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When working in the construction industry, there are times when it is necessary to transport heavy equipment, pre-manufactured assemblies and other oversize items to a job site. If you are need to move a large piece of equipment or construction assembly, it is important to understand the dangers involved so that you can proactively address them.

To protect roadways, structures, and other drivers on the road, there is a complex web of federal and state regulations that govern oversize loads. Complying with these laws and taking basic safety precautions is one way to ensure that the load gets to a job site safely, on time, and within budget.

Both federal and state law define the maximum size, height, length and weight that can be hauled on their road systems. This may include things such as factory equipment, heavy machinery, storage tanks, wind turbine propellers, pre-built homes, precast concrete piles, and other construction elements.

In the United States, interstate and other major highways (known as the national network) have travel lanes of 12 feet or more in width. If you are transporting a particularly high or long item, check with local regulations to determine if you need a permit to do so, or will be able to take other measures, such as marking an over-long load with safety flags.

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These laws are designed to ensure that commercial motor vehicles are operated safely, and to protect the country’s highway system. To ensure the safety of all on the road and to protect the integrity of the nation’s highways, states issue permits transporting oversize loads.

When applying for a permit, transportation companies must demonstrate that the load can be moved both safely and legally from its point of oiling to its destination. If a load is overweight in addition to being oversized, the operator must also demonstrate that the truck will not over stress bridges and overpasses, and that the weight is properly distributed across axes.

When hauling a load that is excessively long, wide, tall, or heavy, there are particular risks that truck drivers must be aware of to avoid an accident. In many instances, the weight and size of a heavy load can make it more difficult for the driver to control the speed and movement of the truck.

Consider a situation where a truck driver carrying heavy equipment on a flatbed fails to notice caution signs that warned of a low overpass ahead. Oversized loads that are not properly secured or that exceed federal, state or local limits may cause serious accidents.

Given the size of commercial vehicles compared to passenger cars and trucks, these types of accidents may lead to catastrophic or even fatal injuries. If you need to have a construction assembly, piece of heavy equipment or other large item transported, it is important to understand how to minimize the risks.

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These escorts forewarn the drivers of potential hazards, such as construction ones, bridges, low wires, and accidents. If your particular shipment will require the use of escorts, be sure to budget for this cost, which may include hotels and other incidentals, depending on the length of the trip.

Similarly, if special markings, such as red flags and amber lights, are required, you will want to ensure that the driver complies with the law. While transporting heavy equipment and construction elements carries its own set of challenges, these issues can be managed through knowledge of and compliance with federal and state regulations.

These laws may seem cumbersome, but following them and taking additional steps to ensure safety is the best way to mitigate the dangers associated with heavy loads. Our digital freight marketplace has the biggest super database of lanes, loads, and drivers in the trucking industry.

Find the most profitable truck loads online from your phone with our convenient mobile app. DAT’s digital marketplace makes it simple to search for the highest paying truck loads on your favorite routes, while inbound/outbound maps and market trends help keep you up to date on shifts in demand.

We also provide accurate average rates data based on real transactions from the last 15 day when you’re searching for high paying loads. That’s a lot to keep track of, so DAT sends you notifications when loads are posted that match your criteria.

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DAT’s load boards are designed to simplify your business operations in a number of ways. We’ve been the most trusted source for spot market freight and capacity since 1978, and once you get a feel for all the features on our website for truck loads, we’re sure you’ll see why.

We crunch the numbers on the past 15 days’ transactions to provide you with average market rates on more than 65,000 lanes. Armed with the most accurate rate data in the industry, you’ll be ready to negotiate if a price seems too low.

Every listing on our boards will indicate whether the load is automatically factorable, so you’ll always have cash on hand in case unexpected expenses come up. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re established and want a helping hand, DAT Authority is the efficient way to take care of all your paperwork for your MC and US DOT numbers, annual registration, IFTA taxes, state permits, and more.

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See accurate load information up front, including rates, before you commit. Beyond our basic offering, our Advanced and Pro load boards deliver even more value.

Getting great box truck loads with good rates will keep you up and running. When it comes to keeping your box truck moving, the Truckstop.com Load Board has you covered.

Trusted by more freight professionals, Truckstop.com has been committed to innovation to help brokers and carriers find a better way to connect and do business successfully for over 25 years. And we’re working hard to design easy-to-use tools that will take your freight business well into the future and experience success.

We help you keep pace with today’s speed of freight with intuitive technology that puts you ahead of the curve. Whatever you need for your box truck freight business, rest assured Truckstop.com load boards deliver the goods.

The best load board offers unlimited searching and posting, decision tools you can use to strengthen negotiations and get fair rates, and technology that helps you conduct business fast. Look for features that help you respond fast, save you time, and increase your rate per mile.

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In addition, tools that deliver current, relevant, and accurate information are essential in a world that’s driven forward by data. You decide what features you need now, upgrade when you’re ready, and level up when it’s time to amp up your business for seamless growth and maximum profits.

Truck freight rates are based on the current market, therefore there is a week-to-week fluctuation of what a truckload is paying. This way you can find truck loads anytime and limit those empty miles.

Imagine sitting at the dock waiting to get unloaded for hours (we know you’ve all been there) and you have over 1,000 miles to travel back home with no load. You might have to be willing to increase your deadhead miles in order to find the highest paying truckload.

Therefore, there is ample opportunity to negotiate for a higher truckload rate, especially when the conditions of the market are in your favor. Due to the sheer size and value of such parts, shippers are willing to pay a bit more to ensure the freight is delivered without a scratch.

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