Are Shire Horses Endangered

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• Sunday, 01 November, 2020
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Having served faithfully in peace and war, they have become probably Britain’s three favorite breeds of working horse. The Rare Breeds Survival Trust (Rest), a charity dedicated to the conservation of farm animals, has warned that unless urgent action is taken, all three varieties of working horse could disappear from the British landscape within ten years.

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This is despite them having been numbered in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, at the start of the 20th Century, and despite them having been a feature of British life since the Middle Ages. The Rest has now launched a Heavy Horse Appeal fundraising campaign to ensure the survival of the Shire Horse, Suffolk Punch, and Clydesdale, and warned: “Numbers are worryingly low: just 240 Shires, 199 Clydesdale and 25 Suffolk pedigree foals were registered last year.

Our use of horses throughout history alone dictates that they are just as worthy of conservation as any other breed, landscape, stately home or historic monument.” The low numbers of the three working horse breeds today contrasts with previous centuries when they were an everyday sight all over Britain.

London’s rubbish collection alone came to require the use of 1,500 horses, and in 1893 it was estimated that the capital’s brewers were using a further 3,000 animals. Then, when the First World War broke out in 1914, they were sent to the Western Front to haul gun carriages and transport supplies.

The Shire Horse Society has noted that when knights started wearing heavy suits or armor, they needed steeds strong enough to carry them into battle. Hence, the development of the ‘Great Horse’, via the importation of heavier animals from Holland, Germany and Flanders to beef up the native British breeds whose lighter physiques were more like those of New Forest ponies.

Duly inspired, he wrote Animal Farm, his novel satirizing Stalinist Communism, with Boxer the cart horse representing the noble, strong and betrayed working classes. There have been similar declines in the numbers of Whitehorse, and of Clydesdale's, a breed which at its peak around the start of the 20th Century accounted for most of Scotland’s 140,000 farm horses.

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The American Cream originated from a mare called “Old Granny” in Iowa, and it is the first (and last) draft horse breed native to the United States. Because Suffolk and Norfolk, England is on a peninsula that was once difficult to access because of marshes to the west, the Suffolk horse has remained remarkably true to the original type–that is, a draft horse bred specifically for farm work, not driving or riding.

The Cleveland Bay originated in Medieval times from pack horses that carried goods between abbeys and monasteries, and in modern times this adaptable breed can be seen doing everything from driving the British royal carriages to showjumping or foxhunting. This ancient Iranian breed nearly went extinct in the 1960s, but thanks to the efforts of expatriate Louise Fibrous it made a comeback.

Interestingly, most Caspian horses reach their full height by just 6 months of age. The stocky Ex moor pony has had a tough history–from being used as “pit ponies” in mines, to being used for target practice and even food during the first World War, after which only 50 members of the breed survived.

The Hackney horse and pony are distinct types, proportioned differently. Hackney ponies are one of the few breeds developed completely in a controlled environment.

Christopher Wilson wanted a “roadster” bred for style and stamina, and developed the Hackney pony from Hackney horse stallions and Fell ponies in the 1800s. Shire horses come from stock used to carry knights into battle, but the breed was later adapted for farm work and hauling heavy loads over rough terrain–and to this day, some Shires are used in the forestry industry where mechanized vehicles cannot go.

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The breed nearly went extinct in the 1950s and ’60s, but today they are more popular than they have been in decades despite their small numbers. “Colonial Spanish” is not a breed in itself, but a group of about 15 breeds or strains that descend from Spanish stock brought to the United States, and which have had a strong influence on American gained horses.

Some of these breeds include the Spanish Barb, Carolina Marsh Tacky, and the Florida Cracker. People tend to buy more athletic, lighter horses.

Australia is home to wildest horses in the world. They are rubies, they are an official breed however, the other small percentage...

Appearing similar to a Clydesdale, these horses are absolutely massive with large hooves and feathering on their legs. But in spite of their imposing size, shire horses are typically calm, docile, and eager to please.

Body Type: Very tall; muscular build; large hooves; feathering on legs; long, arched neck; slightly Roman nose Instead, they were used primarily to breed increased size into smaller farm horse stock.

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In the days before machinery became the workhorse of agriculture and industry, the shire horse was used for its immense pulling power. But now that the horsepower of draft horses is no longer required, the shire has landed on lists of endangered livestock breeds in the U.K., U.S., and Canada.

Bred for its size, strength, and easygoing demeanor, the shire horse was used extensively to pull carts of ale from breweries to public houses. Before World War I, these gentle giants commonly served as farm horses, pulling wagons and working in fields.

Today, the shire horse is still popular for pulling vehicles, such as sightseeing wagons, and many equestrians enjoy riding the docile breed for pleasure. They also are a popular promotional tool for modern-day beer brewers, some of whom are again making deliveries by horse and wagon.

The most outstanding characteristics of the shire horse are its imposing height and extreme strength, traits documented both in record books and anecdotally. For example, in the 1920s, a pair of shires reportedly pulled a load of more than 45 tons, though the exact weight could not be determined because it exceeded the scale's capacity.

