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• Saturday, 28 November, 2020
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Quick Overview CTBS34 is our largest box set and is ideal for packaging 12 chocolates or truffles. These tackle boxes are great for other items too like crafts, sequins, beads, fishing supplies, treats and more.

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This is a two-piece set that includes a thermoform base with 12 cavities (3 × 4) and a patent pending, clear lid that snaps on for secure closure. Included in this set is a 12 mil clear lid that snaps onto the base for a secure closure.

This tackle box could also work as a treat caddy for road trips, school lunches and snacks. Read More Each cavity measures 1 1/2" x 1" x 1 1/2” Patent Pending clear lid snaps onto base for secure closure Great for food and crafts Stickers are included Tray can withstand temperatures up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit.

When it comes to carp-fishing essentials, as far as I’m concerned, a decent tackle box is right up there with rods, reels and something to sit on. Okay, so you can chuck all of your terminal tackle into a soft pouch or a Tupperware tub, but with a huge range of tackle boxes available to the modern carp angler, there’s really no excuse for not being more organized.

Although the shallow profile doesn’t cater for larger items such as hook links and the like, the brand new Tackles is designed to be used with the new EVA pouches which have just been released. A total of 25 compartments vary in size and those in the lid are slightly shallower than in the base.

I couldn’t wait to empty my old tackle box and fill this one with all of my terminal gear, which I’m pleased to say fit in nicely, except the larger items I mentioned earlier. If I could change the Tackles in any way it would be to make the base section just a tad deeper, but that’s quite picky for what is otherwise an excellent tackle -storage solution.

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Both the tackle box and the drawer are kept closed by retaining clips to stop everything emptying out in transit. I’ve chosen the larger of two versions of this tackle box as it holds plenty of kit and there are several extras included for a very reasonable price.

The dividers inside the main box offer numerous configurations and will help swallow up rig tools, terminal bits, hook links and even leads if you are indeed one of those anglers that likes to literally keep everything together. Well constructed and with simplicity in mind, there are plenty of removable dividers to allow your own configuration, but no additional extras.

A mate of mine does exactly that, using one box for autumn/winter and one for spring/summer, which house the sort of stuff you’d imagine using in those times of year. Three color-coded baiting needles and rig scissors are always going to come in handy, although the disgorges are aimed more at Forum’s all-rounder market.

The removable rig board is a nice touch which, provided you don’t hoard your terminal tackle, will comfortably house what you need for even the longest sessions. The shape is very different to a traditional tackle box, which may actually sit inside some luggage items, especially the modern stackable-type rucksacks, without having to go on its side.

I chose the large version (there’s also a medium) for this test as it’s packed with removable dividers, additional boxes and houses a mountain of gear. The father of tackle storage, the Rig Station broke the mold when it first launched, and it continues to be popular with anglers who like to take lots of gear with them.

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Similarly, I know a few lads who have one of these at home and use it to house all of their spare terminal gear which they need a place for but which they don’t take on every trip. There is a mass of room inside this bad boy and the clip-on accessories such as the rig testing ‘tank’ and side trays transform it even further.

Nash also produces a dedicated carry bag to keep it safe between trips. Like the Divvy Box Table, there are four adjustable legs beneath the Rig Station, complete with swivel feet for uneven ground.

If you take the kitchen sink and then some, or just like to have everything with you for those ‘just in case’ moments, then the Rig Station has got you covered. They’ll swallow up larger items and can be removed and used separately, therefore opening up a large internal space for use too.

1) Continue and have the items listed below automatically removed from your shopping cart: Avoid throwing away leftovers and surplus food by reading these practical tips for running an economical household.

We should eat all shapes and sizes: ‘Ugly’ fruit and veg is sold by box schemes like London-based Odd box who also give their surplus to food banks via City Harvest and wonkyvegboxes.co.UK do something similar in the Leicester shire area. Companies can use ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetables in their products: Imperfect fruit and veg is used in drinks, jams, chutneys, hummus and snacks by companies such as Rubies in the Rubble, Waste Not, Rejoice, Enact, Chip, awesomedrinks.com, Dash Water and more.

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At the weekend, I cooked the kids’ weeknight meals, plus a dozen jars of soup for my wife and me to take to work. Our Sunday chicken provided enough leftovers to make a curry, a salad and sandwiches for the kids.

Perfect for organizing and carrying packaged terminal tackle, e.g. hooks, swivels, weights, leaders, beads, etc. So we’ve compiled a list of all the top options from both of these materials along with the important info you need to know to make things easy for you.

Plastic boxes aren’t typically used with valuables and are not fire-proof however they are not designed to be, instead they are made to have convenient features such as being: One of the biggest advantages of plastic lockable storage boxes is the fact that they are light but very strong.

Unlike with other materials when using plastic you won’t have to worry about the box itself decaying, rotting, or rusting when used outdoors or in wet areas. When shopping for a lockable plastic storage box you will find that there is a wide range of sizes to choose from.

Made to be very rugged so that they can handle a lot of abuse, cargo boxes are often the preferred choice of hunters, campers, fisherman, and anyone who works with tools. A locking cargo box isn’t as wide and deep as bigger options, so you can fit one in your backseat, trunk, bed of your pickup, or on your boat.

