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Danielle Fletcher
• Saturday, 21 November, 2020
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Despite limited floor space, the style we conceived, and the room itself, made this sectional the right choice. The resurgence of the modernist movement, in particular Mid-Century Modern, has lead to more interest in contemporary interior designs, where the end result is clean, quiet elegance.

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In our more than 30 years in interior design we have found that certain pieces, including furniture, just seem to ask to be in certain rooms. Placement of Sofa: A crucial element to the interior design that is sometimes impacted by traffic patterns.

What we also remind our clients, however, is that even when a sectional couch would work in a given room, so too could a love seat and sofa combination. And for some rooms, the love seat and sofa combination can be a more flexible choice for clients who like to be able to move furniture about.

When we sit down with clients who have envisioned a sectional sofa as part of the interior design, and stylistically, it will work, the remaining question to address is scale. Ten years ago, sectionals were hugely over-scale and not an attractive choice, despite the amount of sofas of this type that were sold.

Bigger houses with bigger spaces to fill also added to the sectional sofa’s rise as a popular choice for many rooms, which in turn led to the furniture industry churning out the product in greater numbers to fill consumer demand. Our suppliers offer sectional sofas that are hundreds of times more attractive, with sleeker looks that are simpler and cleaner.

And today’s sectional couches also offer multiple configuration options, making them more flexible for use in different rooms, in scales that doesn’t overpower them. The upholstery options with remarkable fabric collections and no lack of range in pricing has also made sectionals a more desirable choice.

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I wish I had a husband who would keep his mouth shut about the furniture, even though he earns all the money lol. He insists that he HAS to have a sectional sofa in our living room.

He really wants one of those hideous shiny leather albatrosses with the stadium seats, but I ran out of the kitchen sobbing and refused to come out of my room. So, in a moment of vulnerability, he backed down on the stadium seats and leather.

However, I did make him that chocolate cake which made him happy. Fortunately, this one won’t work because it is larger than our room.

But, she is based on real people and situations I have encountered. So, I am not bound to solving her specific problem of a comfortable sectional sofa for a smallish living room.

And, a common problem is a sectional that doesn’t fit in the room. You know if it was 200 years ago, for comfort, below is the best we could hope for after a hard day of work.

sectionals sofas furniture capistrano sofa mission
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I mean, if we were in early 19th century Sweden, our comfy sofa might’ve looked like this Gust avian Swedish piece. That’s about the closest thing to a sectional I could find from that era.

Well, we have this 19th century boudoir sofa from France found on 1st Dibs. The sectional sofas began to proliferate in the middle of the 20th century.

Aside from the dirty upholstery, I think that this piece is a work of art. In Evansville, Indiana where I spent my formative years, we had neighbors who had a sofa very much like this one in their family room.

Or, do you have some sort of pulley contraption that will hoist her in and out of her seat? The biggest issue I’m hearing, however, is one of comfort.

And believe me when I tell you that over the years it was practically a running joke. I’m going to sell you a piece of crap that you’re going to hate and find horribly uncomfortable.

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Over the years, I came up with a far more congenial script to explain that they will love the upholstered furniture I sell. However, in the case of Sophie’s husband, it appears that he’s equating size with comfort.

A sofa doesn’t have to be a distended beast in order to be comfortable. Comfort is achieved with interior depth, cushion fill and pitch of the back.

In addition, there’s no reason that a sectional sofa has to be different style-wise from its single unit brothers and sisters. Why make it even HEAVIER with this exaggerated rail.

I mean, imagine amputating the gorgeous legs off of the beautiful Chippendale style sofa above and instead, extending the length of the rail. Although, generally equated with traditional furniture styles, a skirt is actually modern, since they did not appear until well into the 20th century.

But, I’ve never seen an upholstered sofa with a skirt that didn’t have them. Another thing to watch out for with all upholstered pieces, not just sectional sofas are weird shapes.

sectionals sofas furniture
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If you go back up and look at the big ugly green sectional, please notice the strange curve on the side panel. The only time I can recall seeing this affectation in furniture is in the Empire or Baudelaire style which was roughly 200 years ago.

But, that sectional is hardly Ancient Egyptian, Empire or Baudelaire. For some reason, they seem even more commonplace on sectionals than on regular sofas.

As for the shiny leather things with the chaises and cup-holders, aside from their inherent fugly. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but if it’s the only room for living, conversing, greeting and watching TV, I believe that it needs to function well for all purposes.

He could be just as comfortable, I think with a plush deep sofa and ottoman. I love this piece and have featured it many times in my hot sales.

As per usual, I looked at numerous sofas to come up with my list of the best sectionals. However, not all of these have that style of cushion, but they are still lovely pieces, so they made the cut.

sofas sectionals sofa furniture
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The reason is that it is not easy to make the pieces of a sectional fit perfectly flush together and the back cushions will hide any small gaps. This doesn’t mean that a tight-back sectional will have these gaps, but the cushions will hide them, if their .

I look for legs of some kind, and they can be straight, tapered, turned or those metallic modern legs for some styles. The pieces I have chosen run the gamut for new pieces in the mid-century manner, to English roll arm more traditional styled sectionals.

This is probably my number one favorite sectional that I have featured numerous times on this blog. It has a lovely pitch and there are dozens of fabrics, choice of leg finishes and nail heads or not.

Love this piece which makes for an easy conversational sectional sofa, or for watching TV. You might recall me sitting in this lovely piece during my visit to their new store in Manhattan in November.

The Comfortable Couch Company (Rococo) is a retail source that I ordered from once and had a very handsome custom sectional made for a client. What’s interesting with this company are their immense customization abilities for their pieces.

viejo mission sofas sectionals rancho elegant
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Not only, the fabrics, but the size, cushion fill legs, nail heads and other details can be specified. When I worked with them about six years ago, they were quite obliging and sent samples of their fabrics, etc.

Please note, however, that shipping is completely Ala care and while they can help you set it up, you are going to find out just how insanely expensive it really is. A sectional delivered, could set you back several hundred dollars.

But it’s proportions and chunky straight arms give it a deck modern feel that could see working in many spaces. Plus, it’s handsome, hunky lines will appeal to men and women alike, I think.

This is the Serena and Lily Miramar sectional that’s relatively new for them. Although, they have had the Miramar sofa and chair in their line for years.

Williams Sonoma Home also has a version of this sectional from their Bedford line. This is a deep, luxurious piece, and you’ll definitely need some pillows.

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