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Whether your line of work is construction, maintenance, delivery, or any other job that requires easy access and or high volume. Carpeted Interior Inside of truck cap is lined with fabric headliner Automotive Grade Locks Patented palm handle with optional keyless entry keeps the truck bed safe and secure.

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ARE Z Series truck caps can easily be clamped on to your pickup's car box. Brand fiberglass truck cap, that the body will be structurally free from defects in material and workmanship for as long as you own your cap and the original vehicle.

Warrants to you, the original purchaser, for as long as you own your cap that the exterior paint will not abnormally fade or peel due to material or workmanship defect faster than the original pickup it was installed on by an authorized A.R.E. The spray on protective coating material used to produce the Overland Series and OR option has a limited lifetime warranty not to crack, bubble, or flake as long as you own your truck.

The spray on protective coating material used to produce the Overland Series and OR option with a serial number of 2848980 or greater has a 3-year warranty not to abnormally fade or lose its luster. Hardware For the original purchaser, lock cylinder, lock housing, fiberglass wings, and center mounted brake lights are warranted for three (3) years from your retail date of purchase against failure due to defects in material and workmanship.

Gas props used to assist in opening doors are covered under a five (5) year limited warranty against failure due to loss of pressure. Regular operation of the props will actually increase the life by lubricating the seals and shafts.

Also covered for one year are all seals, brackets, locking hardware, and screens. WRITTEN WARRANTY IS THE SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY PROVIDED FOR ALL A.R.E PRODUCTS.

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LIMITED WARRANTY, A.R.E., ITS SUCCESSORS OR ASSIGNS, SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR DIRECT DAMAGES AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL A.R.E., ITS SUCCESSORS OR ASSIGNS, BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES due to installation, use, misuse, abuse, neglect, or otherwise regarding any product sold, distributed or manufactured by A.R.E. Exclusions Not covered under this warranty is structural failure due to neglect, alterations, addition of equipment, abuse, accident, off-road driving, use in competitive racing, vibrations from worn or altered truck suspensions or sound equipment, or acts of nature including but not limited to tornados, hurricanes, hail, and earthquakes.

Product, it is the owner’s responsibility to immediately bring the issue to the attention of an authorized A.R.E. Failure to do so could result in additional, more severe problems and constitutes (but is not limited to) neglect, which is not covered.

Stress cracks in the fiberglass body that begin from a window, boot, door opening or from the base rail are considered structural or material flaws and are covered under warranty for as long as the A.R.E. Or its authorized dealer that such stress crack(s) were caused from misuse, abuse, collision or competitive racing.

If a stress crack occurs it should be repaired without delay to prevent future failures due to neglect. Stress cracks in the exterior finish caused by impact are not covered under warranty.

A stress crack caused by impact from the inside of the truck cap has the appearance of a “star” on the outside surface. Consequential damage or loss due to the installation, use, misuse, abuse or neglect of A.R.E.

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Truck caps are the sole responsibility of the pickup owner and operator. Paint wear to your truck's bed is normal and is expected with the installation and the use of any truck cap or tonne and is the sole responsibility of the pickup owner.

Shall not be held liable for any consequential loss or damages arising from the purchase, installation or use of these products. The authorized dealer will process your claim and make the necessary repairs or replacements.

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Your rails have pre-installed components on them such as locking arm stays, extension plates and drain valves. To avoid tilting rails, shims with self-adhesive tape have been provided.

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There is no exact area to position the clamps so simply space them evenly apart. Position your Backflip cover firmly on your rails and fold back towards tailgate to ensure proper fit.

Begin at the front end and slowly fold the cover back towards the tailgate. Make sure that the rubber lip at the front of your cover fits on top of the bulkhead rail of your truck and that the rubber seal at the tailgate end fits over the top edge of your tailgate.

Take the 2 provided flat headed elevator bolts and drop them through the hole in the front panel of your cover. The bolt will also drop through slotted hole of the plate that extends out each rail.

To release latches, pull on the cable under the rearmost panel (this can be done from either the driver or passenger side of the cover). When the cover is folded forward, tighten elevator bolts with star knobs.

MAKE SURE THAT THERE IS A RUBBER WASHER BETWEEN THE STAR KNOB AND THE METAL EXTENSION PLATE. If you have a drop in Berliner, simply run the drain tubes behind or under the liner.

