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All of my daughters were obsessed with vaulting, a kind of gymnastics on horseback, and the sport took us all over the place, often to the edge of horse corral s to watch people flip and twist on and off the backs of trotting horses. He found the man in the driveway, standing by a pickup outside a corral.

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The agency acknowledges that more than 160 containment structures have been built to corral spills since the late 1990s. And in the land of livestock and grassland and corral and endless highway, that is more or less everything.

Senator Paul also scorned “labels” and the tendency to corral politicians and thinkers into neat, ideological camps. Ware reaches to grab a few carts that have been left just feet away from the corral.

The Gaucho, now holding fast the bridle fixed to the lower jaw, leads the horse outside the corral. Hard by was a corral covering perhaps two acres, enclosed with a barbed-wire fence.

The sentries of the corral were all stationed away outside the place where that peculiar log was at work. Alva Jackson was in his corral distributing hay among his horses from a sack instead of a pitchfork.

From the am talking about male lambs that are able to stand up to the winter and stay on the hills for a year without being put into corrals and barns. From the Also, the whole area of criminal justice and policing is being moved out of the third pillar, where it was corralled precisely to protect its intergovernmental nature.

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From the should also remember that, while people are corralled in pens, waiting to cross the road, they are subject to the worst of diesel and petrol fumes. From the believe, rather, that it is because people are increasingly corralled into groups, federations and other corporate bodies so that they can take cover behind collective responsibility.

‘As the wagons were corralled into an even tighter circle at the Crescent, the Trust arrived like the cavalry in the nick of time.’ ‘Next day, Sully led his army back toward the corralled wagon train on Heart River, reaching the anxious civilians on the evening of July 31.’ 1 North American A pen for livestock, especially cattle or horses, on a farm or ranch.

Enclosure, pen, fold, compound, pound, stockade, paddock View synonyms 1.1 historical A defensive enclosure of wagons in an encampment.

Late 16th century from Spanish and Old Portuguese (now corral), perhaps based on Latin Currier ‘to run’. Printer Friendly Also found in: Thesaurus, Idioms, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

An enclosure formed by a circle of wagons for defense against attack during an encampment. To gather; garner: “difficult for congressional leadership to corral a majority of votes”(Don J. Please).

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Collins Italian Dictionary 1st Edition © HarperCollins Publishers 1995 The inhabitants had sufficient notice to drive all the cattle and horses into the corral which surrounded the house, and likewise to mount some small cannon.

General Rosa's is also a perfect horseman -- an accomplishment of no small consequence In a country where an assembled army elected it's general by the following trial: A troop of unbroken horses being driven into a corral, were let out through a gateway, above which was a cross-bar: it was agreed whoever should drop from the bar on one of these wild animals, as it rushed out, and should be able, without saddle or bridle, not only to ride it, but also to bring it back to the door of the corral, should be their general. There was no water in the bared and burning bars of the river to reflect the vertical sun, but under its direct rays one or two tinned roofs and corrugated zinc cabins struck fire, a few canvas tents became dazzling to the eye, and the white wooded corral of the stage office and hotel insupportable. We used to catch them and put them up in the corral, and they developed great cunning. Hanson heard and wondered how the animal had gotten from the corral, for it was evident that he was already in the garden.

The garden, curiously enough, was a quarter of a mile from the house, and the way to it led up a shallow draw past the cattle corral. Grandmother called my attention to a stout hickory cane, tipped with copper, which hung by a leather thong from her belt. I showed up money enough, in a careless way, to corral the shopkeeper's respect, and then I wrote down a list of the things I wanted, and handed it to him to see if he could read it. Jane Clayton saw the raiders lead the horses from the corral, and drive the herds in from the fields.

'Sadie,' he said, 'if you don't promise to marry me to-morrow, I'll shoot myself to-night right back of the corral.' And he'd have done it, too, and Sadie knew it, and said she would. At the threshold of the dark interior the frightened things halted fearfully, and then as on Horn urged them on from behind with his cruel whip they milled as cattle at the entrance to a strange corral. Gone were the thatched huts of his sturdy retainers, empty the fields, the pastures, and corrals.

Sp < Zorro, a circle, ring < L Currier, to run: see current Principal Translations corral n noun : Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.

