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The attrition rate is pretty much the same for the tech school, the big difference being that we swam much less in TAP. A lot of people wash out in CCT during scuba school as well, which is something you wouldn't be doing as a TAP.

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The field week we did was comparable to almost any other special operations type of training as far as difficulty and wash-out rate. I was prouder of that than of graduating the Air Force Academy, if that gives you any idea how it felt.

Joining the Air Force has been one of my lifelong goals, and I’m just so excited I made it this far. I had a quick ship job I know a lot of people either hate or love, and I haven’t experienced it for myself yet, but I’m happy to serve and further my education even more.

Finally, leaving August 11th after my date was delayed for two months and I got switched from bomber navigation systems to weather. Made a throwaway account to finally post and ask.

28yo Male FFD (no medical/mental issues) Prior Service (4 years Active Navy as E4 Aviation Structural Mechanic) w/good re-entry code Been out for 3 years No kids/wife Employed AS VAB 84 Basically I’ve been thinking about getting’ back on the horse for a while, but just haven’t actually made headway except talking to recruiters.

I loved being in the military for essentially the most part (no one cares for extra duty, etc.) I deployed 3 times, miss the structure, camaraderie, the benefits, pay, pace, and just overall military accountability.

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I am interested in Air Force Taps and 13F in the 75th Ranger Regiment. I'd appreciate it if anybody could clarify this; however, if by any means this is violating OPEC, please tell me and I will remove this post.

Given that the 17th STS provides CAS capabilities to the 75th Ranger Regiment through OF Taps, are 13F's with a TAC qualification and a OF Taps used interchangeably or are there certain roles reserved for each? Additionally, SOFT ACP isn’t a job you can walk in to off the street.

I'm pretty sure I've seen daybook or one of our other Ranger members answer this question before, or at least a similar question. I can't quite find the thread, but perhaps one of them remembers. I was just curious about the differences between a 13F with TAC qualification and a SOFT ACP, once they were actually with the 17th STS.

I am interested in Air Force Taps and 13F in the 75th Ranger Regiment. I'd appreciate it if anybody could clarify this; however, if by any means this is violating OPEC, please tell me and I will remove this post.

The qualification is the same for both FIST guys in the companies and the TAP dudes over at the DET. Competition on the AF side is intense, you could spend 3 years at Ft Hoodlum, and not get selected.

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The qualification is the same for both FIST guys in the companies and the TAP dudes over at the DET. The 13F role as a Ranger will have you flex a bit more than a junior guy than the SOFT ACP (IMO).

Once you are E4/E5 w/tab + higher, and assuming you don't get booted out of the section, then you will be doing the same job for the most part. After visiting the SOFT ACP DET on base, I was a bit jealous b/c of lifestyle.

Although, I would pick being in Matt as a 13F junior enlisted over AF non OF- TAP. The bulk (majority) of SOF-TACPs are assigned to this STS. The other TSS support broader and diverse SITCOM tasking and missions.

These highly trained experts go through intense physical, mental and technical training in order to withstand the demanding conditions of battle and provide their team with the firepower they need for continued success on the battlefield. Candidates will undergo intense strength and conditioning training by running, rucking and swimming extensively.

They’ll also learn about the rich history of Special Warfare, Esprit De Corps and ultimately take the Physical Ability and Stamina Test (PAST) to see if they’ll move on to tech training. To prepare Airmen for the rigors of it, candidates will receive an extra week of training that includes a variety of intense, sustained calisthenics, as well as middle- and long-distance running.

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For Taps, that training begins here with instruction and assessment on the art and science of radio communications, small unit tactics and the basics of close-air support. During airborne training, they learn basic parachuting and prepare for static line jump operations.

Special Warfare Airmen conduct missions in some of the most extreme and hostile places on the planet. This is where they receive survival, evasion, resistance and escape training that will likely one day save their lives.

Read More Minimum Educationist school diploma, GED with 15 college credits or GEDASVAB RequirementsGeneralQualifications Successful completion of the TAP Physical Ability and Stamina Test Minimum score of 30 on the TAP selection model completed in Tailored Adaptive Personality Assessment System Normal color vision and depth perception Compliance with medical standards for Ground Base Controller Duty Possession of a valid state driver’s license to operate government motor vehicles Must maintain ability to deploy and mobilize worldwide Qualification to bear firearms Completion of a current National Agency Check, Local Agency Checks and Credit Check Completion of 8.5 weeks of Basic Military Training Must be between the ages of 17 and 39 After being pinned down in the Afghan mountains and engaging the enemy for several hours, this Air Force Special Operator takes matters into his own hands to end the firefight once and for all.

They say to make it through Air Force Special Warfare training you have to endure the suck. Training along the Miami coastline, these Air Force Para rescue specialists prepare for a water evacuation scenario.

Wherever there’s another service member in need, Air Force Special Ops will be ready to go in and get them out. Every Air Force Special Operator has a unique skill set that they bring to the fight.

