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Carole Stephens
• Friday, 22 January, 2021
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If you have a lot of tools, equipment, or gear that you need to have handy, but don’t want to be digging through a toolbox or the pickup bed to find it, a slide-out drawer system is an ideal solution. I wanted to have Bedrock equipped for whatever the day’s or weekend’s activities called for be it work, family or play.

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Overland bed cap and companion Pickup Vault proved to be the perfect setup. Two drawers Bulb seal and folding compression lock to keep the elements out No-Drill Installation 5/8 DO Surface will support up to 2,000 pounds for additional loading on top of Pickup Vault Dark Gray polypropylene exterior finish matches A.R.E.

Leading truck cap and tonne cover manufacturer A.R.E. Pickup Vault, a lockable drawer system that provides heavy-duty secure storage in the truck bed.

The top deck surface can support 2,000 pounds and the unit has a dark gray polypropylene exterior finish designed to match the carpeted interior of A.R.E.’s fiberglass truck caps. Pickup Vault is custom designed to fit current model Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra and Dodge Ram trucks with extra short bed, short bed and long bed designs.

RFID activated by wristband, key fob or decal to immediately open the spring-assist lid. For secondary entry method, user can program a four to six digit security code.

Exterior housing is made of thick steel and hardened interior locking lugs. Protect your safe from theft with the included 1500 lb rated security cable.

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AC and battery power ensures your guns are protected and ready to go 24/7. Pre-drilled mounting holes make it easy to secure your Rapid® Safe to a stationary object.

Check TSA regulations and airline policies before traveling with any portable safe. RFID technology allows instant access with tags that are programmed specifically for each safe.

By using RFID technology, there’s no need to find a key, register a fingerprint, or remember a combination. Tornado® is a strong supporter of Project Childcare®, a nonprofit charitable organization committed to promoting firearms safety.

More than 15,000 law enforcement agencies have partnered with the program to distribute more than 36 million firearms safety kits to gun owners in all 50 states and the five U.S. territories. Project Childcare has helped raise awareness about the safe and responsible ownership of firearms and the importance of securely storing firearms to help reduce accidents and access by unauthorized individuals.

More and more people are realizing the need and advantages of storing firearms in safe, yet accessible devices. By utilizing patented RFID technology, Tornado Security® Rapid® Safes offer the quickest, most dependable access to your firearm while providing unmatched security from unauthorized users.

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Simply place the included RFID wristband, key fob or decal over the safe’s reader, and it immediately opens for rapid retrieval of your firearm. Picking up a new to me 2010 Yukon XL tomorrow and want to order a safe for the center console.

NRA Life Member IRA Life Member NRA Certified Instructor Basic Pistol, PITH Gun site Academy Graduate 2012 IL ISP Approved Instructor Great vehicle, mine still looks good 7 years later.

I was looking at perhaps the Alloy key lock on the Locker down model. I had also considered just cable locking a small “strong box” under the seat, but that option seems like a time-consuming hassle.

Supporting Members Team 2,178 posts Joined:22-July 09 I chose the 4 digit combo lock on my console vault since I didn't want another key on my chain.

NRA Life Member NRA Certified Pistol and PITH Instructor NRA Range Safety Officer IRA Life Member Registered Illinois Concealed Carry Firearms Instructor 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a console vault and 4 digit combos.

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I have one in my Tacoma, love it and would put one in another vehicle if I had one. Console size will dictate a lot. I lost minimal space with mine.

I was looking at perhaps the Alloy key lock on the Locker down model. I had also considered just cable locking a small “strong box” under the seat, but that option seems like a time-consuming hassle.

I used one of the strong box under the seat types in the past until a friend had one ripped out of his car and the gun stolen. Not only did they steal the gun, they pulled so hard it damaged the seat frame.

Just put in an order for the Locker down console safe for my '13 Tundra. Found a 10% promo code for April and free FedEx ground shipping.

I have the console vault with the 4 digit combination lock for my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It was originally in my 2011 Dodge Durango, but they have the same center console.

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The Biggest pain was removing the internal 12VDC socket while prying with a screwdriver. Longer bolt to the rear (10 mm socket for mounting). Going to have to utilize some Tundras other nook and crannies for all my leftover stuff.

Also, I can't find a picture of the vault prior to installation, how deep do the metal sides of the vault go down into the console? To truly say 'Never Again' requires having the means to back up that statement.

These annual competitions inspire tens of thousands of drivers to operate accident-free for the right to compete. The Championships are a great incentive for professional truck drivers to operate safely, because they must be accident-free for at least one year prior to the competition.

When asked, professional drivers will tell you that they are drawn to the Championships by the spirit of competition and by the prestige of being named the best of the best. The committee, which dictates almost every aspect of the event, comprises high level safety professionals.

To be eligible, a driver must maintain continuous employment with a motor carrier fleet for a continuous period of at least one year and remain accident free, regardless of fault, for one year prior to NTSC. Please contact your local State Trucking Association for their complete regulations.

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Some may use it to decide who will attend to the State Competitions while others may be looking to simply offer their drivers the reward and recognition they deserve. Whatever you're reasoning, the SMC has made hosting your company championship a snap.

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