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• Friday, 18 December, 2020
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Due to size variances within each breed WeatherBeeta strongly recommends that every dog is measured before a coat is purchased. Step 1: Place a measuring tape at the base of the neck and measure along the spine and stop at the base of the tail.

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Step 2: The measurement in centimeters corresponds to the dog coat size, which are sized in 5 cm increments. Our StormShield® turnout horse blankets feature a Euro fit with an upright shoulder for maximum coverage, a contoured hind quarter and a straight cut over the withers and back.

They come to your choice of contour collar, extra coverage and traditional no back seam styles, as well as a wide selection of colors and materials. These unique shapes and styles can accommodate your horses specific breed requirements, from a quarter horses sloped shoulders to a Morgans upright head carriage.

With materials that offer three to five times the weatherproofing of other brands and designs that wont rub or put pressure on your horses withers, these blankets are truly some of the best would find. Our lightweight blankets function much as a fleece pullover or windbreaker would for a human, providing a waterproof layer of insulation as temperatures change.

These blankets are made of premium fabrics that are strong enough to guard against the elements yet comfortable for a horse to wear. Dozens of size and color combos are in stock so there is a lightweight horse blanket that fits your equine in every possible way.

This means added comfort for your horse, as well as protection from the elements all year round. Schneider StormShield® Euro fit blankets boast an extremely durable outer covering that guaranteed for up to ten years against defects.

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The high tech outer materials will protect your horse against driving rain, snow and wind, and the blankets feature a higher neck with a smaller opening and longer sides under the belly to ensure that your horse stays as warm and dry as possible. Putting on and taking off our Euro fit turnout blankets is also incredibly easy, as they feature snap or buckle open fronts with a hook and loop closure that is easy to close, but difficult for your horse to take off.

Most styles of our turnout blankets also feature other high-tech details, such as gussets, fleece at withers, tail covers, crisscross surcingles and detachable leg straps. The nylon lining keeps your horses coat clean and shiny, and its also easy to maintain when it comes time to wash the blanket.

With a wide selection of colors to choose from, Schneider Euro fit turnout blankets are the obvious choice for your tack room. Nylon lining, polyester, and poly-fill insulation make our blankets incredibly warm as well, so there perfect for protecting your horse during cold rain, snow or other winter weather.

If your horse is a breed with an upright head carriage, such as Arabians, Morgans, Frisians, Saddlebags or Tennessee Walkers, you might want to check out Schneider Cutback TurnoutBlankets designed just for this type of conformation. These innovative Schneider horse blankets help to protect the withers on a horse by accommodating an upright shoulder conformation, putting less pressure on the horses shoulders and withers and preventing rubbing while wearing.

The incredible waterproofing makes them perfect for cold, rainy or snowy climates, and they can even be worn as a measure to protect your horses coat before a big show. The result is a truly comfortable, wearable blanket that wont irritate your horse, and it comes in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors to choose from.

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Designed by Horse Equestrian, B Vertigo, and Finn tack, our waterproof and breathable turnout blankets are available in weights, colors, sizes, and levels of durability suitable for every horse and climate. As a general rule, a body clipped horse should be blanketed as if were 10 degrees Fahrenheit colder than the actual outside temperature.

The correlation between outside temperature and blanket weight depends on your horse's age, health and whether they have been body clipped. When the temperature falls to around 50 degrees Fahrenheit, it is time to start breaking out your horse’s winter wardrobe.

Lightweight blankets (100g fill) are typically worn early and late in the season when the temperature is between 50 and 40 degrees. Medium weight blankets (150g-250g fill) are best for periods of changing temperatures, with cold nights and warmer days between 40 and 30 degrees.

Durability, breathability, waterproofing and wind protection are all vital to keeping your horse warm, dry and comfortable. Make sure your blanket or sheet is secure and comfortable by following a few simple tips for the perfect fit.

To begin taking measurements, first make sure your horse is standing on level ground. Your measuring tape should be in a straight, taut line from the center of your horse’s chest to roughly twelve inches below the dock of their tail.

(Source: systemequine.com)

The measurements listed by manufactures relate to the distance front bindings and back bindings, starting at the base of the neck opening with the blanket or sheet lying on a flat surface with all gussets and darts spread out. This will help prevent that blanket or sheet from slipping off should your horse makes a sudden movement.

The surcingle should be comfortable and loose under your horse’s belly, but tight enough not to accidentally ensnare a hoof during a roll. Move your hand slowly down and around the neckline, checking to make sure there are no tight spots through the withers or shoulders.

You can start anytime during the fly season. For low to average fly levels, frequent manure management and few neighbors.

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