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We have a plethora of truck bed covers to choose from, whether it is Folding, Roll Up, Retractable & much more. Our team of experienced staff members located in the USA are always eager to help.

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Then, we will run through our full range of truck bed covers to ensure we pick a selection of options that tick all the right boxes for you. There are lots of covers to choose from, whether it be retractable, folding, roll up or tilting designs.

There are many accessories like racks, toolboxes; tie downs and more that we can help combine with your tonne cover purchase. We have determined the best brands and focus on the highest quality products we can offer to outfit your truck with professional OEM style installations that are easy to bolt on at home or in the shop.

Our experienced professionals understand the various styles of tonneaucovers and can help match the best cover to work with your unique and demanding needs. At TonneauCovers.com, we pride ourselves on offering the best prices with professional sales assistance along with fast, free, and on time delivery.

With our combined experience and knowledge of the industry TonneauCovers.com has decided to be the ONLY Truck Hero Exclusive Dealer, offering their vast design options and superior quality products. This means you do not need to search through inferior brands that all looks alike or the confusion of too many options.

A tonne is a cover for your pickup truck that sits overtop the bed, and they’re available in both hard and soft options. In this article, we’ll go over some of the best soft and hard tonneaucovers currently available, covering a wide variety of styles and brands in the process.

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Ideally, this serves as a good starting point for your research on the right cover for your truck’s bed. After all, it can be confusing to shop for a trucktonneau cover when there are so many styles and brands on the market, all seemingly trying to achieve the same goal.

The low-profile design will keep your truck looking factory and the cover also has a weather-tight seal that will protect your bed’s contents from the elements outside. Tyler’s vinyl tonne cover is extremely easy to install and fits different truck beds very well with minimal overhang.

In addition to protecting your truck bed and its contents, this tonne cover can also make your car more aerodynamic and thus more fuel efficient. Tyler also offers a limited lifetime warranty on its tonneaucovers and will return the product if you ordered it for the wrong truck by accident.

A con to this cover is some users report it fitting loosely after having been affixed to the truck for some time. Unlike most hard tonneaucovers, which feature a thin layer of fiberglass or some other composite over a metal frame, the Speed Father Trifold boasts a three-layer design.

This layered top not only protects your cargo from damage or theft, but the surface is strong enough to hold two adults. As the name suggests, the Speed Father cover features three panels that are hinged for easy folding.

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When you have tall cargo, you can fold the cover up over a single panel, exposing the majority of the bed and making room for larger objects. Best of all, the Speed Father Trifold is a fraction of the price of the competitors, so in addition to offering a safe, secure cover for your bed, it’s also easy on your wallet.

Pros / Super strong yet still lightweight, easily folds to different configurations to make room for tall cargo, attractive price Cons / Hard covers are generally more cumbersome to completely remove Dual paddle latches provide extra security and easily unlock for when you need quick access to your truck bed.

A downside to this tonne cover is that it’s not as slim and sleek looking as some other soft tonneaucovers, such as the two products listed above. There are also two plastic buckles on the cover which can throw off the uniform look many truck owners desire when looking to get a tonne.

The Land Genesis Elite Roll-Up Tonne Cover is made of a premium twill weave material that’s been engineered to resist water, mold, UV rays and dust and dirt. Land offers a limited lifetime warranty on its tonneaucovers protecting against any defects in material or workmanship.

Pros / Easily rolls up, Durable fabric construction, Made in the USA Cons / Not as slim as other soft tonnes and not as easy to install Bottom Line / While not as slim or easy to install as other soft tonnes, this cover is made in the USA and has a unique fabric weave construction It has lightweight hard polymer panels that make opening and closing the cover very easy, along with rubber corners for soft-close operating and protective hinge caps.

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It claims to be the “most water resistant hard folding cover on the market,” and will keep your belongings shielded from the elements outside. This cover is available for a wide variety of truck makes and models and is backed by a limited factory warranty.

Some users say this cover is not as easy to install as some soft tonneaucovers as you have to align it properly to the bed of your truck. With a very slim design that easily integrates into your pickup bed, this hard tonne will look as though it was installed on your truck from the factory.

Pros / Hard protective construction, Easy to install, Convenient trifold operation, Made in the USA Cons / Not completely airtight, Expensive Bottom Line / A price yet well-made, trifling hard tonne cover that you can't go wrong with This tonne will fit snug to the edge of your truck’s bed and offers a weatherproof, airtight seal to protect your belongings from the elements.

Most truck owners want a tonne cover for a number of reasons, including but not limited to: This helps protect the contents in your truck’s bed from weather elements, be it rain, snow, dust, or grime.

But even if you’re just exposed to sunlight on a daily basis, a tonne cover helps protect your belongs from harmful UV rays. Tonneaucovers also serve a purpose in helping prevent theft by not leaving your truck’s bed completely exposed to potential thieves.

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Even a soft cover that is easily removable can make a difference when it comes to deterring potential theft. This prevents the need for drilling or other permanent installation methods that may be difficult to do or affect the resale value of your truck later on.

Once you’ve found a tonne cover that fits your pickup, you want to ensure it has all the features you need. If you want to access your bed frequently, ensure your cover easily folds or rolls up if it’s of the soft variant.

You may want to avoid buying a tonne cover altogether if you find yourself going in and out of your truck’s bed very frequently. When it comes to tonnes, a product that will spend much of its life outdoors and affixed to your (likely very expensive) pickup, you do not want to cheap out.

Here at TonneauCovers World, we know you're looking for a simple and comprehensive shopping experience. Our expert staff, based right here in the U.S., has extensive hands-on experience with the full range of covers and accessories found on our site and is standing by to answer any questions you may have.

We have a low price guarantee and will match other certified retailers. We ship faster than anyone with our centralized warehouses with thousands of covers in stock.

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Our media team works to create awesome videos and images to feel like you are experiencing the products first-hand! Our experienced customer support team will take care of you.

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