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The Registrar of Racehorses (ROR) is a fully integrated division of Racing Australia (RA). ROR's role is to record information regarding the ownership and identity of thoroughbred racehorses for racing in Australia and for export.

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The original registration and naming of all thoroughbred horses, around 13,800 per year issuing duplicate racing papers in the event they are lost providing an identification service that can be used to find the identity of older horses who have not been microchipped In addition, each Principal Racing Authority (PRA) employs one Deputy Registrar.

The combination of national and state transactional data forms complete the Registrar of Racehorses' database. The nominee is the member who will be the primary contact for the membership and whose signature is to be on every submitted APSE transaction form.

Junior Members (under 17, only own a mare or gelding for riding purposes, no breeding, max 2 ponies, need to provide DOB) $50.00 If new members paying online using the PAYDAY application please use your last name as your reference instead of a membership number.

Please note full membership is required if you have purchased a pony and are wishing to transfer into your name, show, breed or if you would like to join the committee Under the Australian Rules of Racing (AR27), the ROR can only issue a duplicate Document of Description or Thoroughbred Identification Card if we are satisfied that the evidence received confirms that the Document of Description or Thoroughbred Identification Card was lost, destroyed or for some other reason could not be produced.

If there has been a breach in the rules of racing during the dispute, the ROR may refer the matter to the Local Stewards for a determination to be made. Stewards have powers under the Rules of Racing that enable them to order any person to surrender a horse's Document of Description, Foal Identification Card or Thoroughbred Identification Card.

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If a person does not comply with the Steward's request, the Steward may further direct the ROR to issue a duplicate Document of Description, Foal Identification Card or Thoroughbred Identification Card for the horse. The Australian Stock Horse Society Limited (the Society) is required to comply with the Privacy Act 1988 and the National Privacy Principles in collecting, using, disclosing and disposing of Members' personal information.

For administration purposes, including the distribution of information to Branches, Management Councils and other Members for the purpose of identifying horses, completing registrations and transfers, obtaining breeding, stud services and performance records, conducting sales and competitions, coaching clinics and the like. Maintaining the Society's Online Stud Book and horse's Certificate of Registration.

Members may gain access to their personal information held by the Society and may correct it if necessary. WSS acknowledges Bayerischer Zuchtverband fuel Kleinpferde UND Spezialrassen in Germany to issue War lander Papers, Passport, and Kerr War lander horses in Europe.

No outside blood except purebred War lander, Frisian, and Iberian (Andalusian, PRE, Luciano or Mannequin horse) is permitted. The Herd Book Register (HER) is the highest level of seed stock recording provided by Angus Australia.

Each animal to be recorded must be individually identified through a combination of tattooing, fire or freeze branding and National Livestock Identification electronic devices (NLS tags). All new calves entered the HBR must have a DNA profile recorded on file for their nominated sire.

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If from embryo transfer then the donor dam must be DNA profile if flushed after 1/1/2003 to enable reliable parent verification. As per Angus Australia Rules & Regulations random parent verification using DNA is regularly conducted.

Only HER registered animals are accepted for registration in corresponding overseas Angus Herd Books. Annually members are provided with a Herd Inventory list of all recorded females 2 years and over which are regarded as active, for example; for which Inventory fees are due and if paid, may have a calf recorded for that female in that year.

Pedigree Performance Certificates for HER animals are issued by the Angus Society on request. In addition, as a participant in the TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation you will receive ABV reports after each batch of performance data is submitted.

The fees for using the HER are outlined in the Angus Australia Rules & Regulations. An annual Herd Inventory fee is payable for all females 2 years and older recorded on the HER.

The Australian Cobber dog has had the advantage of a core group of foundation breeders who have had as their primary focus the health and temperament of the dogs whilst striving toward their long term vision for the breed. With our 21st Century advanced science and systems in communication and transportation this breed in development has had many advantages over the foundation breeders of past years who developed current recognized breeds.

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They terminated bloodlines and discarded expensively purchased breeding stock if they were shown to produce unsound progeny. Any dog which is not registered in the DBA Stud Registry must go through the approval process for inclusion into the gene pool from the 1st of January 2016 just as it would be if it were any other breed.

Breeders should not presume that any dog that is not already in the Australian Cobber dog gene pool will be automatically accepted as eligible for infusion. The DBA has an open studbook and to ensure that our registry is transparent and protects the integrity and health of this breed we have introduced mandatory and recommended registration requirements.

All dogs to be used in the gene pool must be registered in the DBA Foundation Registry prior to the mating. This application must include particulars of the dog being considered for infusion and an explanation as to why the breeder feels this is something which will benefit the breed.