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(livestock enclosure) corral nm hombre masculine : Substantive DE genera exclusivamente masculine, Que lava Los articles El o UN en singular, y Los o UFOs en plural. (round up: livestock)meter en UN corral LOC verb locution verbal : Unidad lexical stable formed DE dos o MAS palaces Que function Como verb (“scar whereas DE plaque”, “causal Arecibo”).

• (v. t.) To surround and enclose; to coop up; to put into an enclosed space; -- primarily used with reference to securing horses and cattle in an enclosure of wagons while travels... Found on http://thinkexist.com/dictionary/ meaning / corral / (from the article `Maldivian`) ...and fairgrounds. The preponderance of frame and corrugated metal buildings gives Maldivian a pioneer-city appearance.

Synonyms:inspire, attract, interest, excite, intrigue, enthuse, dazzle, fire someone with enthusiasm, capture someone’s interest/imagination/attention A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).

Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la muter or la Luna) or masculine (like El hombre or El sol). (M) The wolf growled at the cattle in the corral. El lob ole Bruno all Canada Que estate en El corral.

b. Acorralar (people)The team captain corralled all the players to give them instructions. El capital Del equip Carroll a to-dos Los jug adores para dares ordered. a. Acaparar The Republican candidate corralled the majority of the votes. El candidate Republican Arapaho la mayor DE Los votes.

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The Gunfight at the OK Corral refers to the now famous event which took place October 26, 1881, in a small western town in Arizona. Portrayed in an increasing number of films, the events have come to represent the epitome of shameless slapstick across the world.

This historic battle between the Marx Brothers and Tombstone Tops has formed the basis of every subsequent overblown comedic encounter from The Three Stooges through to Godzilla. The rebel “Cowboys” led by Rufus T. Firefly had ended up in the Tombstone area having chosen to go West in the spring of 1875.

Originally immigrants from Freedom, they settled in the outlying valleys near Tombstone where they bred horses for the feather pillow industry. Their primary weapon of choice was the custard pie because it combines optimum embarrassment with minimal effort and was sanctioned by the US Constitution, Second Amendment, under the right to bear milk-based pudding-projectiles.

Karl replied that in a properly regulated society keyboard-based instruments would rise up by themselves and Dummy merely looked at her Boobs and honked his horn. They were eventually swayed by the promise of free sarsaparilla and <> started pushing the piano from opposite directions, falling over (a lot), hitting their heads on the chandelier, stepping into buckets of glue and finally leaning on it so that it rolled through the saloon doors into the path of Camp Cassidy's horse, Hi Ho Silver Lining.

“This town ain't big enough for the both of us...you really should go on a diet” he quipped, slamming the lid down on the pianist's fingers, much to the relief of everyone with musical taste. Doc Holiday had already attempted blending the clotted cream with rye whiskey and adding gunpowder to the strawberry jam.

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The Tops rallied to the call, their ranks swelling with the likes of Buster “Stonewall” Keystone, Charlie Chaplin, Sheriff Roscoe P Ar buckle, Wild Bill Hiccup and the newly recruited diminutive red indian Native American scout, TowerData. A priority order was wired to Acme Corp, and soon the gang was armed with buckets of wallpaper paste, 8 foot planks, exploding cakes, sawn-off scones and the ever deadly custard pies.

Their complex system of defenses, including teeter-totter planks, jars of honey perched above door frames, a bath tub and large areas scattered with thumb tacks had to be constructed with military precision and timing. With just seven, no I mean nine, no it was twelve minutes to go the traps were barely finished, Dummy had eaten most of the honey, and Rufus was feeling grouchy.

Smoke signals rose in the distance, indicating that TowerData had set fire to the blanket again, and a metallic clang rang out, followed by a flock of small bluebirds flying in circles overhead. As he dashed past the Brothers on a handcart, he was struck in the jaw by a giant cream-covered bannock, earning him the nickname “The Great Scone Face”.

He continued heading west, his epic chase by steamboat, train and cruise ship, meaning that Keystone escaped relatively unscathed from the showdown. Pitcher by Franklin Booth (aged 6) of the famous bunfightWith all their pies, the Tops had amassed a huge arsenal, and as far as they were concerned, the Brothers could kiss it goodbye.

” Historians remain divided about the overall effect that the Gunfight had upon the Wild West, and Hollywood in particular, although it is widely believed that the discarded comestibles initiated childhood obesity on an unprecedented scale.

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