Are Tapestries Tacky

Danielle Fletcher
• Wednesday, 25 November, 2020
• 9 min read

It’s pretty common for people to decorate their homes with mandalas, especially when it comes to the younger crowd. For some other people, they discover the pattern later in life and decide to display it in their living room.

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You can make your living room look way classier if you decorate with something a little more modest. Once it arrived (in the age of Amazon Prime shipping, waiting for Etsy deliveries can be frustrating, but so worth it) I was thrilled to see that it totally lived up to my expectations.

), worked on painting a bazillion divided light window sashes, and hung my tapestry. I allowed for a bit of stretch in the fabric and then cut the piece down to size.

I started with a coat of Min wax Golden Pecan but after seeing it on I realized the pine would still be too light next to the red oak we have on the bedroom shelves. To compensate, I did a second coat which was a mixture of Golden Pecan and some leftover Cherry stain that I had on hand, which darkened and warmed it up a bit.

I put the staples through the hem so that they wouldn’t cause the fabric to pucker and show in the way it hangs. Also, to keep an even tension throughout, I started by attaching the ends, then hit one staple in the middle, and divided down from there.

I think the wood piece along the top is a good scale for the size of the tapestry and helps it look more “grown up.” That, combined with the more mature image, muted tone-on-tone color scheme, and lack of empty pizza boxes helps it not give off the dorm vibe. You really can’t tell that it isn’t perfect by looking at it, so there is no way I’m messing with more nail holes in the wall just to make the level go to 0.0.

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Q: I’ve been on the hunt for a long time for a piece of oversize wall art to fill the big, empty space above my couch. So far price and indecision have kept me from taking the plunge, but I’ve been looking recently at some printed fabric wall hangings like these from Society6.

The big size and affordable price makes it really tempting, but I’m wary. Editor: Oh, man, I’m so tempted to include photos of every printed wall hanging ever featured in one of our house tours, but I suppose I should just let your fellow readers offer their opinions.

Tapestries are a great alternative if you love experimenting with home decor now and then. These crafty pieces add up color, texture, and design to your home decor, whether you hang them over the couch, or behind the bed, wall to assist as a sheer bedhead alternative.

Most people love this form of wall decor but are not always sure regarding how to hang a tapestry. Shop Area Rugs There are a number of ideas to exhibit you how to hang a tapestry anyplace, including in letting blank spaces where the walls require staying clean.

Be it an heirloom, or a uniquely patterned vintage piece from the nearest flea market__ there is always a place for a tapestry in your home! The simplest way to hang a tapestry is to utilize nails or pushpins.

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Nails and push pins are actually a very smart way to place very small or light pieces! String up by the corners for a free-and-easy drape or tie with a course of nails spread over the big top of the piece for a direct look.

Shop Hand Knotted Rugs In addition, you can also stretch your tapestry to a stiffer background! Bend cloth into a work of artistic creation by stretching it across a wooden frame or ply board/ card.

The goal is to make the folding and stapling the bordered fabric over and beyond the frame with ease. Heavy materials and tapestries might need a lot of support, and a baseboard will assist to secure the piece to the wall.

Choose a board that will set in the rod pouch back of the tapestry. Bend the inclines of the tapestry back and shaft the card into the wall.

Shop Colorful Rugs In case you are unsure regarding your tapestry’s placement and would like to experiment with positioning, Velcro is a better alternative than. Moreover, If you are living in a rented house and trying out to avoid fixes in the walls, here is how to hang a tapestry and all the same, get your protection deposit back: apply self-adhesive Velcro magnetic tape to tie the large tapestry to the wall.

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For larger heavier pieces, make sure to use a lengthy Velcro strip in width. You can quickly attach the stiffer Velcro strip to the board through wood staples.

While you are sewing the Velcro to the tapestry, make sure you double the cotton buttonhole thread which is strong and durable. Shop Oriental Rugs Utilize a rod to cling tapestries with pockets in the backside.

So if you are planning to keep the tapestry really close to the wall, hanging down the rod is probably not an option for you. You can very easily coordinate the overall theme of the room just by using the appropriate finials, rods, and brackets that come in a number of styles.

The rods should be long enough to show the decorative element of the finials beyond the tapestry’s edge. If your wall art object is angular or especially large, you could as well mantle it over the pole to make a faux bedhead or an attention-getting display over the couch.

Shop Large Area Rugs Another very popular approach is to hang a tapestry using clips! A cast or shadow box will protect the art object and give it a suitable display.

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So if your tapestry is a family heirloom, or a really expensive item framing them will keep it safe from dust and stains. Shop Modern Rugs Poster hangers are not just for art on wallpaper.

Not to forget, the see-through aspect of the sheer curtains create a beautiful impact when held to the side. Step 1: Evaluate the width of the tapestry utilizing a measuring tape.

Step 2: Cut down at least 4 slips of hook and curl fastener that fit the measurement. Step 3: Hot glue the slips of hook and curl fastener over the width of the tapestry, setting out at one border and working to the remaining.

Shop Runner Rugs Step 5: Go for a line of hot glue over the back of the 1st hook and curl slip and pressing it to the ceiling. The vantage of this technique dwells in that the slips can be classified and the tapestry took out for house cleaning easily.

And then, once the tapestry is cleaned, it can be put back to the ceiling just by matching the slips of hook and curl fastening to one another over again. Step 7: Repeat till all the slips are affixed and the tapestry is level against the ceiling.

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Moreover, if you plan on repositioning your tapestry now and then taping it could serve as a quick fix! Shop Cheap Rugs Choose where you would wish to hang the tapestry.

Just be sure that the blank space is well aired out, as smells from preparing and humidity as a whole can get arrested in fabric. Make sure to assess the distance from the ceiling to all corner points in order to be sure they are at equivalent heights on the wall.

For this technique of clinging, Command Picture Hanging Strips might act better. Pressing the Velcro faces of 2 strips collectively until they create a clucking sound.

Hang the strips firmly along the top border of the tapestry, getting down with the corners. As you are fixing to hang the tapestry, take away the leftover linings from the Command Strips.

Purchase 2 adhesive material wall strips and 2 clothespins from a craft shop. Lay the curtain pole and tapestry all over the adhesive material wall strips.

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Shop Silk Rugs As with whatsoever fresh material wall tapestries can bend, especially after being in passage during transporting or perhaps as going home or after a point in the storehouse. It is suggested that these bends be taken away utilizing a steam iron and muslin material by softly pressing the under the surface of the tapestry.

It is significant to trial a little section of the tapestry for the adjustable heat settings earlier you begin. Wall tapestries can be aridly cleaned but just as a final resort by masters with a peculiarity in that type of product.

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