Are Stallion Horses Dangerous

Earl Hamilton
• Saturday, 16 January, 2021
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My “what-if” mentality persisted well into adulthood until I finally realized that there was a lot I could do to decrease the chances of dangerous horse experiences. While horses can be dangerous, risks can be substantially mitigated with things like knowledge, situational awareness, and safety equipment.

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Yet, if you ask any seasoned equestrian about how the risks associated with horses influence their decisions to ride, the vast majority will tell you that danger and injury are a negligible part of horse riding and pale in comparison to the appeal of horse/human partnership. Most equestrians agree they gain far more than they risk by spending time with horses.

Practical preparedness includes, at minimum, a proper-fitting helmet, safe footwear, and a qualified coach or mentor. Boots that are safe for horseback riding have at least a 1 heel that minimizes the chances of accidentally getting stuck in the stirrups during a fall and causing you to be dragged by the horse.

Boots with heels also help you keep your feet securely in the stirrups, increasing your balance, while riding. Safety gear is essential, but finding a qualified and knowledgeable equestrian guide also is critical.

The emergency dismount is a method of jumping off a horse’s back quickly in case things get out of hand. Stay Calm If you haven’t noticed already, you will soon find that horses are incredibly intuitive animals.

Instead, they simply sense your fear, and think that your emotions are cueing them in on a greater danger… like tigers! There are several things that new horse riders can learn from basic equine psychology.

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Another thing you need to realize is that horses can be startled easily, so don’t make big, sudden movements around them. Likewise, don’t make loud and unprecedented noises that might scare them.

A strong but peaceful presence will foster trust between you and any horse you encounter. We get to interact with remarkable, profoundly intuitive creatures that genuinely want to be our friends.

She focuses on communication between horse and rider, with an emphasis in kind training tactics. She resides in Auburn, WA, USA, with her husband, and daylights as a non-profit administrator.

Let's just say you need a pair of your own(wink) to have a stallion as a general purpose horse. They always have the girls on his mind, and more often than not, if he has not been corrected and reminded, he may get into the mindset that “I am the stallion.

Stallion -like behavior can make “studs” difficult to train and potentially very dangerous, particularly in inexperienced hands. Even those stallions with unusually docile temperaments need to be handled properly by expert horse people at all times.

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Also, if you were planning on breeding him, you have to make sure is an absolutely beautiful horse. Reasons why you should geld also; there are too many horses without homes who end up in slaughterhouses because a stallion accident hopped over a fence and into a mares pasture, etc. :lol: He also thinks that horses lose their “spark” when they are gelded.

I would have any boy horse gelded unless you were planning on breeding him with any mare If you're just planning on trail riding a lot of rides we go on does not allow stallions to be on the rides. For the fact like everyone else said the have the ladies on their minds and if someone is not experienced enough to handle them it could lead to disaster and someone gets hurt.

I love watching the colts play vs. the fillies in the field. They get very pushy with each other and rough each other around(lots of shoving) in their baby stallion games.

I have known people who were picked up by the shoulder, or by the belly, in the jaws of a stallion. One stallion in California lives in a maze of pens that funnel him into the breeding shed so no one has to handle him.

Another stallion, one of the top thoroughbred sires in the world, was so vicious only one person could handle him. Anyone else entering his stall or paddock had to be protected by someone with a pitchfork.

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At top establishments around the world, breeding barns look like torture chambers, equipped with chains, whips, hobbles, helmets and flak jackets. Yet every year, every breeding season, people are still hurt, maimed, or killed by stallions.

In a fight, even a grizzly bear is no match for a stallion. Most people who've been on the unhappy end of a stallion will tell you they never saw him coming... the next thing they knew, they were in his jaws.

All too often, stallion owners think, “It won't happen to me.” Let me tell you, I'd rather have you mad at me for saying this, than to hear a report of your tragedy.

A stallion's job is to procreate and to fight for dominance. He has more strength, more fight, more bravery, more desire and more determination than ever.

Mixed with adrenaline, testosterone amplifies potential tenfold. Recently, a student asked me why some stallions seem pretty mellow compared to others.

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Everyone knows this man to be a friendly, reasonable, amicable kind of guy. He's on the fight, ready to defend and protect his woman.

I have often seen thin, wormy, listless stallions that turn into fire-breathing dragons once their health is restored. I have found that the more unnatural the environment, the more perverted the behavior.

Often, they're petted and handled by people who are unfamiliar with natural ways of creating respectful relationships. They are handled aggressively, punished for excitable behavior, restrained with chains over their noses or gums, kept on a tight rein.

I liken this to men in jail, whose behavior rarely improves in prison; instead, it becomes more perverted. Stallions crave contact with other horses, so isolation only worsens their behavior.

Then, when exposed to other horses, they exhibit extreme aggression and become very difficult to handle. Kept in solitary confinement, you have no social contact, not enough exercise, and not nearly enough mental and emotional stimulation.

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Naked “girls” are led past your stall every day. You know exactly when you are going and what will happen, so you get excited and start prancing.

The mare is hobbled and twitched, and all you do is take a flying leap onto her back. No introductions, no friendly chit-chat, no foreplay, no rebuffs from the mare for rough or rude behavior.

On the other hand, when stallions are raised with other horses, they learn to become polite. If they're rude, a pair of teeth or heels quickly come their way.

You must understand the horse's psyche and herd behavior, and with a stallion, you need a truckload of savvy. You must read situations very quickly and stay one step ahead of what he's thinking, all the time.

If he can sneak in, take a nip, and then duck away, he's having a ball. You'll see this exact same nip, recoil and duck pattern.

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If you earn a horse's respect, he will not play those games on you. But you can't gain a horse's respect through punishment.

Not only does it not cure the problem, it can come back to haunt you on a bad day, and on a bad day a stallion can be your worst nightmare. Without enough outlet for his libido, you'll have a very frustrated or depressed stallion on your hands, with potentially serious consequences.

After that, the testicles may be difficult to locate, and the next thing you know your yearling has a raging torrent of hormones coursing through his growing body. Some people are concerned that early gelding will affect a horse's growth and performance, but in my experience, this is not true.

Many of my geldings were castrated at ten days old, and they've grown into stout, handsome horses. There are thousands of stallions around who should have been gelded because of poor conformation, bloodlines or personality.

They weaken the gene pool and are walking liabilities for their owners. Stallions handled by people with a great deal of savvy are exceptions.

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After all, natural horsemen always think about things from the horse's point of view first. To be honest with you my mare was harder to handle than a lot of those stallions.

I don't recommend a stallion to a novice by any means, but they can be great riding horses and friends. Here is a story to share: Last year, at a farm not to far from ours, a trainer was working a stallion in the round pen, and it went crazy.

It attacked her and tore at her throat, stamped her to the ground. The stallion was supposedly a horse that had never had problems or displayed aggressiveness in the past.

Horses that are kept intact as stallions should have fantastic conformation, a well-kept, solid show record, great bloodlines, superb temperament, ECT. Cutting out the less desirable and waiting for that perfect stallion to come along is well worth it, I think.

I rode several stallions, the good thing for me is that before I didn't hear the scary stories and I wasn't afraid at all, I want the horse to do what I have in mind and I go on until he understands, without using any torture, I just don't give up, I repeat and repeat. All the horses (stallions) I know are so sweet, so calm, it occurred to me, they surely must have been tortured before.

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Unless you all are going to be raising horses, I suggest you say goodbye to those two tag-a-longs and research that wonderful gelding lurking inside! No matter how “quiet” a stallion is they are always testing you. Point is to always be on your toes with one, and never, ever turn your back on one...or any horse for that matter.

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