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Many consumers actually choose them specifically for keeping emergency equipment and supplies in these locations. For extra security many models will have multiple padlock tabs, so you can use more than one lock to make sure no one gets into your stuff when you’re not around.

This is one type of plastic lockable storage box that is often used for shipping gear by air, so the added tabs can be a helpful feature. While they might not look huge, their depth allows them to hold a tremendous amount of stuff which makes them a deceivingly large lockable storage box that is still easily manageable.

Their extra sturdy wheels can support the weight of heavy tools and with the help of an extendable handle make bringing them to and from the work site every day easy. You won’t have to worry about straining your back since transporting one is just like pulling a piece of luggage at the airport.

Features like reinforced bottoms and lids allow them to hold heavy weights without cracking and also be stacked one on top of another without a problem. Heavy-duty totes are also popular with campers who are looking for a lockable waterproof storage box to keep all of their gear, sleeping bags, and food dry.

For gear and items of all types these offer extra protection that works just as well at home or in outdoor extremes. Trunks area made to be stackable too, so even though they may take up more space than a small lockable storage box, they can be stored vertically in an organized and efficient manner.

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And while they are yet another choice for keeping tents and camping materials, you shouldn’t expect to be able to bring one into the woods with you since the wheels are suited only for flat surfaces. That being said they are a smart choice for home use, teens going off to college, and for travelling with expensive or delicate gear and materials.

In fact, they are the biggest plastic option for homeowners offering anywhere from fifty up to around one hundred and thirty gallons of storage space. They are typically used to keep a wide range of outdoor items in a place which is convenient for you and your family.

With a deck box you don’t have to keep going back and forth to the garage or storage shed every time you need something. For anyone who loves planting when set close to your flowers they make an ideal lockable garden storage box for tools, fertilizers, and bags of soil along with extra pots.

Whatever you choose to keep inside them of course will remain dry, and protected from all the extremes of the weather regardless of if that is rain, snow, or the sun’s rays. Plastic ammo boxes provide the perfect protection from family members, guests, or anyone else who shouldn’t have access to your ammunition.

The plastic material keeps water and moisture out which helps to prevent corrosion, so you won’t have to worry about your ammo becoming unsafe to use in the future. The top options will often also have an O-ring seal or a dual latching system to make sure the contents inside stay totally dry.

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Many also are designed with ridges that allow for easy stacking, so you can stockpile your ammo in an organized manner. Unlike plastic, metal boxes are designed specifically to be used in the home or business for your valuables or items which require more security.

However, safes are designed to be heavy and hard to move which may not be convenient for what you plan on keeping inside. Compared to buying a safe which can cost thousands of dollars, a metal lockable storage box is a great deal.

Even the best brands are only a fraction of the price of an inexpensive safe which makes them, cheap way to insure the well-being of your valuables. While they are not as impenetrable as a real safe, they are designed to keep valuables and cash under lock and key so that employees, co-workers, guests, kids, and of course thieves can’t have access.

A box on the other hand can be hidden in a closet, desk or random place that a thief or curious child might not think to look. A lot of people will use one as a lockable under bed storage box that can be grabbed in a hurry if needed.

Since these boxes are made to be portable with strong handles that make carrying easy you can bring your cash to the bank, gun to the range, or valuables out of the house in an emergency. They are often used for bake and garage sales and can make a good gift for children and teens who want a special place to keep their things and of course savings.

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For the small business owner they often function for keeping petty cash and receipts. You can also purchase special fire resistant bags to place your items in before they go in the box.

Every parent needs to make sure that medicines are secure so that children don’t have access to them. Even medicines which may be considered harmless can cause severe reactions and even death when taken in large quantities.

Anyone who shares a home with a family member who has a substance abuse problem or that has become addicted to pain medications really needs to consider purchasing one as well. Just be sure to pick a box that is large enough so that it can fit the size bottles you want to keep inside.

Extra features like pouches and straps might be something to look for since they can be very handy for syringes and other medical necessities. Made from heavy gauge steel, gun boxes offer an alternative that can be both very convenient and also affordable.

They will keep family members and visitors from having access while at the same time protect your gun from damage with an interior that is lined with soft foam. Gun boxes are commonly used for handgun storage in the home especially in areas where you can have quick access today them in the case of an emergency.

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Some boxes will also come with a steel cable so that you can secure them to solid objects in the home, inside you vehicle, or directly to the inner parts of your luggage. Generally biometric and key locks are preferred if you will want to be able to open your box as fast as possible in the dark.

While they are typically inexpensive, with this type of lockable metal storage box you do get what you pay for, so you should never try to sacrifice quality for price when it comes to safety. They are ideal for anyone looking for a portable lockable storage box that isn’t designed for a specific type of item.

In general, they are not as sturdy as a cash or gun box, but they aren’t made to be which means that they are often quite inexpensive as well. These are usually easy to stack for convenient storage and are often used for things like ammo and even to keep foods safe from pests in the kitchen.

And if you will be storing valuables and important documents be sure to choose a lockable metal storage box from a reputable brand for maximum security.

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