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• Thursday, 12 November, 2020
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Saddle valve to fridge water line leaks. The hose that leads from my water heater to my refrigerator The hose that leads from my water heater to my refrigerator has a small leave whenever it's opened (a few drops a minute).

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Recently when the fridge was repaired, the appliance tech stated the valve that feeds the fridge is too small I have 1/4 inch plastic line Ca… read more I bought some poly tubing and a shut off valve.

I thought I would hook it up to the existing saddle … read more Shutting off a saddle valve to the fridge water line.

Just hooked up a cold water line to my new fridge and reason Just hooked up a cold water line to my new fridge and for some reason the water will only pump through the line when the saddle tight shut off valve is loose, causing water to leak out of the cold… read more I am in the process of installing a refrigerator in a home I am in the process of installing a refrigerator in a home that does not currently have a water supply line to the fridge.

I want to install an ice maker kit in Santa Ana California. I want to install an ice maker kit in Santa Ana California.


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I removed tile.it is coming I have a leak in basement ceiling. I removed tile.it is coming from the end of an 8-10 inch plastic cylinder... where the cold water copper piping is secured into. That copper line then leads upstairs… read more.

(1) are Tudor vents allowed/up to code in Westchester County, NY? The installation manual state that between the house supply and the unit you should use a 1/4 OD copper with a shut off valve.

We just purchased a Maytag Side-by side Refrigerator w/ water We just purchased a Maytag Side-by side Refrigerator w/ water and ice maker. Posts are for general information, are not intended to substitute for informed professional advice (medical, legal, veterinary, financial, etc.

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Certain home appliances need cold water in order to work properly. However, if you do have an older saddle valve installed at home, learning how to work on it is important.

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Removing and replacing your saddle valve could save you from some headaches and costly repairs down the line. The saddle valve is a component used to direct the flow of water to specific appliances.

Notably though, saddle valves are made specifically for setups where only a low-pressure stream of water is required. Saddle valves are tasked with supplying cold water to different appliances around your home.

After tightening the valve, it will pierce the pipe and create the opening for the water. Due to the fact that saddle valves are not permanently connected to pipes, they can fall off after some time.

Once they fall off, the holes they created will be opened up further and you’ll be left dealing with a leak. Wear and tear tends to make falling off an inevitable outcome for saddle valves.

You’re also taking on a contamination risk by leaving the saddle valve in place. Introducing a saddle valve disrupts that system and also creates an opening for additional contamination.

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You cannot rule out the possibility of blockages forming if the water flow is too weak. In this section of the article, we’ll talk about how to locate and remove the saddle valve.

For removing the saddle valve itself, secure a pair of pliers and a pipe cutter. Continue following that water line until you eventually spot the saddle valve.

After finding the saddle valve, turn it off to stop the flow of water. If you’re having a hard time shutting off the valve, you can use the pliers to grip the handle better.

Grab your pipe cutter and aim for the spots just before and just after the saddle valve. Take the Emory paper now and start rubbing it over the edges of the pipes that will be soldered.

After cleaning, you can now place the copper tee into the space previously occupied by the saddle valve. Pick up the container of soldering flux and use the included brush to apply it over the pipes and the fitting.

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Aim the solder and the torch over the connection points to seal them up completely. Remember to clean the edge of the copper tube before connecting it to the fitting.

After removing the piece of plastic, you can now attach the stop valve to the previously open copper tube. You can now go ahead and connect the water line to the other end of the stop valve.

According to Dr Total Property Solutions, there are different local ordinances that prohibit the residential use of saddle valves. Saddle valves are not recommended for most homeowners because of the issues we highlighted earlier in this article.

Failing to address a leaking saddle valve as soon as possible can cause serious damage to your home. Been Never particularly happy with self piercing saddle valves but there are pretty common place for refrigerator ice makers, humidifiers, and similar appliances.

I don't remember seeing anywhere that self piercing, self-tapping valves are not allowed. I want an authorities reference to confirm my dislike.

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“The Code is not a peak to reach but a foundation to build from.” In the 2012 North Carolina Plumbing Code which is based on the 2009 Int'l Code, Section P605.9(4) lists saddle -type fittings” as one of the prohibited joints and connections.

GA 2006 Plumbing code amendments (effective 1/1/2007) Exception: Saddle -type fittings can be used to connect refrigerator ice makers to an existing residential unit water distribution system provided the manufacturer’s installation instructions for the distribution piping do not prohibit the use of saddle fittings.

Saddle fittings can be used to install thermal expansion tanks to an existing residential unit water distribution system if approved by the manufacturer of the tank. Shutoff valves to water supplies for refrigerators with automatic icemakers shall be accessible on the same floor as said refrigerators.

In my area they are used a lot to supply water to evaporative coolers. They have to be turned off and water drained from the supply line every fall.

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