This trait likely arose from the breed's original use confidently carrying soldiers in heavy armor into loud, dangerous battle situations. Shire horses eat a standard horse diet that includes good quality hay, grain, vegetables, and fruits.

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Some vets recommend high-fat diets to ward off polysaccharide storage myopathy, a condition that can cause spasms in the hind legs. Also, while polysaccharide storage myopathy is not that common in shire horses, some still might experience its bouts of leg stiffness, cramps, and spasms.

The feathering around a shire horse's lower legs requires regular brushing and cleaning to avoid skin irritation and infection. It is also important to fully dry the feathering after a bath, as a wet environment can breed bacteria and fungi.

But you might need a sturdy stool or ladder to reach all the high points on your horse's body. Measured at more than 19.5 hands high, he was the tallest horse in Great Britain at the time.

The world’s largest horse of all time might have been a shire born in 1848 named Mammoth. When selecting a horse, it’s important to get the full picture of its health, temperament, and history.

Shire horses are a type of horse that is large and can pull a lot of weight. Shire horses are a breed of horse that are bred for doing work, such as pulling carriages or plows.

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The colors most common for shire horses are black and brown. Many Dorsetshire, Percheron, and Belgian alike have exceeded 21 hands in height.

Shire horses were not 'discovered', they were created by humans who wanted a bit sturdy draft type horse. The term Shire was used in the mid 17th century to describe the draft horses from the 'Shires' region in England.

The Shire held the record for both the tallest and largest breed in the world. The most massive horse ever was the Shire named “Sampson,” measuring 21.2 hands high and weighing 3,360 lbs.

The height of the Shire horse is 17.2 hands, and they weigh approximately 2,000 pounds. The Shire should exhibit a wide chest with hindquarters that are full of muscle.

The Shire Horse Society only accepts coat colors of brown, bay, or gray, for registration. During the period of the Industrial Revolution, a nationwide canal system was developed in Great Britain.

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The Shire horse was ideally suited to pull the barges loaded with goods up and down canals to their destinations. The Shire was also used to transport people in buses and trams before the development of the combustible engine.

Shires are often called the “gentle giants” of the horse world because of their large bodies and extremely laid back attitude. They aren’t skittish and are comfortable around other animals, kids, cars, and loud noise.

In choosing a horse for a particular purpose, it is important to understand the breed’s tendencies and personality, their temperament. Shires are draft horses, which share the common traits of strength, patience, and calm temperament.

Shires are cold-blooded horses, meaning they are typically calm, patient, and easygoing. When a massive horse refuses a command, the options to move him is limited.

During the medieval era, the destroyers carried armored knights into battle and were famous for their power, size, bravery, and endurance. In England, rural counties are called Shires and are traditional farming areas.

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The Shire horses were originally referred to as Lincolnshire Blacks but over time the name was shortened to the Shire. The standard colors for the Shire are black, bay, brown and gray.

Clydesdale Horses are often bay, but a can also be a roan, black, gray or chestnut. The popular horses used to pull the Budweiser wagons are Clydesdale's.

Both breeds are huge, Clydesdale horses are built stockier than Shires and generally weigh more, both average weights are 2,000 pounds. Today they are used for pulling and driving competitions, western pleasure, show rings, and recreational riding.

The Shire ’s gentle nature and willingness to learn lends itself to be trained in a variety of equine events. Shires excel in pulling, that is what they were bred to do; however, they are also good riding horses.

They have a good disposition, are athletic movers, and enjoy learning, making them ideal for almost any rider. Also, because of the calm demeanor of a Shire, they are used by law enforcement for a variety of purposes, but they are excellent for crowd control and search and rescue.

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Like the Clydesdale and the Shire, it is a massive draft horse from Great Britain. The nutrients the Shire needs to maintain its health is the same for them as compared to other horses, but because of their size, they need much larger amounts.

If a Shire horse is being worked or in training, he can eat up to 44 pounds of hay a day. Fresh grass contains a good deal of water, but horses need much more than they can get from grazing.

Depending on the weather and the amount of work the horse is asked to perform, he may need upwards of 15 gallons a day. These disorders occur because the overabundance of grain spills into the hind gut creating large amounts of gas and acid.

The Shire, like most other horses, should not be fed more than 1 percent of body weight from a grain source. Supplying feed to a young horse during their growing stage must be done with care.

Porous bones are brittle and can lead to many long term orthopedic problems. On the other hand, you want to provide enough grain for the young horse to grow strong and healthy.

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Note how fast he finishes his feed, and the amount of hay eaten per day. If you notice he is not finishing his normal amount of feed or hay, you should contact a veterinarian.

The first horses were domesticated approximately 8.000 – 7.000 years ago and had an important role throughout history in the development of civilization. It originates from a French stock of horses exported by Louis XIV to Canada.

