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The QuebecQuarterHorseAssociation has nearly 800 farmers and competitors members and is actively involved in promoting the QuarterHorse breed. The Quebec includes QuarterHorse breeders Among Some 800 members, Competitors and lovers of the QuarterHorse breed. Trooper, Stratton’s Horse in South Africa.

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This image strikingly shows why Stratton’s Horse, perhaps more than any other unit in South Africa, became identified with Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page.

Sired by Quadrant 7R (Dario II-IV) his dam is Tijuana Barack (Paragraph do top) Dexter is elegant… Roseau DES centers sequesters certifies Au Québec pour Vitré one experience à coeval, en landowner, en tourism requester, positive ET securities.

• Le travail aux tongues genes, UN Trevor à vote Porter! We look forward to serving our members and American Quarter Horses worldwide in 2021.

To allow employees to ring in the new year with family, our offices will be closed Friday, January 1. × Due to the current status of increased cases of coronavirus in Amarillo, Texas, Aqua Headquarters will not accept customer appointments until further notice.

Customers can drop off their paperwork in the drop box located in the front of Aqua Headquarters, at the bottom of the steps near the bronze statue of Wimpy or contact us to assist with your Aqua business. The Aqua Executive Committee waives traditional world show qualification for the 2021 Built Ford Tough Aqua World Championship Show; Aqua members will have two options to be eligible to compete at t ...

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The 2020 American QuarterHorse Youth World Cup was held in a virtual format for 2020 to protect the health and safety of exhibitors. In 2020, the American QuarterHorse Foundation awarded more than $132,000 in grants to Equine-Assisted Activities & Therapies centers.

Aqua Executive Vice President Craig Huffiness shares how the western way of life shines through brightly with courage, passion and innovation during this unprecedented time. Aqua crowns the 2020 Nutrient Senior Athletes of the Adequate Select World.

The American QuarterHorse Hall of Fame & Museum will remain closed to the public until May 31; an official reopening date will be announced at a later time. The 2021 Aqua Ranching Heritage Young Horse Development Program allows Aqua members to learn the fundamentals of horsemanship and compete for scholarships.

The Aqua Executive Committee has uniformly agreed on a new breeding rights process to support its Brazilian affiliate. Explore the vast and exciting world of Aqua and American Quarter Horses.

Updater the Aqua Board of DirectorsClick Here for more information Before You ExploreBecome A Member Today! Join Now or Renew.

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Pick from a great assortment of Ontario QuarterHorseAssociation products, colors and designs. All Ontario QuarterHorseAssociation products in your online store are exclusively produced and fulfilled by Store.

On behalf of the Canadian Quarter Horse Association (CQA) we would like to t thank you for taking the time to nominate a deserving person for a prestigious award. CQA is a proud international affiliate of the American Quarter Horse Association (Aqua) and is honored to offer recognition to the outstanding individuals who help promote the American Quarter Horse in Canada by using, owning, breeding, training, or volunteering.

Must be submitted electronically with a photo as required as part of this online nomination. Winners will be presented with a trophy buckle at the CQA AGM in person or via an online meeting platform like Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime a ND will be featured on the CQA website and other social media platforms.

Nomination requirements are as follows: Must be an Aqua member in good standing for a minimum of 5 years. Nominations for a deceased person will be accepted using their past Aqua membership number.

Breeder Awards Youth Awards Trainer Award Industry Leadership and Commitment Award Birthdate Aqua Membership# (If Applicable): Address Phone Number of consecutive years an Aqua membership has been held (if applicable): Email address: Website (If applicable): Number of registered horses in the nominees name or business name (if applicable): Number of registration Certificates where the nominee is both the owner and breeder (if applicable): Address Phone Number Email Indicate any Aqua, Aqua, or other breed organizations, equine associations, and the years during which the nominee participated. (For youth include associations like 4-H, pony club, or similar): Provide details here about the nominee’s horse related activities: Provide details here about any of the nominee’s special achievements or honors: If applicable to the respective award, supporting material and suggested sources for reference in preparation of the nominee’s biographical information may include articles in different publications, records of Aqua and other related organizations such NCAA, NRA, reference letters from the people who know or in the case of a deceased person, knew the nominee and personal testament from the person preparing the nomination.

