Are Truck Drivers In Demand

David Lawrence
• Friday, 11 December, 2020
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This is caused by high company turnover rates, fewer people are entering and starting in the trucking industry than the number of experienced professional truck drivers that are exiting the trucking industry because of retirement or due to personal choice. With various different reports mentioning a wide range of numbers of truck drivers needed.

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It is safe to say that practically everything we as consumers buy, is shipped, loaded, and delivered by truck in one manner or another. The rate the trucking industry will grow was reported by The Bureau of Labor, which is the national average of 6% each year from 2016 till 2026.

To understand how this shortage of truck driver’s effects you, your family, and the world you live within. The Free Dictionary says the Economic Definition of Demand is deeply intertwined with supply.

Take for example perishable goods like fruits that are transported inside refrigerated 53 trailers. Once this occurs, they never make it to market, or maybe they do to become packaged, but people are not able to consume them and someone loses money because there were not enough truck drivers to move the freight.

Because of the limited number of people entering the trucking industry, this helps fuel the demand. It would take hiring 4 truck drivers around the age of 55 years old to have moved the same amount of freight as that 21-year-old over the span of time.

Lastly, there are truck drivers exiting out of the industry because of simple things like unfair treatment at customers, pay that doesn’t seem to keep up with the times, changes of rules and regulations that occur more often than not. In addition to these, maintaining fair treatment for all truck drivers at all shipping and receiving locations would greatly help in the way of reducing the horror stories told by many truck drivers, including myself that have experienced such treatment.

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People do not want to start a job where they make not much more than a full-time burger flipper, only to be homeless, and have to deal with more stress from other travelers and customers. This is a gross underestimate of the value of long and short haul truckers if one thinks about it.

While some freight might be shipped by rail, has anyone seen grocery stores lined up along railroad tracks to receive goods? Materials shipped from one train station to another have to be loaded into truck containers or trailers to get to stores.

Prior to the automobile, we had farmers and urban professions described as “a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker.” We need truckers because of that agrarian centered society no longer exists.

Why would refineries on the Gulf Coast of Texas receive more crude oil if they could not ship the gasoline to stations throughout the United States? Now that we are facing a shortage of truck drivers, we need to start viewing their role in the economy as a “chicken or egg” type of relationship.

For example, A woman is in line to pay for her gasoline in a travel center in Lincoln, Nebraska. Truck driving is an incredibly lucrative field that offers great pay, as well as the freedom of the open road.

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The low freight rates at the beginning of 2020, along with the fluctuating worldwide circumstances, caused a huge dip in the industry conditions. Companies need more drivers than they’re finding, which is good news if trucking seems like an interesting career.

The huge market fluctuations that hit the trucking industry in 2019 and 2020 have left a lot of companies with whiplash. Now that the market has seen some recovery, many companies are discovering that many of those drivers have either retired or left the industry altogether.

Many truck drivers are in their 50s or 60s, so they opted to either retire or choose jobs, like food delivery or construction, that allows them to stay closer to home. Since they aren’t enough truck drivers to fill the demand, the remaining drivers are seeing a huge pay increase.

Additionally, some companies will offer bonuses for safe driving, conserving fuel, and referring new drivers. Compared to a college education, which takes four years and thousands of dollars each semester, that price is a lot more approachable.

Typically, you’ll receive 50 hours of classroom instruction about the laws, regulations, and the different types of trucks. An additional 15 hours of laboratory and parked vehicle instruction will further familiarize you with the details of truck driving.

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Lastly, you'll need to perform 72 hours of driving on public roadways, amongst actual drivers, to get a feel for the truck’s handling under different conditions. While this may sound like a lot of material, the key part of driving school is that it gets you behind the wheel.

As long as you understand the basics of driving a truck, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you pick up the skill and ability just by being on the road. Truck driving is an incredible profession that offers you a consistent change of scenery, as well as a glimpse into the different areas of the country.

One option for getting back on the road to employment could be behind the wheel of a semi- truck. According to the Lane Workforce Partnership, truck drivers, heavy and tractor trailer operators and delivery drivers are one of the Top 15 largest occupations in Lane County.

Only two others pay more than the average salary of $50,000: registered nurses and general and operations managers. Many trucking companies are so desperate for drivers that they are offering signing bonuses and pay raises.

We asked truck drivers who have been doing the job anywhere from four months to 40 years for their views. You barely see your family, you rarely shower, and you get little respect from car drivers, police or major retailers.

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Michael Dow said he has been divorced twice because of trucking. Donna Pen land said she gained 60 pounds her first year from sitting all day and a lack of healthful food on the road.

President Trump hopped behind the wheel of a truck at the White House on Thursday, as he met with truckers during a healthcare event. A few drivers told The Washington Post that they earn $100,000, but many said their annual pay is less than $50,000 (government statistics say median pay for the industry is $42,000).

As for the bonuses, driver Daniel Rollick said they are a “complete joke” because of all the strings attached. Despite the hardships, half said they would recommend the job to friends and family, chiefly because, as Rollick said, “it's the easiest money you can get without a college degree.” Here are the drivers perspectives on America's trucking crisis.

They hope it will more than double their pay from prior years. I make less money now than I did 20 years ago if you adjust for inflation and cost of living.

He used to drive a flatbed truck across the country, but his girlfriend didn't like him being away so much. I see those ads for big driver bonuses, but it's a complete joke.

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I've worked for a couple of major trucking companies: Real Transport and Melton Truck Lines. Sometimes you needed to have certifications to deal with hazmat or be qualified to drive on military bases or ports.

And you need to meet fuel-usage requirements, but they usually give you the oldest trucks that are least likely to get the sign-on bonuses because they use more fuel.” I tell friends who are working minimum-wage or factory jobs to go get their CDL .

Donna Pen land of Houston decided to get her CDL 18 months ago after her boyfriend was laid off from his job and wanted to try trucking. The duo “team-drove” a truck, meaning they would trade off driving, so the vehicle would be on the road almost 24 hours a day.

They eventually broke up, but Pen land continued driving on her own. Yearly income: “$50,000 is where you’re going to be when you work for a big company.

If you want to make more money than that, you have to find an independent person with two or three trucks that really does appreciate you as a driver, and they share profits with you.” They don't offer signing bonuses, but I work on a Coca-Cola dedicated route, and Coke is putting up bonuses because they need drivers.

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It takes a special kind of person, because you basically give up your life for the job. Most people are 'over the road' drivers, because that is where you make the most money.

Boris Stream of Milwaukee is the manager of Star Trucking. We are treated as the bad guys on the road by other drivers and the police.

[In December, the U.S. government required all truck drivers to switch to electronic logging devices that track their hours and ensure they don't drive more than 11 hours during a 14-hour period. Ryan Kitchen of Greensboro, N.C., has been a flatbed truck driver for two years.

He used to work in emergency services but wanted a change. He is home most weekends, but during the week he drives all over the East Coast with “open trailers” that carry steel, roofs, FEMA trailers and more.

Car drivers see a space between trucks, and they jump in. A lot of guys don't realize everything that is involved in trucking.

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Donald Rich of Montville, Calif., spent 20 years as a cook in the Army. After retiring from the military, he began working at restaurants, but the pay was so lousy that his wife encouraged him to become a truck driver.

A lot of trucking companies don't want to hire you until you have at least six months of experience.” You end up sitting outside a business for six or eight hours waiting for someone to unload your truck.

President Trump met with CEOs from the truck driving industry and several truck drivers during a meeting about Obamacare. Correction: An earlier version of this story said Donna Pen land drives for Martin Transportation.

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