Are Tattoos Tacky

James Smith
• Tuesday, 03 November, 2020
• 8 min read

There really isn't a heck of a lot of regulation and control in the USA regarding what exactly goes into the ink. Let alone the carbon paper tracing they put on your skin that also gets embedded into you.

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While there is no medical study regarding the effect of tattoo ink on the long term health of the recipient at present, you have to understand is that once you get a tattoo your body then spends the rest of your life attacking it and trying to get it out of you. But by your joining in on the fun of giving so-called conventional people the finger, you are making your own life more difficult by giving people a convenient reason to discriminate against you, judge you, or point you out as being some kind of fool.

And, as you get older and that flying dragon ends up looking like a vomiting seahorse it gets only crueler. If I can be shallow for a moment, if you are a woman the colors you get in your tattoo are going to clash with some clothes.

Sorry ladies but nothing looks worse or cheaper if you're a woman than a tattoo that clashes with an outfit. Tattoos are no different from scarring; both are unattractive markings on the body.

It's interesting to see young people worried about acne or wrinkles, when they have hideous tattoos that are much worse. Tattoos are physically unattractive, but they also send the message of mindless rebellion.

It mars the body and marks the individual as lower class and lacking in taste. Many people grow to regret their tattoos as they get older and mature, possibly developing different philosophies and values in life.

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When you put a permanent mark on your body you are not making a genuine commitment like fidelity or constancy in a career or relationship, you are simply damaging yourself on a whim. Interestingly, people who respect the concept of bodily purity don’t usually get tattoos.

Maybe close up a tattoo can be a pretty picture, but from far away, it looks like dirt or a scar. The must disgusting are the bodies full of all kind of random tattoos ...that looks like a graffiti billboard.

Tattoos have come a long way in the past 50 and even 10 years, but I think any modification of ink to the body is extremely unattractive. It is in the eye of the beholder, and of course the person with the tattoos, but they serve no purpose, are expensive, and as the body ages, tend to look nothing like they did when first done.

I know many people that get them and regret them later on, especially if their body shape changes through weight loss or gain. Most criminal gang leader have tattoos like dragons, snakes, skulls, swords, ...

In the past, only that kind of people wanted to have an “evil” tattoo because others would be afraid of seeing it. In addition, making a tattoo on your body means creating a wound, also.

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I hate to say that, but they have hit critical mass, and what's worse, they don't take 50 years to age poorly. I do a fair bit of hiring where I work, and visible tats are a good way not to get the job.

Then why are so many of American doctors' offices filled with buckets of them to give to children. Then again, there will always be that one wannabe gangsta idiot that gets swag tattooed on his forehead.

I'm from an upper middle class family and find tattoos to be beautiful. I have high morals and believe the body is a temple, but also believe that life isn't marked by those opinions whoa re against you.

Their is always people disliking others for no reason in the same sense that wars are based upon same views. They have issues with greed, lie to hold an image, and don't ever advance to their full potential because they do not live more.

They say they're happy; however, they are on medications to survive stress or don't communicate anymore because they are so berried in a cause that they no longer live. The same way rich men waste money extra cars or women that go to the salon 3 times a month.

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I personally find that the non-tattooed people who don't judge me for my tattoos and are in my life... They are genuinely good people from the upper middle class.

I appreciate there non-judgmental friendship to my deviance, for I don't rebel. Often times I'm told I am a square and my family is well off. So don't connect tattoos to class, roles or any other such sociology based concepts...

Now add an image that you like and has meaning to you and you are turning that boring patch of skin into a work of art. Some people get tattoos for naive reasons (to be popular, to intimidate others, etc).

That may be a dumb decision in the eyes of most people, I personally don't care. Every human deserves to be respected as such; a tattoo is no excuse to look down your nose at someone, regardless of why the person got it.

Many people (and this dates far back to the spread of Christianity) have almost a fear of tattoos, seeing them as violent, disturbing images that destroy the natural beauty of the body. But for thousands of years, especially during times of war or hardship when all a person had been the skin on his/her back, tattoos served as much more than a superficial image or pattern.

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Ancient Egyptian women tattooed their stomachs and legs with symbols of a fertility goddess, giving them the peace of mind that they would have a successful childbirth. For as long as humans have existed, tattooing of the skin has been practiced and has provided personal acceptance and peace of mind for those who choose it.

Today, people use tattoos to remind themselves what they have been through, to honor important people or things in their lives, to express their inner selves, and for millions of other reasons we can't possibly imagine. Phillip Jack Brooks has quite a few tattoos, and he is the most handsome man I know.

So to conclude, CM Punk is cool and tattoos are really very beautiful. I will admit, there are some horrible tattoos that make me think if people were wasted at the time.

People want to have an inspiring quote or remembrance of a deceased relative to keep it or them in their minds, so they will never forget it or them. I will admit some are stupid but some tattoos, ones that have a special meaning or symbolism will never be considered ugly especially to the wearer.

Or, they have simply decided the body art no longer fits their image, lifestyle, or religious beliefs. Today, you might not think twice about the inked barista taking your coffee order, or the retail store clerk with a rose tattoo on her wrist helping you put together an outfit for a job interview.

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Obviously, when viewing body art, there is a major difference between your assessment of a small butterfly on the ankle versus a skull-and-crossbones on the forehead. Yet when it comes to gauging romantic receptivity, the intentions of women showcasing visible tattoos are subject to serious misinterpretation.

Both women and men run the risk of being unfairly judged by what they show the world, from clothing to hairstyle to tattoos. Research indicates that tattoos may send the wrong signal when it comes to judging sexual receptivity.

The women were reading, lying flat on their stomachs, some with a tattoo prominently displayed on their lower backs, some without. Previous research by Hawks et al. (2004) indicated negative attitudes towards women with visible tattoos.

The tendency of people to jump to conclusions based solely on appearance is a byproduct of any visible type of ornamentation, from body art to clothing, to hairstyle, as well as many other observable characteristics. As my friend learned at the Philadelphia convention, people seek tattoos (as well as their removal) for different reasons.

Diana Hawks, Charlene Y. Seen, and Chantal Thorn, “Factors That Influence Attitudes Toward Women With Tattoos.” After Cook and his mates made their way back, tattoos became an emblem of sorts among intrepid mariners.

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People of all stripes, from criminals to European nobility, began to engage in this form of body ornamentation, and now, it's become almost mainstream. Given its rising popularity, tattooing is receiving increasing attention from social scientists.

One growing area of inquiry is whether people who decide to sport one or more tattoos show different personality factors than their tattooed counterparts. From a study led by Siren Swami of Anglia Ruskin University, researchers recruited tattooed and non-tattooed individuals to complete various personality questionnaires.

They found that of the myriad of personality factors under investigation, tattooed individuals were significantly different on three intriguing traits. Consider actor Jamie Campbell Bower of the Twilight series, whose tattoos include a rose, a skull, and a bird.

I don't want to be afraid of bright colors, or big love, or major decisions, or new experiences, or risky creative endeavors, or sudden changes, or even great failure.” This may be especially true in societies where the body is “commodified,” and thus a tattoo may be a way to present or communicate one’s differences and/or uniqueness.

Colin Kaepernick, who has tattoos of Polynesian tribal symbols (among others), has told Sports Illustrated, “To me, it’s just another way to be different and try to separate myself as my own man. Swami V, Pitching J, Berth B, Nader IN, Stinger S, Horace M. Psychological Reports, 2012 August;111(1):97-106.

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