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Maria Garcia
• Wednesday, 11 November, 2020
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Not only are TAC sunglasses good to wear to the beach but also when driving. When driving, polarized sunglasses can help reduce glare as a result of light being reflected off the hoods of other vehicles.

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Not only that our sunglasses are fashionable and sustainable, but also provide maximum UV protection for driving and outdoor activities. For those with photophobia or better known as light sensitivity Polarized sunglasses are your best friend.

TAC polarized sunglasses for babies help shield your baby's eyes from the suns harmful UV rays.FACT: The UV treatment applied to the lenses of our TAC sunglasses does not cause them to appear dark or tinted. The dark or gray colored tint is to provide comfort to the eyes when outdoors.

Item Number (PCI) : 070-03-0986WARNING:This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. As Seen on TV, Classes by Bell + Howell are military-inspired, polarized sports glasses for men and women.

Classes block harmful UV rays and glare, improving visibility against reflective surfaces like asphalt covered roads, snow, and sand. Their light filtering technology improves visual clarity, even under low light conditions, while sharpening colors and edges of objects, and the lenses are corrosion proof against alkaline conditions such as exposure to ocean spray.

DimensionsDetails Over the Glasses, Polarized, UV Protection Thank you, James, for your recent inquiry with The Home Depot for Bell + Howell TAC Flip Up Polarized Sports Sunglasses.

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If you would like to be notified when the item will be back in stock you can submit your email in the “notify me” part on our items page. I got these glasses to wear while fishing, and they greatly improved my experience.

They eliminated the glare off the water while keeping my vision vibrant and clear. They're comfortable to wear and durable, fitting over regular eyeglasses.

They are a perfect fit and I can see clearly with them on in the bright sun. I love the frame design and the colors in the shades too. They are lightweight and look very high quality made.

I purchased the polarized sport sunglasses a month ago. I am so happy with them and the convenience of still being able to wear my prescription glasses underneath.

When first putting them on, the comfort of wearing and the quality of the lens are extraordinary. These glasses have replaced all of my sunglasses that I would regularly wear.

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Classes is essentially an eyewear under Bell and Howell that focuses on glasses that are made in a military-design with features that allow them to be perfectly suitable for extreme environments and activities such as sports. They are the perfect protective eyewear to keep your eyes safe from ultraviolet rays and glare, thanks to the technology imbued in their development.

Integrated into the lens of the Classes is their state-of-the-art light-filtering technology that allows users to have unobstructed vision even in situations of high levels of brightness. This does not only give users convenience but actually provides safety for people doing relatively risky activities such as sports and driving.

Even when accompanied by heavy filtering, Classes does not have any chromatic aberrations which means that colors remain as vibrant and sharp as ever. With their military aesthetic and product quality, Classes will be a great addition to anyone’s accessory collection for both style and function.

Classes has a one size fits all design and has been featured on different platforms of media including a television commercial, which speaks of their confidence in their product. The lens technology integrated into the design of the Classes manipulate light to the advantage of the wearer.

UV rays and other forms of radiation, like that from a computer screen, can be easily filtered by the lens technology of the Classes. However, the website where you will order the glasses will also charge a small web processing fee of $2.00 which sums up to $21.99.

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For unsatisfied customers, you can make use of the company’s 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee where you can return the product and be refunded. Online, the general opinion on the Classes are that they look aesthetically pleasing, are able to withstand a beating, and everyone enjoys the free shipping.

Cover, another eyewear company, also produces a similar-looking sports glasses, and they also come with interchangeable lenses like that of Three’s. They feature a more sturdy design than regular sunglasses since they are made to withstand extreme weather conditions and the elements.

These BLOND Night Driving Glasses are anti-glare and semi- polarized with HD blue blocker. The metal frame construction is sturdy to protect against damage when dropped or struck.

They are created for comfort during extended wear with integrated nose pads and a fully rubberized safety system. Knight Visor blue light blocking TAC semi- polarized performance.

Polarized safety lenses filter out 100% of blue light from headlights as well as white flashes and glare. Consumer reviews indicate excellent performance by BLOND night driving glasses.

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Praise was given with regard to performance, particularly from customers who suffer from headaches due to eye strain and glare from nighttime driving. The Original Night Driving Glasses are designed for comfort, safety, style, and functionality.

The TAC polarized lenses and lightweight metal frames provide easy wear for nighttime driving. The lenses deliver the maximum level of glare and shine reduction for clear vision and driving safety.

Consumer reviews indicate that customers are pleased with the comfort and we arability of the glasses, but there are some reports stating that the polarized effect is not very strong, rendering them only mildly effective at eliminating glare and reducing light brightness when driving at night. Users appreciate the absence of eye strain or heaviness on the nose when wearing these glasses.

Provide maximum protection against high beam glare while driving at night. Night glare protection isn't effective in rainy conditions according to a number of consumer reviews.

These Polarized Sports Sunglasses feature lenses constructed of the highest-quality shatterproof TAC material. They feature a unique, rimless frame design which expands the bottom field of vision.

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HD REV polarized lenses provide true color for better vision. Consumers consistently report being extremely satisfied with the comfort and we arability of these glasses during physical activity such as tennis, bicycling, motorcycle riding, fishing, etc.

It includes a sturdy, zippered carrying case, a small screwdriver, and a microfiber cleaning cloth for the lenses. These Cardio HD polarized anti-glare night driving glasses are available in both men's and women's styles.

The classic aviator design features yellow lenses with wide field construction for an extended area of visibility, free of blockage from a rim. The yellow tint makes night driving safer and easier by preventing eye damage due to over-bright lighting and blur from oncoming headlights.

Created to be worn during outdoor physical activities like running, cycling, driving, skiing, etc. Consumer reviews reveal that customers are very satisfied with the quality and performance of the Cardio night driving glasses.

The hard carrying case is a favorite extra as it is compact and durable in order to protect the glasses from damage. Some consumers have reported that they suffer from eye problems and that this product works great for them where others are ineffective given their physical issues with regard to vision.

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These Classes by Bell + Howell sports sunglasses are designed to be worn by men or women. Corrosion-proof lenses protect against alkaline damage from conditions such as exposure to elements like ocean water spray.

Protect eyes from dangerous UV rays from the suns during all types of outdoor weather conditions. They are happy with the level of comfort the glasses provide even after hours of continuous wear.

Many users who have poor vision or other eye-related issues report that these glasses are extremely helpful when they have to be outdoors.

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