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These elite warriors continue to push themselves both mentally and physical every day, so they’ll be ready when they’re called into action. This Para rescue specialist rehearses hoist-rescue operations on an MV-22 Osprey while embedded with a Marine unit in Africa.

Color of Beret Black Insignia TAP and TAC P-O black Barton Air Liaison Officer with the 14th Air Support Operations Squadron, parachutes to the ground during a joint forcible entry exercise May 31, 2013, at the Nevada Test and Training Range at Ellis Air Force Base, NV.USAF Taps in the Battle of Do Ab. In the battle, a scout platoon from the 1st Battalion, 133rd Infantry Regiment, United States Army, 20 Afghan soldiers, and two United States Air Force Taps were ambushed by over 300 Taliban near the village of Do Ab.

With assistance from close air support, the coalition forces repulsed the ambush, killing approximately 270 Taliban. Six GBU-38 munitions are dropped by a B-1B Lancer aircraft onto an insurgent torture house and prison in Northern Zambraniyah, Iraq, March 10, 2008. The AOC is the senior TAGS agency responsible for the centralized control and decentralized execution of airpower in support of the Joint Force Commander.

The USAF/USA Memorandum requires the USAF to provide Air Liaison Officers, Battalion Air Liaison Officers, enlisted technicians (1Z3X1s) skilled in planning, requesting, and managing airpower resources, and 1Z3X1 Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTA Cs). JTA Cs are specially trained and certified airmen who provide terminal control of airpower, usually in the form of Close Air Support missions.

The TAP also provides USAF Intelligence, Space, Electronic Warfare, Weather, and other liaisons to the Army. These liaisons serve as USAF subject-matter experts within their areas of expertise and assist in planning and integrating these functions with their aligned Army unit.

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Operationally, liaisons serve within a TAP aligned with an Army Brigade Combat Team (BCT), Division, or Corps. 1Z3X1s and Air Liaison Officers serve in Taps at Army echelons from battalion through corps.

Training was subsequently moved to the Medina Annex of Lack land Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX, where the initial selection and training for all Air Force Special Warfare career fields now takes place. Graduates of the TAP schoolhouse (AFC 1Z3X1) attend USAF Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) School at Fair child AFB, WA, and Basic Airborne School at Ft. Benning, GA, and the Joint Terminal Attack Controller Qualification Course at Ellis AFB, NV, after which they are assigned to a TAP unit to undergo initial mission readiness training and skill level upgrade.

1Z3X1s are experts on man-portable, vehicle-mounted, and field-expedient communications and are trained in weapons and field craft, including navigation, individual and crew-served weapons systems, small unit tactics, demolitions, and Close Air Support tactics, techniques, and procedures (Tips). As an unstated prerequisite to a career as a 1Z3X1, it is understood that 1Z3X1s live, train and deploy with U.S. Army combat units worldwide under some of the most demanding and difficult conditions in often very austere environments.

Additionally, there are numerous ASOS within the Air National Guard that have actively participated in combat operations worldwide supporting the Global War on Terror since 9/11. When assigned to a TAP, the mission of the 1Z3X1 is to advise and assist Army ground commanders and fire support officers in planning, integrating, requesting, and employing airpower consistent with Joint Army, and Air Force doctrine and tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Because of their unique position in the USAF, which places enlisted airmen in positions of authority and responsibility normally placed on commissioned officers, 1Z3X1s must be thoroughly proficient in their specialty and experts on airpower and joint operations, while also possessing the skills and training necessary to seamlessly fit in with the joint service unit to which they are assigned. During a TAP assignment, 1Z3X1s must continually possess a high degree of self-motivation, enthusiasm and a willingness to often operate as the lone airman in a joint team.

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Though challenging, a TAP assignment has its rewards: 1Z3X1s are uniquely afforded the opportunity to increase their knowledge, skills, and operator capabilities by attending Military Free fall, Air Assault, Pathfinder, Ranger, and Special Forces Combat Diver schools. The SOC manages allotted air resources and executes missions supporting its aligned Army units.

1Z3X1s assigned to an SOC fill a vital role by receiving air support requests from forward deployed JTA Cs. Additionally, in OF, a few TAP personnel were assigned to the US Air Force's 24th Special Tactics Squadron (STS), the Air Force's Joint SpecialOperations Command (SOC) special mission unit, and to a time-sensitive targeting (ST) cell dedicated to prosecuting high-value targets and targets of opportunity in support of SOC's special mission units and their objectives.

In 2008, following its transfer from Air Combat Command to Air Force SpecialOperations Command, the 17th ASOS (Ft. Benning, GA), which provided JTA Cs and Los to the 75th Ranger Regiment and its three-line battalions, was redesignated the 17th Special Tactics Squadron. JTAC-qualified 1Z3X1s at the “5” or “Journeyman” skill level may apply for a Special Tactics assignment within Air Force SpecialOperations Command (ASSOC).

