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Brent Mccoy
• Thursday, 21 January, 2021
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It occurred to us here at Auto Accessories Garage, that with so many styles, brands, and materials to choose from, the shopping experience could easily seem pretty overwhelming. And actually, between our product specialists, our site data, and the hundreds of tonne cover reviews we've collected, it wouldn't be hard for us to come up with a pretty accurate list of the top-rated trucked covers in the industry.

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While old school fiberglass tonne covers looked cool and reduced wind resistance, having next to no bed access is too serious of a problem for most truck owners to deal with. But for a smooth classic look that retains your bed access, a hinged cover could be the way to go.

The lightweight construction of the Undercover Tonne combined with quick release hardware and an integrated LED make it the hottest hinged cover of the year. Virtually all rolling trucked covers are vinyl, or some similar soft material.

It's clean, keeps things dry and is secure since it is aluminum and fully locking. The Switchblade from Pace Edwards brings style and ruggedness to your trucked without sacrificing a thing on either front.

An Armored deck is padded with polymer finishing making this a strong, stylish, and weather-tight truckbedcover. You’ll have no need to worry about thunder or thieves with a Pace Edwards Switchblade covering your gear.

This is the second cover we have owned from Pace Edwards, only buying a new one because I bought a new truck. One of the most common styles of tonne that truck owners look for, is a trifold hard cover.

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Ease of operation, protection from weather, and a resilient surface are all benefits to this style, and all of these qualities can be found in spades in the Trident Scaffold. The included brackets that fit the existing bed rails allow for the factory tie down cleats to remain in use, an important feature for me.

Price from auto accessories garage was much less than my local off-road store or anywhere else I looked. Plus, this cover is made and manufactured right here in the USA, and a simple installation process means you can put this on yourself in the comfort of your own driveway.

For quick, easy, and even partial access to your trucked, a rolling cover has been a staple of the industry for many years. While many tonnes of this style feature cumbersome and unreliable snaps, the Tuxedo Support uses a high-grade Velcro material.

In my opinion Tuxedo makes the nicest looking tonne cover on the market. The soft vinyl protection looks great, while the tough support frame underneath keeps everything in the right position.

In the case of the Connor Trifold Soft Tonne Cover, the sturdy epoxy coated Aluminum frame can take just about anything, and comes backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Several storms with heavy rain have hit us lately and the cover kept the bed dry.

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This brings an unmistakable style to this truckbedcover, and allows the cover to quickly open completely for 100% bed access. Simple to install folds back instead of accordion style and stays latched, something the Fold-a- Cover never did right.

Some benefits of soft roll-up tonne covers are that they are less expensive than their hard counterparts and are easy to install. A soft roll-up truckbedcover is installed on rails attached to clamps and, as you can imagine, you roll it up to access your truck’s bed.

They roll up in just seconds, making it beneficial for people who need to unload gear quickly. What this means is that you won’t be able to use tie downs or ladder racks without taking off the entire tonne cover.

A flush mount soft cover, however, will allow you to use tie downs. One of the least expensive options among tonne covers Provides a moderate level of security, hiding your truck bed’s contents from passersby.

Provides a moderate level of protection from the weather, especially the sun Is able to be rolled up to easily and quickly access the entire truck bed Does not keep your belongings as safe from theft as the more expensive hard tonne covers Most use Velcro fasteners which do not provide much in the way of security They can collapse with heavy snow, and you should not put cargo on top of the cover The fact that they are easier to damage than hard tonnes means it is a good idea to find one with a solid warranty.

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May create noisy flapping if improperly secured Easily broken into Cannot support cargo on top May obscure rear vision in open position Vinyl cover may ultimately fray or rip Connor Trifold Soft Tonne Cover Perhaps the most popular style on the market, hard-folding tonne covers consist of three or four panels that will fold up and secure near your cab when you haul tall cargo or secure your gear beneath.

May obscure rear visibility when open Less affordable than some soft covers May not be compatible with some racks and accessories Panels may be prone to denting or scratching Whether motorized or manual, a retractable tonne will offer a futuristic new style to your trucked.

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