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• Saturday, 02 January, 2021
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This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. In this guide, I’m sharing what I found out about this footwear brand and its vegan options.

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Many of Sorel’s signature boots and shoes are made with animal leather, fur, and wool, but they do offer some styles made without animal materials, however, they cannot confirm whether the glue they use is vegan. So, if you choose to avoid vegan shoes from brands that are unable to verify the source of its glue then Sore may not be for you.

Note that this list was provided by Sorel, but we always encourage you to check the composition and materials before buying. This vegan list is updated as frequently as possible, but please be aware that materials and sources may have changed since the publication of this post.

Women's high-gloss olive green rain boot with a high wedge heel. Chelsea-style elastic gore panels on the sides help your foot slip into the boot.

Removable and breathable molded footed plus a mesh lining for lots of airy comfort. Pros: Perfect if you're looking for boots that will withstand a monsoon and look chic with fitted trousers and a blazer.

Men's black waterproof canvas rain boot with a lace-up front and duck-style foot. Vulcanized rubber sole for durability and flexible support.

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Lined with soft and warm textile material that lets your foot breathe. Advertised as vegan : No, but materials used are canvas, rubber and textile.

Pros: A great balance struck between practicality and fashion as these boots are built to withstand a rainstorm but look elegant enough to wear with a nice pair of corduroy or twill pants. Footed may need added layers if these boots see frequent use and long hours.

Women's gray mid-calf snow boot with pink laces you can tighten for a snug fit. Faux fur collar adds a warm and luxurious trim.

Molded rubber outsole for good adhesion to the ground or to the snow. Cons: Probably limited in environmental range and usage in case you're looking for a multipurpose winter boot for the same amount of money (or less).

Men's tough snow boots in black with red embellishments on the Sore logo near the top of the boot, at the lace hooks and on the bottom of the sole. Vulcanized rubber sole, so you won't slip and slide in the slush and snow.

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Breathable fabric lining and mesh top cover to wick away moisture. Advertised as vegan : No, but these rain boots are rubber and textile.

Women's wine colored winter short boot with quilt-like nylon top and wraparound tie at the ankle to protect your foot from snow overflow. Micro fleece lining and insulation will keep your foot nice and toasty.

Cons: Narrower than expected and may run a little small, especially if you plan to wear thick socks. Not the best choice for areas that receive feet of snow since they leave your legs unprotected.

In this guide, I’m sharing 10 footwear brands offering a range of premium vegan boots for winter. Most waterproof & snow boots are made from animal leather or suede and are lined with shearing or fur accessories, making them all not vegan.

There are some vegan shoe companies that offer a couple of styles of winter boots but not an extensive range. And it was especially hard to find quality waterproof boots manufactured from an all- vegan shoe brand.

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I’m defining vegan here as shoes that were made without any animal materials like leather, suede, wool, fur, etc. If you’re looking for vegan leather winter boots that are fashionable and stylish then Vegetarian Shoes has a great collection.

A good choice for urban hikers or for everyday wears to keep your feet and toes warm. Native Shoes is based in Canada, and they offer a collection of vegan water-resistant boots for men and women.

Their minimalist styles of boots are insulated with faux-fur materials to protect your feet from the cold while looking fashionable. My favorite is their Lhotse boot which was created in collaboration with popular vegan outerwear brand, Save the Duck.

SORE specializes in making waterproof and winter boots that are guaranteed to keep you warm, comfortable, and dry. However, note that SORE is unable to guarantee their glues are vegan, stating, “We try to avoid animal based glue whenever possible, but there can be animal byproducts used in some of our glues.” If this is a deal-breaker for you then SORE may not be a suitable option for you, choose from the other options on this list.

Specializing in outdoor sports gear and activewear, The North Face does have some winter vegan boots featuring their Thermal Eco insulation designed to keep your feet toasty warm. Note that not all the North Face shoes are vegan as they do use animal leather and suede materials.

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I emailed Bogs to ask if they use animal or synthetic-based glues in their shoes but never received a response back. Not all of Sketchers shoes are vegan as they do use animal leather and suede materials in most of their boots.

Some options for vegan winter boots to choose this season to keep you dry and warm! Finding a quality pair of vegan winter boots can be tricky.

I’ve found several vegan boots to share with you that will hold up through the depths of winter. It is fairly simple to create a waterproof casing with the synthetic materials that vegan products are made of.

Not only are they waterproof, but the synthetic materials are also resistant to abrasive wither elements like road salt. It’s like a breath of fresh air when you can easily shop without having to meticulously read the fine print.

Some companies have specific vegan designs and advertise these products as such, which is another great option. Below is a chart of just a few vegan winter boots that I personally liked for their quality, style, and materials.

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The knit and mesh uppers have a dry barrier waterproof membrane that seals out water while allowing moisture to escape from your feet. The faux fur lining reduces hot spot areas and keeps snow out.

They are fleece lined for warmth and the mountain-grade rubber sole delivers traction in frozen conditions. The Chilean padded boot is insulated with high-tech Prim aloft to keep your feet warm in cold weather conditions.

The membrane is made of Flameproof material that creates a waterproof yet breathable seal. It has a waterproof nylon upper and the rubber sole is treated for extra grip on frozen surfaces.

This bright pair of vegan wither boots are stylish, waterproof, and insulated! The Boreal is boot from Chico has a coffee-based charcoal fleeced lining, which is anti-microbial and eco-friendly.

The EVA mid sole is made from recycled content and designed for maximum comfort. These Moon Boots were originally created in the 1970s by Italian brand Technical Group.

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The Apollo 11 moon landing was the big story of the times and these were made to capitalize off of the space obsessed. Known for keeping feet extremely warm and dry, these are also 100% vegan.

Admittedly, this boot is not useful when climbing mountains, but I definitely want to rock these at camp. Native collaborated with vegan brand Save The Duck to create these cozy boots.

Bogs boots are all vegan except for a few styles that specifically mention leather features. Still warm at 20 below and a sole is made from recycled rubber, these boots are built for ultimate comfort.

At -40 Fahrenheit, these vegan winter boots will keep your toes toasty! They are essentially a taller version of the casual classic lace speckle but a bit tougher.

The design of the upper includes handles that make it easy to slip these on when you need to get out the door fast. The brand is more fashion focused and less on the great outdoors, but I still love the comfy boot.

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These vegan winter boots are designed to allow your feet to move in their natural way. These boots are rated for freezing temperatures and the seam-sealed inner boogie makes them fully waterproof.

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