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The securing knob should pass through the long slot and should be able to slide up and down. Your rails have pre-installed components on them such as locking arm stays, extension plates and drain valves.

You can install the cover directly on top of ALL OEM factory rails with NO modification whatsoever. Just simply install as you normally would (directly on top of your sprayed on Berliner).

To install the Backflip on the TITAN, you simply unbolt the Utili-Track, and flip the track over (with the functional side of the Utili-Track rail still facing into the bed). Many customers ask if our hardware can bolt directly into the Utili-Track system.

If our hardware were to bolt directly into the Utili-Trac System, you would have very little (if any) usable Utili-Track area to mount other accessories. This means that you WILL NOT LOSE any of your ability to use the Utili-Track for tie downs as the mounting rails will be clamped directly above it.

Back to Top I have diamond plate side rail covers. The rails cannot attain a good weather resistant seal against diamond plate bed caps.

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You will not need to make any adjustments to the plastic Berliner to install this cover. This cover will fit if you carve 3 holes in each side to be able to clamp the rails to the bed.

The reason for this is that over-the-rail Berliners prevent you from being able to clamp the hardware to the side rails as they cover them up. To ensure a weather resistant barrier with the installation of any tonne cover, and to be able to clamp the mounting brackets onto the side rails, you must remove the part of the Berliner that covers the side rails.

PLEASE DO NOT CUT OFF THE PORTION OF THE BERLINER THAT COVERS THE FRONT RAIL OR TAILGATE. PROCESS OF TRIMMING an Over the Rail Berliner is as follows: To cut the liner, this is a fairly simple process that requires you to slide the one-piece liner out of the bed, then clamp a straight edge along the line where you wish to cut the cover (right at or just below the rail, not above it).

From there, a jigsaw with a fine blade works great, and you simply follow the straight edge with the saw. Any burs or rough edges can be smoothed out with a file or sandpaper.

Others are successful using the same straight edge tactic from outside the liner using a razor knife. ***NOTE: Some Aftermarket Plastic Berliners have designs that may interfere with the installation of the canister.

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If this happens, some trimming of the front edge of the Berliner near the cab rail may need to be done for the canister to be installed properly. To have to do this is actually a pretty rare occurrence and in most situations, your typical plastic Berliner at the front rail will not require any modification.

Below are Some Frequently Asked Questions about the Backflip Cover Specific to the Honda Ridge line: Question: The bed of the Honda Ridge line has a slight “bow” in the side rails.

Simply open the cover and flip the bed extender out as normal on the tailgate. Answer: Inside the bed of your Ridge line, there is a Tie Down in the front corners of the side rail, and a standalone bolt in the bed that is located on each side rail at the top inside center.

To install the Backflip mounting rails, simply remove these 3 bolts. Simply put rail into position and tighten bolts back into place.

NOTE: We are in no way affiliated with Unlock nor are we specifically requiring you to use this lock system. This is the only lock that we have been able to find that works with the unique Honda Ridge line Tailgate (that opens 2 different ways).

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Question: Does the Backflip affect the “In Floor Trunk” opening? Answer: As you can see by Clicking Here, the picture will show you that the Backflip has a negligible effect on the opening of the “In Floor Trunk” on the Ridge line.

Question:Does Ridge line Backflip fold up and out of the way towards the cab of the truck ? To make the handling of the cover easier from the outside of the truck, the first installation panel (the first panel right behind the cab of the truck that does not open) comes back to meet the exact point where the gradient of the body meets the side rail (The “V” point and the front sides of the bed).

In addition, the cover folds towards the back glass/rear cab of the truck and is secured in that “fully open” position with the locking arms. Answer: As you have probably noticed, the top of the tailgate on your Ridge line is lower than the side rails.

To prevent water from entering where the cover meets the tailgate, there is a rubber sweep that runs the entire width of the Backflip's rear panel (side to side) that slightly overlaps the top of the tailgate. This allows water to drain off the cover and off the back of the truck without getting into bed at the tailgate edge.

The cover's features in combination with the inherent design of the Ridge line, which uses the natural angle of the bed to push water towards the back edge of the truck, makes the Backflip cover for this truck the most water-tight Backflip we make.

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