The infusion application is then presented to the DBA Board who will assess all information and will make the final decision. As communicated in May of this year, over the past several years the identification, microchipping and DNA parentage verification of thoroughbred horses have been done by the Onderstepoort Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGA) in collaboration with the Equine Research Center (ERC), on contract to the NHA.

In recent years the foal crop numbers have dropped below 2 500. Consequently, this has resulted in major cash flow implications for the NHA given the delayed recoupment from breeders, and the increase of the cost by VGA of approximately 10% every year without a corresponding increase in fees by the NHA.

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As a result, the NHA was left with no option but to terminate the contract with VGA as of 31 July 2021. Accordingly, the NHA in consultation with the TBA have looked at the option to balance cost and integrity of data.

After an evaluation of several options, it was decided that VGA will still perform the identification, microchipping and parentage verification for the 2020 foal crop. As you are aware, members of staff of the VGA and ERC visit Thoroughbred Stud Farms during January through to April each year to implant the microchip for identification and take a blood sample from each foal for DNA profiling and parentage verification.

This upfront balance, and subsequent payments were previously borne by the NHA, and in many instances foals microchipped and sampled were never registered, thus leaving the NHA with a significant deficit that could never be recouped. For the 2020 foal crop the NHA Admin & Passport Fee will remain at R460 and must be paid by 15 July 2021.

* The deadline for not charging penalties on the 2019 foal crop has been extended to 30 April 2021 and the fee will be R3 049 if paid by the said date. Paris, KY –The Hancock family’s Claiborne Farm announced stud fees Oct. 15 for a number of their stallions that will stand at the Paris, Ky-based farm during the upcoming 2021 breeding season.

Among 13 stallions, WAR FRONT leads the charge with a stud fee of $150,000. In 2020, WAR FRONT has added three new Grade 1 winners to his record, bringing his lifetime total to 23, the most of any stallion in North America behind only Tacit with 27.

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WAR FRONT’s most recent Grade 1 winners include Breeders’ Cup hopefuls Civil Union and Halliday, as well as classic winner War of Will, who will stand alongside his sire at Claiborne Farm for the upcoming breeding season. In the sales ring, WAR FRONT continued his reign among leading sires with yearlings commanding prices up to $1,050,000.

On the racetrack, no other sire in North America has more Grade 1 winners than WAR FRONT in 2020. “In these unprecedented times, we felt it would be irresponsible to raise or keep some stud fees the same as last year, despite our stallions having outstanding success in the sales ring and on the racetrack,” said Claiborne President Walker Hancock.

This year, his two-year-olds sold for up to $600,000, while yearlings brought up to $330,000 in the sales ring. CATHOLIC BOY and DEMARCHELIER (GB), who both stood their first seasons at Claiborne in 2020, will remain unchanged.

CATHOLIC BOY, one of only three North American three-year-old colts in history to win Grade 1 events on both dirt and turf, will stand for $25,000. He is the sire of undefeated two-year-old sensation Plum Ali, a Breeders’ Cup hopeful and winner of the recent Miss Grille Stakes (G2).

Stud fees for Eclipse Champion UNHAPPY and WAR OF WILL be announced following the Breeders’ Cup. A Grade 1 winner on both dirt and turf, War of Will captured the Maker’s Mark Mile Stakes (G1) at Keen eland this summer and is pointed towards the Breeders’ Cup.

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The DBA’s aim is to enable breeders to use these registries as a tool to wonderful breeds and not just to document ancestry. By the DBA providing this service it allows purebred breeders to continue to improve the health and welfare of their breeds while providing them with the security of a reliable and reputable service to maintain their records. This re-assessment ensures we move into the future with only the very best and healthiest purebred canines.

It ensures those who are using the DBA registries have a greater choice in which dogs to use for breeding purposes and to have access to a much wider gene pool. The purpose of the General Stud registry is to accurately document and keep records of all DBA recognized purebred breeds.

It records health and temperament issues, good and bad, and any recognized awards the dogs have attained. Pure breed dogs with verifiable pedigrees that are born anywhere in the world are able to be accepted into this registry.

This registry identifies dogs which meet the advanced development criteria for qualification into the final phase before acceptance of the breed as a pure breed and entry into the General Studbook. This ensures that only dogs which have suitable pedigree evidence are able to have entry into the general studbook of an established purebred dog breed.

No dog nor its progeny is able to gain entry to the General Stud registry without approval using the DBA criteria. A preservation breeding program is a planned cross mating to achieve an approved goal.

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The purpose of the Companion Register is for dogs which do not qualify for registration as a purebred to participate in all DBA events except breed assessment programs.

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