TAP personnel at the 17th STS (and, in smaller numbers, at the four remaining active-duty BONUS Special Tactics Squadrons), provide terminal attack control and fire support expertise for the 75th Ranger Regiment's three Ranger Battalions and Regimental Reconnaissance Company, all seven Army Special Forces Groups, and multiple Navy SEAL Teams. Taps who have successfully undergone screening and selection are also currently serving as Tier 1 operators with the 24th STS.

In 2005, then Captain Mark R. Wisher submitted an Innovative Development through Employee Awareness (IDEA) Report submission through the Air Force's IDEA program office based on his 2004 Master's Thesis which proposed the creation of a brand new non-rated ALO career field. The IDEA program submission was staffed at Headquarters AF (HAD/A3O) for consideration and ultimately resulted in a HAF-funded RAND Report that was completed in 2008.

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The RAND report relied heavily on the previous research of Wisher, John Oliver, and Raymond Knox. The RAND report ultimately concurred with Wisher's recommendation to create a non-rated ALO career field.

The following year, the USAF created a new non-rated Air Liaison Officer AFC, 13L, to form a career force of professional Air Liaison Officers and the AF began the first beta class of non-rated Los in the summer of 2009. Phase I involves completing an application and PAST that is submitted to a review board of TAP Officers.

TOP involves one week of extensive testing and evaluation by TAP Cadre to see if candidates are capable of operating in the rigorous TACO career field. Events at TOP include numerous written and psychological tests and interviews, Group Leadership Problems (GPS), long distance runs and ruck marches with combat gear and rigorous physical training.

He or she provides subject expertise to lead, plan, and manage Command-and-Control and terminal execution of Air, Space, and Cyber operations in direct support of land component forces. The TACO may engage enemy forces using advanced technologies and weapon systems to direct lethal and non-lethal fires and effects in proximity to friendly forces as a Joint Terminal Attack Controller (TAC).

RASP 2 tests candidates on their physical and mental capabilities while learning the special tactics, techniques and procedures of the 75th Ranger Regiment. In 1979, the black beret was authorized for wear by enlisted personnel in the Tactical Air Control Party.

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In 1984, two airmen from Pope Air Force Base, North Carolina submitted the current flash and crest design. Tactical Air Control Party specialists (AFC 1Z3X1) are currently the only United States Air Force specialty allowed to wear the coveted black beret as part of their daily duty uniform wear.

TAP Officers (Tacos) are also authorized to wear the black beret after they graduate from the Basic ALO Skills Course (BASE), conducted at Ellis Air Force Base, Nevada. At the bottom of the wings rests the TAP ordinary, representing the most forward element of the Theater Air Control System.

The eight-point omnidirectional star symbolizes the worldwide mobility commitment of the TAP, as well as his ability to navigate over all terrain. The scarlet border of the cloth flash symbolizes the immense firepower that can be brought to bear when Air Force and Army assets are combined.

After graduating Basic Military Training, all enlisted 1C4X1 candidates are sent to Medina AFB, TX to attend a five-day indoctrination course. Those candidates who successfully complete indoctrination attend the 85-day 1Z3X1 3-level (Apprentice) initial qualification training course at Lack land AFB, TX.

The 3-level course was held at Herbert Field, Florida for 36 years prior to the July 2015 move to Texas. Those who successfully complete the initial training course are awarded the “3” or “apprentice” skill level and then attend the USAF Survival School at Fair child AFB, WA.

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This relatively high rate is primarily attributed to the constant physical demands students face throughout the entire length of the course, with the difficulty level increasing until graduation. The relentless physical demands combined with a challenging academic curriculum require constant focus on attention to detail.

After one year of maintaining Combat Mission Ready (CMR) status and possessing the “5” or “journeyman” skill level, 1Z3X1s are eligible to attend the Joint Terminal Attack Controller qualification course at Ellis AFB, or if stationed in Germany or Italy, the SAFE Air-Ground Operations School. USAF TAP candidates raise a pole during a team building exercise at Herbert Field, Fla., Aug. 10, 2011.

An entry-level Physical ability and Stamina Test (PAST) test and a 4-mile timed ruck march must be successfully completed to pass the Indoctrination course and progress to the Initial Qualification Course at Lack land Air Force Base. Also including training in bivouac setup, site selection, patrolling methods, and day and night navigation on foot and in a vehicle.

This course teaches basic survival techniques for remote areas using minimal equipment. This includes instruction of principles, procedures, equipment and techniques that help individuals to survive regardless of climatic conditions or unfriendly environments, and return with honor.

^ Lyell, Maria C.; Robson, Sean; Schiller, David; Krueger, Tracy C.; Matthews, Miriam; Mariano, Louis T.; Robert, Albert A. “Training Success for U.S. Air Force Special Operations and Combat Support Specialties: An Analysis of Recruiting, Screening, and Development Processes”.

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