Are Truck Beds Interchangeable

Maria Garcia
• Tuesday, 22 December, 2020
• 8 min read

Couldn’t be happier with the investment in 1 truck with multiple uses for our diverse operation. Eliminates the dangers of trying to rig up a ramp to wheelbarrow up into a dump bed.

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University of Maine at Pressure Isle Switch-N-Go is the best thing I’ve seen, and it works awesome! University of Pittsburgh With Switch-N-Go, we have the opportunity to create a “machine” that fills our specific needs.

This product is so diverse, we’ll never buy another truck without the Switch-N-Go system here at Pitt. Switch-N-Go is safe to load, it reduces our labor costs while increasing our productivity, and it is fully customizable.

Boast Enterprises, LLC I needed a way to go from delivering gravel to leaf removal/collection, to snow plowing & salt spreading, back to leaf removal and finally to rock hauling…all within a 48-hour window! So, I purchased a Switch-N-Go hoist system as well as their dump body, flatbed, and a few drop boxes.

That problem is of course, rust, and for many owners of aging Super Duty pickups, the struggle is real to find a clean, affordable bed to replace one that is rusting away. Member “Redford” was the first to reply, and he provided the best answer possible for people looking to buy a used bed from other model years of the F-250.

1999-2016 beds will work, although the newer years have a slightly different body line feature and wheel well arch. The thread stalled a bit after the OP’s question had been answered, but a short time later, “oarswoman” chimed in to get the input of the community on his problem with his F-250.

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1) Take off the current bed, clean it up, install new supports from Norman and the front support that I found from a fabricator, treat the underside with Por-15, so I do not need to deal with this again, and then reinstall it. The entire reason I came to this forum today is to see if anybody has installed a 2017 take off bed on an older Super Duty and what it was like as far as bolting it in place is concerned.

However, if you have a 1999 through 2016 Super Duty, this thread offers some insight on your options to replace a rusty bed. “Before I was old enough to walk, my dad was taking me to various types of racing events, from local drag racing to the Daytona 500,” says Patrick All, a lifetime automotive expert, diehard Dodge fan, and respected auto journalist for over 10 years.

While we live in different areas of the country, my dad still drag races at 80 years old in the car that he built when I was 16 while I race other vehicles, including my 2017 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and my 1972 Dodge Demon 340. “Although I went to college for accounting, my time in my dad’s shop growing up allowed me the knowledge to spend time working as a mechanic before getting my accounting degree, at which point I worked in the office of a dealership group.

While I was working in the accounting world, I continued racing and taking pictures of cars at the track. Over time, I began showing off those pictures online and that led to my writing.

I was fortunate to turn my love of the automotive world into a hobby that led to an exciting career, with my past of working as a mechanic and as an accountant in the automotive world provides me with a unique perspective of the industry. “My experience drag racing for more than 20 years coupled with a newfound interest in road racing over the past decade allows me to push performance cars to their limit, while my role as a horse stable manager gives me vast experience towing and hauling with all the newest trucks on the market today.

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« Previous Article Ranger GT Nails Autocross Course: Trucking’ Fast WednesdayNext Article »Harley-Davidson Ford F-150 SVT Lightning: Rare Supercharged Savage » What year truck bed will fit on a 1994 Dodge 1500 Ram.

Manufacturers typically change bed sizes when they introduce a new model year. Having a wider selection can be nice, but it can also cause problems when getting ready to purchase repair panels for your truck’s bed.

If you’re not sure exactly what size your truck’s bed is, use the following reference table to help you figure it out. I attached a document that I have used in the past that has proved reliable.

It gives the measurements, so you can confirm each bed that you find, if you would like to. Let us know how this turns out. Now, I'm on the lookout for a bed for mine and also a power driver seat unit, so it's going to be along road ahead, lol.

Hello, I'm Danny. Just to add my 2 cents as a Silverado owner you can interchange any short bed fleet-side or step side bed from a GMC or Chevrolet from model year 1999-2007. Also, there is a truck parts place in Kansas USA called LMC Truck that sells replacement bed patch panels.

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I've attached a picture below as an example of fleet-side patch panels that are available from LMC Truck. I know yours is a step-side, but I just wanted to show you some possibilities that are available from LMC Truck. I know numerous parts sources for Chevrolet trucks.

Driver seat doesn't raise the bottom but goes back and forward and tilts the back, even blows up the lumbar. Just that one portion of the seat to raise the front or back or entire seat bottom up has me flabbergasted finding it.

This truck is a 2004 GMC Sierra extended cab step-side Z71 with only 105,000 miles on it, so I want to build it back the right way and don't really like shopping eBay or Amazon. Yeah, I thought the 2011-year sounded off for that document but it s been right to this point.

This is one of the most common trucks on the planet so parts availability shouldn't be an issue. Good suggestion of LMC Danny.

I'm trying to find out what model years interchange on the step-side beds. I have a 2004 GMC Sierra and I don't know what year model beds will interchange with it.

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What year truck bed will fit on a 1994 Dodge 1500 Ram. Please include what year doors will for the cab as well as what year electronics are direct connect or have to be soldered or modified to work.

If anyone is aware of aftermarket plugs that avoid splicing and work as an adapter please let me know. Please include what year doors will for the cab as well as what year electronics are direct connect or have to be soldered or modified to work.

If anyone is aware of aftermarket plugs that avoid splicing and work as an adapter please let me know. Looking here because there’s a 7.3L is in our 2000 Excursion so ‘no comment’ on most of your questions; but on the subject of a Bed Replacement in your 2003, I have something to say.

7 yrs ago I temporarily switched out my 2002 RAM 2500 5.9L 4×4 Ext. Cab for my son’s BMW to have its Windshield replaced.

Normally, he exhibits excellent judgement as well as common sense (10 yrs Military, Trained Chopper Pilot, MBA). The RAM 4×4 was/is not Lifted, but it’s on the tall side, and it had a Stock 16” Alloys, and Headache Rack.

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He was hurried because he had an early flight out of GW Bush International outside of Houston. Well....., I don’t know why he tried to get into the Low Parking Garage, but that Stock 4×4 Truck got jammed tight under one of the low Cement Joists supporting the next Parking Level with the Headache Rack bent back and the Pickup Truck Bed swelled out on both sides.

He had to deflate the tires to get free.....and missed that Flight which left me needing to replace the Pickup Truck Bed as well as to endure a ‘drive of shame as I drove this ‘obviously damaged by a dumbass move’ back to Oklahoma. Finally, (and this is my point) while searching for a replacement Pickup Bed, my friend and I discussed the option of going with a Flatbed.

This was what I chose and with Tool Boxes, Gooseneck and an Integral Headache Rack it was still less expensive than a used replacement Pickup Bed that would also require an Auto Body Shop’s services for Paint and Body Repairs. Also, the Flatbed provides better visibility, increased utility (fits 2 ATVs) and in this ‘old man’s opinion’ looks better.

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