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• Friday, 04 December, 2020
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In May 2019, a video supposedly showing the making of cinnamon twists vended by the ubiquitous Taco Bell fast food chain went viral on TikTok (and subsequently other social media platforms), along with the claim that the Taco Bell produced their delicious deserts through the process of deep-frying rating pasta : This claim seems to be based on two things: the fact that cinnamon twists resemble dry rating pasta before they are cooked, and a basic lack of dough knowledge.

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That’s right, the desert that everyone goes crazy for after they’ve finished their Chirico is simply deep-fried pasta tossed with cinnamon and sugar. TacoBell’s cinnamon twists are not made by deep-frying rating, and you absolutely cannot make these treats at home by putting store-bought dried Italian pasta into a deep fryer.

Although we have been unable to independently verify the following image, it does line up with comments from Taco Bell employees and other bits of media we’ve encountered about the twists : This same logic can be applied to vodka and water, the explosive C4 and modeling clay, cake flour and powder sugar, or identical twins.

TacoBell’s cinnamon twists are akin to euros, a popular Mexican snack food commonly made by deep-frying wheat pellets. They are called pasta para euros (hard paste), a Mexican snack made from wheat flour, corn starch, bicarbonate of soda and food coloring.

While these wheat pellets are often sold in a wagon wheel shape, they also come in twists that certainly resemble the Italian rating pasta. YouTuber Joe Robbins attempted to make TacoBell’s cinnamon twists at home by deep-frying a variety of dried rating pasta.

Similarly, home cooks cannot make cinnamon twists by putting store-bought dry Italian pasta into a deep fryer. Look, I don’t know what I thought TacoBell’s CinnamonTwists were made of, but fried noodles would not have come to mind.

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A TikTok recently shared how the sugary cinnamon snacks are made, and the internet is in complete shock at how they look like rating noodles before they're fried. While frying for about 40 seconds, the noodles pop to the top of the oil and start to expand into their iconic fluffy form.

Others chimed in with clever remarks: “So what you’re telling me is... Taco Bell could move in on the Italian market at a moment's notice and serve pasta, ” one user commented. We can't be 100% certain that these photos were actually taken at a Taco Bell or that you can buy a bag of pasta, throw on some sugar and cinnamon, fry it up, and make your own DIY version at home.

Our cinnamon twists recipe makes twists that taste just like the ones at Taco Bell, without the drive-thru experience. These twists are made with a particular type of wheat pasta you can find at specialty Mexican markets.

This copycat cinnamon twist recipe is made by deep-frying the spiral-shaped pasta in vegetable oil at 350 degrees. Then these crispy bites are coated liberally with a cinnamon and sugar mixture.

A quick 20-30 second trip through the microwave will puff them up, and you’ll have a crunchy snack ready to eat. One traditional way to eat them is to sprinkle them with chili powder and lime juice.

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If you want to make a large batch for family or friends, you can fry them, and they’re just as tasty. This twisty treat recipe is easily made if you have a deep fryer (any size is fine).

Then you need a small plastic bag, twisty euros noodles, sugar, and cinnamon. They do puff up, they are crunchy, but for me, the problem was I couldn’t get the cinnamon and sugar to stick.

4 ounces spiral-shaped euros 1/2 cup sugar 1 tablespoon cinnamon oil for frying Move to a wire rack to drain, and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar over these very liberally.

Which, we’re totally not dogging by the way for all you old souls out there who enjoy reminiscing a simpler time and doing the twist on a Saturday night. It’s funny to think that not too long ago, the twist was actually how people got their groove on, though.

Luckily for you, you can still do the twist by getting you some CinnamonTwists. But if the saying “history repeats itself” is true, then, well, don’t be surprised if you see people twist and shout and start using the words like groovy and nifty to describe things that people think are cool. Also, don’t be surprised when people now incorporate the classic dance move with TacoBell’s iconic Cinnamon Twist.

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Recording yourself doing the twist, something you wouldn’t see back in the day. Realizing we used to do the Twist, but now we’re into stuff like the Nanak and Twerking.

DIRECTIONS Combine first set of ingredients, adding each ingredient as listed, and enough flour so that the dough is no longer sticky, but still very soft. Using a floured working surface, roll small portions of dough at a time to paper-thin.

Cut into 2 x 5-inch strips, and arrange in single layer on oiled cookie sheets. They'll fall to the bottom but will surface as they brown (about 2 minutes).

Back in the '80's, Taco Bell used to have a treat called Cinnamon Crisps on their menu. They weren't puffs like the CinnamonTwists they have now; they were simply fried flour tortillas that were dredged in cinnamon and sugar.

In a pie plate, mix together 1/2 cup granulated sugar with Cut 6-8 soft- taco size flour tortillas into 1-inch strips or into wedges.

(Source: tutor-ve.blogspot.com)

Drain briefly on paper towels, then dredge the strips through the sugar- cinnamon mixture. These would be delicious served with a scoop of your favorite ice cream.

And finally, the list of things of uncertain meanness (all have sugar of unknown meanness, and the tortilla also has possible vegan dough conditioners): I haven't had much luck in getting definitive answers on the items on the last list.

I was able to get a Taco Bell rep to say that they are listed as being vegan. Only problem is that I'm not one to trust others on being able to properly know what vegan is.

Hopefully someone here can have better luck than I at getting them to actually state the origins of the unknown ingredients. I asked at my local taco bell, and the fresco menu is dairy-free.

I was doing my own thing quietly and YOU are the one who created this post trying to make a big deal out of it. I hope the tortillas are in fact vegan.

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I used to always get hard tacos w/beans instead of meat, lettuce, tomato & onion- no cheese. Then I changed to bean burritos w/no cheese (cheaper & easier), but I heard the tortillas aren't vegan friendly anymore.

I haven't eaten there for months, thankfully, and will avoid it at all costs. Quote:Originally Posted by Eclipse27 I've been getting bean burritos from there recently.

I hope the tortillas are in fact vegan. I really hope so as well, since I go there often enough that when my local Taco Bell drive through guy hears “Two bean burritos fresco style and a large baa blast, please” he knows it's me.

For the tortillas you need to ask if they use enriched flour... if they do (probably) they are not vegan. Quote:Originally Posted by PlaybackGuru and it's best to stay out because they are a Yum brand, who owns KFC....but to each their own.

Yeah, I haven't been there in over a month, I finally cut out the convenience. So what in enriched flour is not vegan? I like to get bean burritos, fresco style, add rice and potatoes.

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MMM. When I'm hungrier, I'll order a border bowl, minus the chicken, fresco style, add potatoes. It has beans, rice, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and potatoes.

What is in them that makes then vegan....curious about the fire sauce as well? I usually get a pizza, hard taco, or bean burrito fresco style, no meat, sub beans, no sour cream with twists and a mango fruits. As far as I can tell from the ingredient statements, the only thing I can see that's possibly non-vegan in the CinnamonTwists and Pizza Shells is sugar.

I should note that these are the only two items that I was able to get a Taco Bell rep to say were not vegan (though she couldn't say why). Fire sauce, I suspect might not be vegan for the same sugar reason, but I have no confirmation one way or the other. I was doing my own thing quietly and YOU are the one who created this post trying to make a big deal out of it.

I was doing my own thing quietly and YOU are the one who created this post trying to make a big deal out of it. Taco Bell states on the main page that the enzymes in the tortillas are not animal derived.

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