The breed was almost extinguished during the US Civil War, when many Canadian horses were exported and killed during combat. The Canadian horse is quick, strong and resistant to harsh environment conditions.

The Suffolk Punch was developed early in the 16th century and it has remained very similar in characteristics to its founding stock. It was a popular horse breed for farm work due to its heavy and strong frame and mild temperament.

Unfortunately, once farm work was mechanized, the Suffolk Punch was simply not a breed that horse breeders were interested in. Similar to the Suffolk Punch, the decline of the breed began once farm work was heavily mechanized.

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Unfortunately, mechanization and slaughter almost extinguished the entire pony population at the middle of the 20th century. In 1997, it was declared a heritage breed of Newfoundland and Labrador, being protected under law, but the world population is estimated to consist of only 200 – 250 ponies.

Valued for its speed, style and hardiness, the Hackney horse was used at harness races during the 19th century. Originally, the breed was developed in Norfolk, UK, in the 14th century when powerful yet attractive horses were in demand for general purpose riding and for carriages.

Cleveland Bays were used in the creation and improvement of other horse breeds, such as the Oldenburg, the Hanoverian, the Holstein or the Vladimir Heavy Draft. Images of Caspian horses were found in art works dating back to 3,000 B.C., but at some point they were believed to be extinct.

Cars and farm machinery began to be mass-produced, so another draft horse breed was not exactly high in demand at that time. In addition, modern horse breeding management and technologies can increase the rate of conception and successful foaling for obtaining healthy specimens.

Extreme weather, encroaching human settlements, and livestock infringing on their habitat pushed the horses as far east as the steppes of the Gobi Desert in China and Mongolia. Conservationists report that the species is extinct in the wild, and only an estimated 2,000 individuals remain in zoos and reserves, including the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Virginia.

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After 40 years of being frozen in time, scientists thawed the stallion’s cells and fused one with an egg from a female domestic horse, who would later be Kurt’s surrogate mother. His successful cloning provides hope for conservationists that one day they can restore the population of Przewalski’s horses in their native range.

“This colt is expected to be one of the most genetically important individuals of his species,” Bob Wise, chief life sciences officer at San Diego Zoo Global, said in last month’s statement. Aragon and Royal, two of the shire horses of the last working herd in London“There were a million of these horses 100 years ago in England at the beginning of the First World War,” says Ed McDowell, who works as a coachman with London’s last surviving stable of seven shire horses.

This means these gentle equine tractors are rarer than the giant panda, of which there are believed to be around 1,800 worldwide. “Now London has just one herd of these magnificent beasts, the seven working horses of the royal parks and historic royal palaces,” says Daily Express photographer Paul Stewart who is working on a project to record a year in the life of these majestic creatures.

And it is these traditional agricultural pursuits Paul is cataloging, alongside their ceremonial role at Hampton Court and Richmond Park, which includes offering carriage rides to visitors. “From the early morning grooming in their old Home Farm stables at 7.30am and out to Hampton Court to pull a two-car tram for the tourists, it is fantastic to see how everyone loves these gentle giants,” says Paul, who is frequently to be found near the stables, camera in hand, in the early morning mists of west London.

For the managing director of Operation Centaur has created a brave new future for the shire horse in which the animals are also being used in innovative ways. For the past 25 years Dr Andreas Liefooghe’s training as a psychotherapist has also seen him using the animals in his counselling practice.

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Among other projects, his shire horses have partnered with charities working with children being bullied and people with autism. Putting in a shift at Tesla’s Brewery in Leeds, 1966“There is no magic involved in equine assisted psychotherapy, it is about getting people to work in groups with horses and learn from how the horse relates,” says the lifelong horseman, who describes his role at the helm of Operation Centaur as his dream job.

“ Horses don’t know if someone is a chief executive or a PA, instead they respond to the energy that people bring.” And his approach also informs the way in which the animals carry out their agricultural role when they are contracted by local authorities in London, as well as by the royal parks and historic palaces. “People think they were agricultural but shires were also in cities and towns, they were everywhere.” He is determined to show that shire horses can be just as relevant today.

“If you use heavy machinery you are destroying the under-soil but shire horses are not only very popular and very nimble, they also have a low carbon footprint,” says Dr Liefooghe. Dr Liefooghe is also richly persuasive about the additional benefits to the local community when imaginative councils contract out these functions to real horse power.

BUT the increasing role of gunpowder eventually brought an end to their use in battle: Oliver Cromwell’s cavalry favored lighter, faster mounts and the bigger breed began to be used for draft work instead. The breed, which stands more than 16 hands high (5ft 4in) at the withers has an enormous capacity for weight pulling and throughout its history has been popular for hauling brewery wagons delivering ale to customers.

The animals also featured in battles and war pre-gunpowderIt was 10 years ago this month that the famous Yorkshire brewery Tesla’s stopped using the powerful horses to pull their drays after the company was taken over by Danish brewer Carlsberg and their upkeep was considered too expensive.

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