Are Shetland Ponies Good Pets

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Shetland pony breed originated on the island of Scotland and brought to England in the 17th Century. The horse was initially used as a pack animal and in coal mines.

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Later the horse was shifted to the United States of America and bred for the children and kids. Many horse lovers are searching for complete information on this excellent pony breed.

The horse was brought to the United Kingdom mainland in 1850 during the age of the Industrial Revolution. The horse was initially used in coal mines area as pack animals or as pit ponies.

The breed is developed in a harsh climate in the Isles of Scotland. The head is small; eyes are widely spaced, little and alert ears.

The mane and tail have thick hairs, and the body is covered with thick and dense hairs to protect from the harsh environment. The maximum size of the pony was found 118 cm (47 inches).

The pony lives more protracted than many horse breeds, and the lifespan is more than 30 years. Shetland ’s most common colors are bay, black, brown, chestnut, gray, palomino, roan, buckskin, cream, dun, and champagne.

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A variety of face and leg markings are found in the breed. The special requires in the spring when the winter hairs start shedding.

The pony needs regular combing, brushing, bathing in summer, and grooming. You must check hooves daily for dirt, or crack, or any injury.

They live on grass, hay, grains, and nutrition supplements. The pony is small, and due to its size, it tries to take more feed than required.

Used in agriculture to cultivate the land and to transport seats from hills. Shetland ponies are even-tempered, well-behaved small horse breed that will give you pleasure.

You can keep the pony in a small stable with minimum care and management. The versatile uses of the pony can provide you with joy, comfort, and companionship.

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This pony is an ideal playing animal for your kids and young children. The above article helps you; please share it with your friends through social media.

Height: 28-46 inches Physique: Short, strong, and sturdy Weight: 450 lb Lifespan: 30+ years In fact, excavations in that part of the world show that small ponies lived on the Shetland Isles from as far back as the Bronze Age.

Some people believe that ShetlandPonies are the result of Vikings crossing their horses with native ponies. These characteristics have allowed the breed to overcome the harsh winters of the Shetland Islands for hundreds of years.

ShetlandPonies were used for pulling carts, and they were also utilized as pit ponies in coal mines in the 19th century throughout the United States and England. Exportation of ShetlandPonies to various areas throughout the United Kingdom, as well as other countries abroad, began at the end of the 19th century.

Its gentle disposition makes it an ideal choice for young children who wish to have an equine companion and who are new to being around horses. In addition to the sloping shoulders and a short back, the Shetland Pony also features a deep girth.

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The legs of these ponies are also short, with the cannon bones being shorter than what is normal in relation to their size. Despite this small stature, however, this horse breed has the ability to carry a considerable amount of weight, and it is surprisingly hardy.

These ponies display sturdy hooves and legs, their hindquarters are broad, and their backs are wide. The rest of the body also features a double coat that is thick and provides additional warmth when the temperature drops.

Common colors include gray, bay, black, chestnut, roan, dun, and brown, but you can also find this breed in skewbald and piebald as well. This includes washing, brushing, and combing the pony regularly in order to keep the coat smooth, clean, and healthy.

A gorgeous group of golden retrievers gathered in Scotland to celebrate the breed's 150th birthday. For a bunch of schoolchildren in Scotland, the passing of a teacher's beloved pup brought out the best of humanity ...

Researchers recently shared a paper that suggested dogs' behaviors differ based on musical genres. Although diminutive, Shetlands are strong, intelligent, gentle, and a bit wily.

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These are hardy little ponies that are capable of outworking the largest draft horse. The true origin of the Shetland pony has been lost to time.

As many as 4,000 years ago, ponies were roaming the rugged Shetland Islands off Scotland. Resilient and strong, Shetland ponies were used to pull carts and plow farmland, among other jobs.

The Shetland Pony Stud-Book Society formed in 1890 to register and keep track of the breed. The weight of a Shetland pony depends on its height but generally is around 400 to 450 pounds.

Westend61/Getty Images In the harsh climate of their native land, with scarce food and rugged terrain, Shetland ponies developed into very hardy animals. They have thick coats that help them withstand frigid winters, and their broad bodies make them exceptionally strong.

Besides the immense strength in their small bodies, Shetland ponies also are known for their long lifespans, with many living more than 30 years. Because the breed evolved in such harsh conditions and had to search for nutrition, Shetlands can thrive on very little food.

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This is an emergency condition in which the hoof becomes inflamed and causes severe pain. They require standard equine grooming of regular washing, brushing, and combing.

And their hooves ideally should be checked daily for dirt, debris, and any injuries. In a 1976 Disney movie called The Littlest Horse Thieves,” three children plot to steal ponies from a mine after they find out the ponies are set to be killed as the mine is mechanized.

Even-tempered Shetland ponies are good for owners and riders of all experience levels, including families with children, though they can be stubborn and require consistent training. But owners must pay attention to their nutrition and avoid overfeeding, which can lead to laminates and obesity, among other health problems.

The price typically increases for breeder ponies, especially when they can trace their purebred lineage. A quality rescue group or breeder should be transparent with you about the pony’s disposition, health status, and history.

You should be able to spend time with a pony before opting to bring it home. Feeling rushed to make a decision could be a red flag that the organization isn't acting in the best interest of the animal.

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Shetland ponies have a reputation of being a bit cheeky, naughty and tricky to handle, so are they good for children, and do they make good pets ? Shetland ponies are very little and cute, and can be the perfect small child’s pony.

If they get too much grass they can put on weight and be too lively for small children to ride. So, a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine ensure that Shetland ponies are good for children to ride.

If you consistently treat them with respect, they will return your loyalty and trust, and be excellent ponies for young children. They are intelligent and make friends with children and other ponies, as long as they are happy and treated properly.

It can be very rewarding getting to know your pony and his unique character, and making friends with him. In summary, Shetland ponies are good for children if they are well-trained, have the right amount of food and exercise and enjoy companionship.

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