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A small amount of glue at the top and base of each stair can keep it in place. Cut the carpet to fit the bottom of each stair, the area where the foot will fall.

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Here are some of the specialty tools you'll need; you can buy them, but it is cheaper to rent the larger equipment. The padding makes the carpet “flex”, and wears it out faster.

Cut the 1-inch-wide strips to length using a small handsaw or special wood snips. Set the tack strip about ½ inch away from the baseboard to allow space for slipping the carpeting underneath. Smooth Seams at Walls and Borders.

Inspect the seams where the carpet meets the walls, baseboards, doorways or other types of flooring. Then grab the carpet by hand and continue to pull it up along an entire wall.

Fold back about 3 ft. of carpet and cut it into easy-to-handle strips (Photo 1). Before dumping your old carpet or rug on the curb, try cleaning it up to see if it can be reused.

As long as it's clean and smells all right, many charity organizations will take old carpets and rugs. Wearing thick gloves on the hand holding the carpet gripper will stop you cutting yourself.

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Remove this small piece of carpet and then pull up on the larger section. When you lay the new pad and carpet down, you will not feel the flattened staples under foot.

This feel grip came superfast, I received it literally 24 hours I had it. Top Selected Products and Reviews. Lowe's offers free installation for StairMaster carpets.

On hardwood, it may be necessary to tap the staple with a small hammer to drive it in fully. Use a staple hammer-tacker to fasten the carpet pad against the edge of the tack strip.

Trim excess pad at the edge of the tack strip with a carpet trimmer or sharp utility knife. You want to install it yourself, possibly to offset the high-value purchase, you want to save money, you’re the DIY type, or cannot entrust the task to anyone else.

To install carpet without tack strips, use alternatives like tapes, staples, adhesives, and underlays. They offer the convenience of quick and easy installation sans tack strips.

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Home Depot explains that tackles strips are called so because you don’t need individual tacks to hold the carpet in place by using them. Other advantages of tack strips are: they prevent the glue from getting loose, keep the carpet from sagging, and eliminate the need to put tacks in high-traffic areas.

Another reason is tack strips leave ugly marks and holes on wood. This will be a big problem when it’s time to sell the property, and the future owner wants to change the carpet.

Also, tacks won’t adhere to concrete flooring or other hard surfaces. If one tile gets damaged, you can easily take it out and switch it with a new one without having to yank out the entire carpeting.

Its ultra viscous synthetic latex resins make great replacements to tackles strips. It doubles as a seam adhesive to stop the edges of the carpet from getting frayed.

Its strength, flexibility, and weatherproof structure ensure a tight bond. One recommended is the Johnson ite® OEM Anti-Slip Tread Tape, typically used for providing safety and slip resistance to carpets on stairways.

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Market also sells stair treads and risers, which are part of an integrated stairwell management system that minimizes slippage risk and ensures safe, controlled traffic flow. Double-sided tape isn’t recommended as the only means for securing carpet on stairs because its adhesive properties deteriorate over time.

Staples can penetrate carpet material and grasp solid wood, providing a safe, tight, and secure fit. They get rusty over time and may cause the carpet to deteriorate faster in areas they poke through.

It isn’t a good idea to just lay carpet over concrete flooring. The solution is to place a high-quality synthetic underlay, not just to provide a barrier between flooring and carpeting, but also for added cushioning and comfort.

Even inexpensive carpets will last longer and perform optimally if the padding is of quality material, like high-density memory foam. Again, if you haven’t already bought your carpet, you may want to consider a different type of flooring more convenient and easier to install.

One way is to use padding or underlay underneath the carpet and tack this down with a stapler. The kind of glue for use in carpet installation should be one that ensures longevity, durability, and a tight bond.

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After extensively cleaning and drying the floor, apply a layer of adhesive to all corners of the area to be carpeted using a trowel. Press down the carpet onto the glue with a straight hard plastic bar, wooden plank, or roller.

If you don’t want to deal with tack strips or are hesitant to cover up hardwood floors, use a large area rug instead. If you’re on a budget, cut a section of carpet to the size you require, bind the edges to keep them from fraying and use it as a gigantic rug.

If you don’t want to mess with tack strips and enjoy your carpet right away, you now have the power to choose quick-install alternatives. If you’ve ever seen a home that was built since the 1980s, then you probably have seen stairs that had a carpet on top of them.

Carpeted stairs are nice, snugly, and also help cushion falls that you might have. If the carpet curls up, you can use small nails to hammer it into place.

There’s an entire category carpet installation techniques that are used without tack strips. There’s a common belief that tackles installs can be unsafe due to the potential of having the glue deteriorate.

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Besides, carpet and wood glues both tend to be fairly sturdy and resistant to deterioration. As long as you have a sharp knife, glue, a hammer, and nails, you probably will be able to do a tackles installation.

If you choose to get it professionally installed, you can expect the fees to be approximately $6 to $16 per step of carpeting. Tackles installations require glue, and they also still keep with the limitations of typical carpeting.

The issue that installing carpet directly on concrete has is the higher risk of condensation. To protect your carpet, you need to add a pad underneath it before you try to do a concrete installation.

With that said, we do not advise using tackles installation methods if your stairs are made of concrete. It’s not 100 percent certain that the glue that’s typically used in a tackles installation will stay put.

Include the amount of space you need in order to fit the bottom of the stairs and the underside. Use a sharp knife (or a pair of super-sturdy scissors) to cut the carpet according to your measurements.

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This will help keep the overall look of the stair clean and “tacked.” With the next step, make sure to start the adhesion right where the last cut of carpet ends. Our first method works well for almost every type of wooden stair, but sometimes, you just want to have an easier install.

Then, roll the carpet down on each step, making sure to keep it balanced on both ends. At the base of each stair, use a tension rod to keep the carpeting level with the ground.

We suggest not using a carpet with padding installed underneath it unless you’re working with concrete. The best carpet for stairs will be made with high traffic in mind, and will have a short length.

Longer carpeting can be difficult to clean and more prone to traffick-related damage. Tackles or otherwise, a typical carpet installation gig isn’t going to be a 30-minute affair.

Most casual Divers will find that a typical staircase will take around three to five hours to complete. Most carpets can recover from heavy traffic as long as they have a little tender love and care.

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Ergo, if your carpet looks threadbare, is unraveling at the seams, has water damage, or is too dirty to clean, you need to replace it.

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