an ice maker kit in Santa Ana California. I want to install an ice maker kit in Santa Ana California.


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I removed tile.it is coming I have a leak in basement ceiling. I removed tile.it is coming from the end of an 8-10 inch plastic cylinder... where the cold water copper piping is secured into. That copper line then leads upstairs… read more.

(1) are Tudor vents allowed/up to code in Westchester County, NY? The installation manual state that between the house supply and the unit you should use a 1/4 OD copper with a shut off valve.

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I blogged about how saddle valves are illegal products in Minnesota nearly five years ago on my website, but it's time for an update on that topic with some more information. These are devices that allow for a very fast, cheap, do-it-yourself installation of a ¼” water supply line, typically used to supply water to ice makers and whole-house humidifiers.

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The needle just pokes a hole in the pipe, and I've heard it can be done without even turning off the water... not that I've ever tried. These saddle valves are prone to leakage, and they're not allowed by the Minnesota State Plumbing Code.

There is actually nothing in the Minnesota State Plumbing Code that specifically prohibits these types of valves ; they're just not approved. Section 4715.0420 of the MN State Plumbing Code gives a list of approval standards.

When installing an ice maker or whole-house humidifier, tap off of an existing water line with a proper tee fitting and have a proper shutoff valve installed. There has been a saddle valve installed for the ice maker at my own house since I moved in over four year ago.

I haven't touched it and it hasn't leaked, but I thought this would make for a nice little project where I could lay out the basic steps of replacing a saddle valve. To replace a saddle valve or tee off an existing water line, start by obtaining the needed parts.

I'm assuming the saddle valve is connected to a ½” copper water line. If you're comfortable soldering copper tubing and you already have the equipment to do it, this project will cost about $10.

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Push fittings are extremely easy to use, requiring no special tools to make connections to copper, Ex, or CPC tubing. This should leave a small gap in the water line, which you'll bridge with the tee fitting.

Stick the short length of copper tubing into the open end of the tee fitting; this is what you'll need to connect the stop valve to. FLIR has a relatively new pocket-sized infrared camera with all the bells and whistles of the much larger and expensive E6.

I recently had an informative email exchange with a past client that highlighted the discovery of some especially nasty water damage behind the stone siding at her town home. I thought she had such a great story to share that I invited her onto our podcast, which you can listen to below.

This stuff is failing left and right all over the country, and most time the homeowner has no idea when their wall is a rotted mess behind the siding. Take a look around any room full of home inspectors, and you'll notice we look a lot alike.

It's as if there's an unwritten rule that you have to be an old white guy to be a home inspector. It's all gross or creepy stuff we've seen over the past year as home inspectors.

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They work by using a clamp to put a hole in a water intake pipe and are generally used where a low volume stream is needed. Problems with saddle valves include a tendency to leak, causing property damage, bacterial contamination in waterlines, and chemical seepage into the water.

No longer did a person need ace plumbing skills to hook up the water supply to the refrigerator's ice maker.” Companies that offer do-it-yourself icemaker kits recommend checking in your area to determine whether saddle valves are permitted.

Saddle valves commonly have leakage problems that can cause damage to consumers' homes if not discovered in time. The Best online strictly PLUMBING help, advice, dye, and informational forum.

Questions and discussions about toilets, sinks, faucets, drainage, venting, water heating, showers, pumps, water quality, and other exclusively PLUMBING related issues. Author: Anonymous User I've already perused your archives and have seen all the negative post re saddle valves.

I tightened up and then loosened up the fittings to see if that would free up the supply but no good. I don't want to spend a lot of money (hiring a plumber)because if I even get the thing booted up, I may decide I don't like or don't need it and shut it down.

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Even though you do not want to hire a plumber to correct the problem, it's the right thing to do. It should not cost a heck of a lot to cut a tee into the line and install the “proper” valve if it's copper.

Repair your leaking Plumbing fixtures ASAP This slow drip will waste 7+ gallons of water per day. Author: steve_g (CA) If you could find an alternate source of hot water to see if you want to use the humidifier, that would be the easiest way.

Next thing to try is to turn off the hot water and see why the saddle valve isn't working, it may be clogged with debris. You should make sure that you don't spend a lot of time dancing around a problem that could have been fixed in one quick service call.

Author: Trytoanswer (GA) Just because something may or may not be against code doesn't mean a homeowner or plumber can't just simply do what needs to be done to remedy a problem. Turn water off to house Install new saddle in same hole where existing one is.

You don't want to hear this but you might mess something up and end up calling plumber anyway. Author: Anonymous User Don't put in another saddle, it's a small job for a Plumber to fix.

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Author: Anonymous User In my town, they are against code, but if you hire someone, even licensed, to install a humidifier they will put in a saddle valve unless you either have a regular valve there or are willing to pay them to do it. Author: Wheelchair (IL) I too dislike the saddle valve, but you should check out a company in Michigan called Omar, that makes the Add A Valve for both copper and gala.

Your valves may never create a problem, or they could start leaking tomorrow, there are no indicators to tell which. Author: ibex (IL) Sioux Chief has a nice little deal like the Omar “add-a-valve” It's Diver friendly.

You cut out the bad piece, slip the valve on, use two wrenches and tighten 'er up. Then install the 1/4” copper line to the nice little quarter turn 1/4” supply valve.

Author: Anonymous User I have a supply house that is providing the compression tee with valve that Jr is referring to. This protects subsequent purchasers, insurance and mortgage companies as well as the current owner/user.

Inspection is the “enforcement” to ensure that code items, namely those involving sanitary, safety, or health issues, are complied with. Author: HytechPlumber (LA) If nothing is currently leaking you may be found for a while.

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