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• Wednesday, 28 October, 2020
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SUVs and pickup trucks require a different type of tire than sedans do. If you want to learn more about truck tires and how to choose the right ones for your vehicle, you’ve come to the right place.

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When you’re ready to buy, we invite you to check out our favorite truck tires above. This is understandable, as more support is needed for the extra weight of an SUV or pickup.

Sedan tire rubber is softer, giving the car the ability to handle the road with a better grip. This allows it to dig into the terrain, resulting in better traction on uneven roads.

The thicker material helps the tire maintain its shape under stress. However, this thicker construction isn’t going to give you the smooth ride that a car tire offers.

Generally speaking, truck tires resist punctures better than car tires. This is because truck tires are designed to be more hardy and durable in rough conditions.

The code tells you quite a bit about the tire, including its use case and size. Your particular model of SUV or pickup truck will need certain tire sizes and specifications.

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The number following the letter code indicates the width of the tire in millimeters. The number after the slash mark is the ratio of the tire’s cross-section height to its width.

The letter after the aspect ratio reflects construction type. Rim diameters between 16 and 20 inches are common for SUVs and pickup trucks, although other sizes are available too.

Some other numbers and letters in the code may indicate things like load index, speed rating, and traction grades. Some tires also have a unique identification number that indicates manufacturing date and location.

You can expect to pay $75 to $125 apiece for this type of truck tire. Some include raised stone ejectors to keep rocks out of the tread.

If you’ll be driving your SUV or pickup truck primarily on pavement, a less-expensive tire would probably serve you well. However, if you plan to use your SUV or pickup as a working or recreational vehicle where road conditions are less than ideal, a higher-end tire may better fit your needs.

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Driving on tires that aren’t properly inflated can also cause them to wear down faster than normal. It’s also possible that your vehicle is misaligned or has loose parts that are contributing to the problem.

Q. I’ve heard that it’s better to fill truck tires with nitrogen than standard air. A. It’s difficult to find specific use cases that clearly point to nitrogen as an improvement over standard air.

Notably, there are some truck manufacturers that recommend against the use of nitrogen in tires. Our experts love solving problems and lending a hand (or ear).

$25 back via gift card to select retailers on installation of $50+ with the Goodyear Credit Card § Drive in style on highways and trails with an aggressive all-terrain tire built for both adventure and looks.

$25 back via gift card to select retailers on installation of $50+ with the Goodyear Credit Card § A quality winter tire that stops, on average, 6 feet (1.8 m) shorter on snow than a leading competitor (based on internal testing).

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Our best tire designed for extreme off-road expeditions, featuring DuPont™ Kevlar® that helps resist punctures when powering over rocks, mud, and sand. A rugged tire featuring a DuPont™ Kevlar layer for the versatility needed to conquer dirt trails while also providing a smooth, quiet highway commute.

A tire selection compatible with your vehicle More accurate pricing & warranty information A side-by-side comparison of tires that interest you ENTER VEHICLE OR SIZE Let us help you find the right tire Remember, not all tires will fit your vehicle.

A tire selection compatible with your vehicle More accurate pricing & warranty information A side-by-side comparison of tires that interest you Making sure your truck tires are in the best shape possible will help you pull more weight, haul more gear, and climb through difficult terrain.

Whether you’re towing a trailer with jet skis or hauling your camper for the weekend, you will need the toughest tires to do the job efficiently without putting too much strain on your truck. The Michelin Defender LTD All-Season tire is durable and designed with enhanced performance and traction control for your truck.

They offer a quick and short stopping distance on wet surfaces and work even more efficiently on dry roads. Plus, their directional tread pattern allows them to wear down evenly, and Michelin’s Ever tread technology keeps them functional for longer.

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Don’t handle well in heavy snow Run stiff Can heat up quickly It features an aggressive tread pattern design that is capable of handling a wide variety of conditions.

The ride these tires provide is comfortable and smooth, and they work great on any surface. With their self-cleaning shoulder blocks, these tires sling away the dirt, gravel, mud, and debris that may stick to the rubber.

If you need a great versatile tire and price is not an issue for you, then consider the Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure. One of the most beneficial features of the Adventure is its twin high-tensile belts reinforced by a layer of tough Kevlar.

The Kevlar material is designed to both strengthen the tire and provide a more comfortable ride. With their combined long tread wear, comfortable ride, and enhanced traction control, these tires are highly praised for their ability to function on wet and dry surfaces.

The pattern wears evenly, provides little to no noise in the cabin, and handles effectively on both wet roads and dry concrete. They feature a stiff center rib for enhanced steering and an improved response time in slick conditions.

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These feature a molded and specially engineered independent block and symmetric tread design. Combine that with the enlarged footprint of the tire, and you get enhanced grip and boosted acceleration off the line.

It also gives the truck more traction on muddy and snowy terrain and helps protect the sidewall and rubber against cuts, abrasions, and bruises. They include stone ejectors that toss away rocks, pebbles, and dirt so that the rubber doesn’t get punctured.

Each tire also includes twin steel belts, each reinforced with spirally-wrapped nylon and a 3-ply polyester cord sidewall for additional strength and durability. For those who wander the path less traveled, these Mile star Patagonia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tires are ideal.

They feature a meaty high-void tread pattern that is scientifically engineered to bite into the ground for improved traction. They are capable of flinging off debris, so you don’t spend hours cleaning and detailing every inch of the rubber.

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