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Leather Atherton girth with elastic end and stainless steel roller buckles. Crafted with great precision and finesse, the Shires Atherton Leather Girth is designed to ensure utmost comfort to the horse.

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Crafted from premium quality leather, this girth has a sturdy design that is resistant to easy wear. The robust construction of this leather girth is fortified by secure stitch lines, which imparts superior durability to the design.

Product Features: The simple leather girth is designed to ensure utmost comfort to the horse. Written by Katherine Blockader An English girth comes in many shapes, materials, and lengths.

If you're standing in front of a large display, you can easily be left scratching your head trying to pick the one that is right for you and your horse. There are two fundamental styles of English girths to choose from, and these are designed to accommodate the length of the billet straps on your saddle.

If you have a dressage saddle, you'll likely have very long billet straps that extend beyond the bottom of the flaps. If you have a forward seat, all-purpose, close contact or almost any other variation of an English saddle, the billet straps are much shorter and likely don't extend beyond the bottom of the flaps.

This will allow the girth to reach the short billet straps on these types of saddles. Whether you need a dressage or regular length girth for your saddle, you'll find they come in a variety of materials as well.

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Deciding on the material your girth is made from is a matter of preference. Functional quality leather girths are the most expensive, and with proper care can last a very long time.

You'll also find girths made of cotton or synthetic string, neoprene, webbing and felt, and other high tech materials. This elastic tends to wear out over time (it is replaceable on good quality girths), but can be more comfortable for the horse.

Also called 'chaffless,' these girths are shaped so that the width behind the horse's elbow is narrower. The Atherton is a leather girth that is shaped similarly, but is all one piece, or may have a single strap to which a thicker, shaped and padded length of leather is sewn.

However, dressage girths are much shorter as they attach to billet straps which are long and fasten below the saddle flap so that the buckles do not interfere with the lower leg position. Whether you require a dressage or regular length girth, they all come in different shapes, sizes and materials.

The material can affect the fit, performance and durability of the girth and its comfort for the horse. Leather girths that are good quality are the most expensive but if well cared for will last a long time and provide a comfortable option for your horse.

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String or cotton girths are cheaper but can cause rubbing for some horses. It is curved around the back of the elbows so this section is narrower, allowing better freedom of movement.

Leather is a popular choice and a shaped design is preferable for allowing maximum movement of the horse. Modern technology has very much been brought into girth designs of today and has significantly improved the styles available.

The design of girths has been seen to significantly contribute to horse’s performance so bear this in mind when purchasing Leather Atherton girth with elastic end and stainless steel roller buckles.

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This cushioned leather girth provides a high level of comfort whilst still being strong and durable. The contoured shape enables freedom around the elbows whilst triple thickness elastic inserts at both ends help alleviate pressure.

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The Cottage Craft Dressage Airflow Girth is a short dressage girth made from tubular polyester, with cotton interwoven on the inside to help prevent rubs, chaffing and sores. The Airflow vote filling is breathable and offers your horse further comfort.

This girth features stainless steel roller buckles for ease of use, and keepers for a tidy finish. Fully machine washable and supplied with buckle bag for washing.

The Mark Todd Deluxe Anatomical Leather Girth has been shaped and designed for comfort while offering your horse complete freedom of movement both on the flat and when jumping. Made from soft English leather, this girth is well padded and is elasticated at both ends to offer further flexibility.

This premium leather girth also features a D-ring for the attachment of training aids. This long stud girth is padded and has elastic on both ends for the horse's comfort.

The rolled edges ensure that none of the seams are in contact with the horse's skin, eliminating the risk of rubs or sores. This long stud girth also features attachments for training rings and martingales/breastplates.

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The leather is beautifully soft and this girth is well padded, offering your horse optimum comfort. This short stud girth is smart enough for competition use while being comfortable enough to be worn every day.

Featuring stainless steel roller buckles with double elasticated inserts and attachments for training aids and martingales/breastplates. The Havana short stud girth also has contrast cream stitching.

The Mark Todd Short Event Girth is supremely comfortable and ideal for everyday riding and training, while also being smart enough for competition use. Featuring stainless steel roller buckles with elasticated inserts, girth strap keepers for a tidy finish and center attachments for training aids and martingales/breastplates.

Shires Blenheim Girth Extension with Elastic Inserts RAP £10.50 New for 2019, the Shires Memory Foam Girth is ideal for young or sensitive horses.

Nylon webbing on the back of the girth prevents any over-stretching, while the double layer elastic inserts at either end help to relieve pressure. Featuring a soft flexible foam ensuring superior comfort for your horse.

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Featuring a soft flexible foam ensuring superior comfort for your horse. Features a central ring for martingale, training aid or breastplate attachment.

This quality leather dressage girth features a contoured design. Featuring a soft flexible foam ensuring superior comfort for your horse.

This girth is shaped to cut away behind the elbows, preventing the risk of any pinching or rubbing to sensitive and thinner skinned areas. The Collegiate Memory Foam Girth also features a center D-ring for easy attachment of training aids, breastplates and martingales.

This short dressage girth is shaped to cut away behind the elbows, removing the risk of pinching or sores to sensitive and thin-skinned areas. The straps at either end are elasticated for further comfort and to allow better movement, with roller buckles for easy adjustment.

The buckles are placed centrally over the thick and well-padded girth ends to avoid pressure points. The Memory Foam Dressage Girth also features a central D-ring for attaching training equipment, martingales and breastplates.

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This anatomical girth allows the horse complete freedom of movement, and is cut back for ultimate comfort. Internal elastic allows for a comfortable fit and movement while the horse is working, while keeping your saddle securely in place.

Internal elastic allows for a comfortable fit, while keeping your saddle securely in place. The heavy-duty central clip is useful for attaching training aids, martingales and breastplates.

The Shires Fleece Lined Girth is a comfortable webbing girth lined with synthetic wool which allows for increased airflow, preventing excess sweating, chaffing and rubs. The soft fleece lining makes this girth an ideal choice for more sensitive horses.

This girth features double layered elastic inserts at both ends and stainless steel roller buckles. The Shires Burgher Girth is made from a breathable, cushion web fabric which wicks away moisture to reduce the risk of chafing, rubs and sores.

This is an affordable general purpose girth complete with durable stainless steel fittings. The Shires Elasticated Burgher Girth is made from soft, breathable, cushion web fabric which works to wick away moisture.

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This reduces the risk of chafing, rubbing and sores to the delicate areas behind the elbows and beneath the horse. Featuring double layer elastic inserts at one end and stainless steel buckles.

The Shires Humane Cushion Web Girth is a comfortable girth, designed with a double D system which allows for even distribution of weight and pressure, reducing the risk of pinching and soreness due to uneven pressure. The breathable, cushioned web fabric keeps moisture build up to a minimum to reduce the risk of chafing and sores.

A good, high-quality and durable girth will correctly secure your saddle, ensuring you stay safe, while also making sure your horse is comfortable in his work without any chance of rubbing or discomfort. Many types of girths for horses are available depending on your saddle, discipline, budget and preference.

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