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The personal information provided to The Canadian Quarter Horse Association by emailing or filling out a form is collected under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (Flip) Act, and will be used only for the purpose it was collected and uses directly consistent with that purpose. Must demonstrate commitment to the industry by leadership practices that help promote their operation and the American Quarter Horse.

This award is for breeders that are already actively involved with Aqua, may not own many horses, but have a focus on raising horses that excel in the show pen. Must demonstrate commitment to the industry by leadership practices that help promote their operation and the American Quarter Horse.

This award emulates the American version at Aqua and will target larger established ranches. Must demonstrate a minimum of 10 years of ranching and raising American Quarter Horses with a focus on using those horses as part of their day-to-day operations on the ranch or farm.

Must demonstrate commitment to the industry by leadership practices that help promote their operation and the American Quarter Horse. This award is aimed at recognizing trainers that demonstrate a commitment to the American Quarter Horse in Canada through best training practices and leadership in promoting the importance of training fundamentals and horsemanship.

Must provide two references of past and present customers that have horses in training with them for a minimum of two months or more. This award is aimed at recognizing youth already associated and engaged with Aqua.

(Source: cqha.ca)

This award is aimed at recognizing a youth that is not already involved with Aqua but has demonstrated true worth as an up and coming horse professional and future industry leader. Must demonstrate commitment to the industry through affiliation with an agriculture or horse related type program, participation in events that involve the training of horses, or in events that help educate youth on improving horsemanship.

Examples of this may be clinic participation, 4-H/Pony Club, rodeo, or trainer events that involve youth. The winner will be provided with a free one year Aqua youth membership.

This Award is dedicated to recognizing an individual for their outstanding years of service to Aqua in Canada. This may include but are not limited to contribution to Aqua directly, the Aqua provincial affiliate, or other associations that use American Quarter Horses like reining, cutting, reined cow horse, mounted shooting, and so on.

Registry: registry American Connemara Pony Society American Ex moor Pony Registry American Harbinger Registry American Hanoverian Society American Holstein er HorseAssociation American Miniature HorseAssociation American Miniature Horse Registry American Morgan HorseAssociation American Registry of Arab Bred SporthorsesAmerican Saddle bred HorseAssociation American Shag ya Arabian VerbandAmerican Shire HorseAssociation American Takeover Association American Warm blood Registry American Warm blood Society Anglo European Studbook (AES)ANICAAPHAAppaloosa Horse Club Appaloosa Sport HorseAssociation AQHAArabian HorseAssociation Arabian Horse Registry of America Arabian Horse Society AustraliaAssociacao Portuguese De Criadores Do Pro Single Luciano (Apse) Association Brazilian De Criadores Do Pro Single Luciano (AB PSL) Association for Austrian WarmbloodAustralasian Gypsy Horse Society Australian QuarterHorse Assoc.Australian Riding Pony Stud Book Australian Stock Horse Society Australian Warm blood HorseAssociation Belgian Draft Horse Corporation Belgium Arabian Horse Registry Belgium Warm blood (BWP)BQHACanadian Horse Breeders Association Canadian Percheron Association Canadian Sport HorseAssociation Canadian Takeover Horse Society Canadian Warm blood Horse Breeders AssocationCaspian Horse Society of the Americas Cleveland Bay Horse Society of N.A. Clydesdale Breeders of America Clydesdale Horse SocietyCria CaballarCurly Sport horse Internationalizes Pony Society Danish Warm blood Registry (Dub)Ex moor Pony SocietyFell Pony Society (UK)Fell Pony Society of NAFHANAFinnish Association for Standard bred TrottersFoundation for the Pure Spanish Horse (P.R.E. )FPS (Dutch Frisian)FPV/FHS (German Frisian)Français du Coeval Sell FrancaisGypsy HorseAssociation Gypsy Horse Registry of America Hanoverian VerbandHolsteiner VerbandInternational Arabian HorseAssociation International Registry of Colored SporthorsesInternational Sport horse Registrants.

The majority of stallions in this guide have been collected and frozen by an SBS Affiliate Lab. With thousands of visitors every month the Stallion Guide offers broad exposure to an international market and targeted advertising to breeders interested in using frozen semen.

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You can create detailed stallion profiles, including photos and videos You can view and track your stallion’s frozen semen shipments Your mare owners & veterinarians can also view and track their frozen semen shipments It may take some time for SBS Affiliate Labs to update the records for each of their stallions.

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