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• Monday, 23 November, 2020
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Call our expert sales staff at (503) 288-5700 for a truck canopy that keeps things dry and locked up or for one with all the bells and whistles. The styling, frameless doors and windows, and attention to details make the Z-Series the perfect choice for any truck.

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ARE Z2 Series TruckCanopy Featuring our exclusive urethane side window technology, the sleek and stylish Z2 will radically transform the look of your truck. Customize the Z2 with popular options like keyless entry, frameless pop put window with Screen/pet screen roof racks to meet your needs.

The exclusive walk-in door option provides effortless access plus better line-of-sight for users who pull trailers or boats. The exclusive walk-in door option provides effortless access plus better line-of-sight for users who pull trailers or boats.

ARE DCU Series TruckCanopy With over 200 variations to choose from, you can create the perfect cap to fit your work needs. Our rugged aluminum canopy, fully welded frame construction offers years of durable service, no matter what the weather or job.

DCU Series commercial canopy is the only truck canopy that received a 10 out of 10 rating by Handyman Magazine readers. Maximum headroom, easy access, and aerodynamic styling make the TW Series perfect for hauling gear while providing efficient airflow up and over any camper, trailer, or boat.

It’s unique two-toned off-road design features a spray-on protective coating which increases strength in high stress areas. The only full door option on the market provides easy access to the bed of your truck plus better line-of-sight for users who pull trailers of any kind.

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For the value minded consumer, this durable cap offers years of function and reliability. It is rugged and reliable, featuring heavy-duty doors and toolboxes, along with a commercial grade ladder rack(Alack).

At the same time, the Tool Master Series offers the styling and finish that only a fiberglass truck canopy can provide. Also, check out they ARE intuitive rear door handle, fabric interior and 12V LED dome light with active tilt.

They ARE Evolve Series canopy features an all glass tailgate contoured rear door, aluminum side windows, aluminum front windows, fabric interior and a 12V LED dome light. It's perfect for the customer looking for a quality top with ventilation and a limited lifetime warranty.

From its 5-piece modular design, to its seamlessly integrated accessories, Martial lets you build and organize your truck bed exactly how you want it. But that’s just the beginning, so put on your thinking cap, and let the adventure begin… Stocked in black only.

Action Camper Shells carries the finest lines of aluminum and fiberglass camper shells, truck bed covers and tonne covers and work truck caps in the industry. We offer the finest quality and value in camper shells, truck caps, tonne covers, aluminum work shells, trailer hitches, fifth wheel hitches, step bars, Berliners, ladder racks, lighting and exhaust systems and much more.

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We're deeply rooted with folks who rely on their trucks to enjoy life to its fullest. Tommy Gate® manufactures the original hydraulic truck lift gate that has become the standard of the industry.

Proudly made in the USA and now sold and professionally installed at Action Truck Accessories. Our expert installers will insure you have a properly engineered lift that meets high standards of craftsmanship and customer service.

Dramatize® is the industry leader in custom-built trailer hitches for every vehicle make and model. Reese, the #1 name in heavy-duty towing with pioneering technology make these fifth wheel products the most recognized brand in the RV marketplace.

Sealed ball-bearing rollers mounted onto aluminum support beams allows the truck bed cover to retract or close easily without the use of springs or pull straps. Ideal for 5th wheel applications where a hinged tonne cover is not practical.

This experience and expertise has been incorporated into their line of Safari Style Jeep and SUV Racks. Cargo Master ladder racks are designed, engineered and manufactured in their 50,000 square foot facility located in Rancho Cordova, California.

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That’s why AMP Research invented POWERS TEP™, the automatic, electric-powered running board that instantly extends when you open your door, and then hides itself safely out of sight when the doors close for improved ground clearance, aerodynamics and appearance. Its handsome design, all-weather performance and legendary reliability set the industry standard.

We look forward to working with you to find the perfect shell or accessories for your truck. While we specialize in creating customized fiberglass truck caps for vehicles, that’s only the first of many products and services we offer.

123 10 /page20 / page30 / page50 / almost Recentest RelevantOldest Foremost ViewsFewest ViewsLowest PriceHighest Price Came off a 2013 dodge but will fit Ford Chen also anything with a 6 ft 6 box.

Rawhide canopy $150 7.6 × 5 feet call for more information 250-768-2269 NO... West KelownaViews: 3273Walli: Jan 19, 1:24 PM. Fits 2014 up Canyon and Colorado long box 4 Dr and X cab.

Has front... VernonViews: 16el Camino man: Jan 17, 9:40 PM Almost new Cap-it truck canopy -Came off of a 2014 Ford F-150 (size reference) -Dark... Lake Countries: 75Alexseymour: Jan 16, 3:10 PM.

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123 10 /page20 / page30 / page50 / almost Recentest RelevantOldest Foremost ViewsFewest ViewsLowest PriceHighest Price Most Recent on From its 5-piece stainless steel design to its seamlessly integrated Components, the Martial lets you build and organize your truck bed exactly how you want it.

Drop a Camp Kitchen into one Gulling Door for pasta bolognese under El Cap and a Drawer-Bin in the other to keep your tools organized. Our 5-piece design includes an innovative sealing method that, when properly installed, makes the Martial weatherproof.

Available in OEM White or Matte Black for the Toyota Hi lux, Ford Ranger, and VW Amar ok double cab applications. Manufactured out of automotive-grade stainless steel, the VOC is a brilliantly engineered commercial truck bed cap system.

Available in White and Matte Black for the Toyota Hi lux, Ford Ranger, and VW Amar ok double cab applications. The Gulling door openings are incredibly large, letting you access cargo with ease or install a Martial Component.

Combined with the Martial XL it can also deliver a whopping 2.1 cubic meters of water-tight, dust-free, fully enclosed storage.

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