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Kimberley Over girth AIR 210 Well-finished with gold edge stitching in excellent leather to suit all Aussie saddles Colors: Black & Brown$52.00 AIR 280Leather pull-up strap and leather trimmed with soft fleece underside, makes this girth light in weight and extremely comfortable for the horse.

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GIRT 360Easy care, soft and very durable, neoprene is the choice of horse riders around the world. Sturdy Velcro connection allows the top of this girth to be removed for easy washing of the underside.

Sturdy Velcro connection allows the top of this girth to be removed for easy washing of the underside. The Bates Rig was originally designed in Australia many years ago.

A similar concept is sometimes marketed here in the USA as a tackle berry or rapid release. The special quick release Bates buckle allows the rider to girth up and girth extremely quickly without much effort, due to the special Bates buckle and the leverage system.

Hi, I was hoping that some Aussie saddle savvy folks could help me! I need to get a new girth for my Australian saddle, but have no idea what size to get for her. Since Western girths are a dime a dozen around here I just kinda go through til I find one that fits, don't worry about what the number is).

I'm fairly certain on the paperwork with my saddle (lost now) it said a size 40-something for the girth, but I have no idea. If anyone has some kinda mathematical equation of some sort I can get, would be nice.

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My 15h apply needs a 34" western, he's a bit on the thick side. Shoot down under saddlery and email with the type and brand of saddle you have and heart girth measurement.

If you have a soft tape measure just put the saddle on and measure from billet center hole to center hole under the horse. Well, my horses both use a 28" western cinch (and I'd go 26" if I could), and I use a 30" Australian girth with a Founder saddle...and the 30" means I have about 1-2" of overlap with the inner flap. With English saddles, they use a 44-46" girth, depending on the style of saddle (46 AP, 44 jump).

If you go on the website for either Down Under Saddlery or Australian Stock Saddle Co. they have them. I use a 29-inch girth for my saddle I use a 29.5 inch DT saddlery leather girth for my saddle.

Yes, down under is a good site, but their smallest girth 28, and as it is, I had to poke extra holes in the strap to make that one fit! Considering that the rig to get my saddle “converted” would cost more (about $100 maybe a bit more), I'm going to deal with the $30 girth, since my only issue is it being too big (and horse is a bit sensitive), I'm not having difficulty with cinching.

It's the go-to guy (though, occasionally will swap over to English or western for whatever reason. Wow, that is small, I have a 15 hand TWO that isn't that big using a 34” on my Aussie saddles.

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SO big fat horses and big giant legs, My first Aussie saddle came with leathers so long I couldn't reach the stirrups at it's shortest setting. Yea, my horse is about 14.2hh- she's Arabian mix so tends to be a bit more “dainty”.

(She's 4yo) I'm short, so I'm used to the stirrups being too short- I've had to poke what seems MILES of holes to get them to touch my feet =) The stirrup leather are wrapped back up- I'm tempted to cut off the excess- but then I think. Well, what if I end up selling or letting someone else use the saddle. My last saddle I went through down under, I sent pictures of my horse, measurements, heart girth, wither traces, my height weight jean size shoe size whole list of info.

My saddle arrived and fit me and my horse perfectly, I didn't even have to adjust the stirrups. Help with Aussie saddle Wow that is small, I have a 15 hand TWO that isn't that big using a 34” on my Aussie saddles.

SO big fat horses and big giant legs, My first Aussie saddle came with leathers so long I couldn't reach the stirrups at it's shortest setting. I'm new to this forum so bear with me as I'm not sure how it works. I just retired my 50 lb gained saddle for a lighter Aussie.

My foxtrotted mare is 17+ hands and is warm blood size, so I got a wide tree felt lined Aussie as I read they fit big horses better. I change the birthing system to western rigging which she likes better, and I can get it a lot tighter than with the Aussie girth.

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I added a crupper today, and she didn't mind it but wanted to be sure I had it adjusted right as I've never used one. I can fit two fingers under the tail part and the rest has a very small amount of play.

Peter Ho robin saddles, no matter the age, can be refurbished and repaired in our workshop, both aesthetically and to fit the horse. The benefits of second hand begins with our desire to contribute to sustainable practices through recycling and re-purposing, lessening the impact on the planet.

Pre-loved saddles boast the softness of worn in leather and also being a little easier on the hip pocket of your breeches. In fact, kangaroo leather is known for being 10 times the tensile strength of cowhide and 50% stronger than goatskin.

We’ve used the same stay-soft Isoform cushioning, as it really does stay that way no matter how much use it gets and eliminates any pinching of the sensitive skin behind the elbows. Plus, we’ve designed a new double-layer stitching system for your peace of mind.

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