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Due to be returned to the Studbook on 15 March of the season the mare was not covered. Access the online services program by logging in via the home page.

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A Foal Identification Card (FIC) is produced at the time a horse is parentage verified. The Foal Identification Card must be relinquished to the Registrar of Racehorses at the time an application for naming is submitted. In previous years, a passport (or Identification Papers) has been produced for Australian thoroughbreds.

Foal Identification card is produced at the time a horse is parentage verified. Only authorized ASB veterinarians can carry out the extraction of hair required for this test.

Upon positive parentage verification, a Foal Identification Card (FIC) will be sent to the contact associated with the horse. Please note that if a foal dies prior to microchipping and DNA sampling, the microchip must be returned to the ASB as soon as possible. Upon receipt of the microchip, the ASB will issue a refund of the parentage testing fee.

Veterinarians will receive: DNA cards Plastic Bags Reply paid envelopes All imported horses are required to be DNA typed to enable acceptance into the ASB.

The ASB will send breeders an identification kit and advise them of a two-month period in which their foal/s must be microchipped. The veterinarian is required to complete a Microchip, Brand and Sample (MBS) form and return it to the Studbook.

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To assist Thoroughbred breeders to comply with the requirements, the ASB’s microchip supplier, which owns one of the registries approved by the Government to record horses, is offering its services at a reduced rate to enter a Thoroughbred into its registry. To further assist, a preprinted Getafe Register form will be included in the DNA kit sent to breeders in Victoria to provide to your veterinarian at the time of microchipping, if you choose to use this registry.

Brands must be clearly visible as permanent white hair markings before horses are microchipped and DNA sampled. The Brand Index Card must be provided to the veterinarian at the time the horse is microchipped and DNA sampled to enable him/her to enter the correct Brand Index Number on the relevant forms.

Step 3 Wait for the ASB to send your foal’s identification kit. Step 4 Arrange for the veterinarian to visit in the month designated by the AustralianStudBook to implant the microchip.

Step 5 Approximately two weeks after the vet has taken the sample, check that the foal has been parentage verified on the Unnamed Produce page of the website, found under the horse name dropdown menu. Step 6 A Foal Identification Card (FIC) will be issued at the time of parentage verification.

Upon receipt of the FIC, check the identity of the horse against the brands, markings description and microchip number. The FIC must remain with the person currently in possession of the horse, and must be relinquished to the Registrar of Racehorses at the time an application for naming is submitted.

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All Stallion Returns are due to be lodged with the ASB by 30 June each year. Stallion Proprietors who stand stallions that cover more than 40 mares are required to lodge service dates electronically through a stud management system (such as Arden, Quipster or Stable Eyes) or via the Online Declaration of Service facility on this website.

Reporting of coverings are required to be lodged on a monthly basis as follows: Covering Date Lodge with ASB 1-30 September 2020 by 15 October 2021 1-31 October 2020 by 15 November 2021 1-30 November 2020 by 15 December 2020 1-31 December 2020 by 15 January 2021 Later services 2021 by 15th day of next monthStallion Proprietor certifies that the covering stallion is the sire of the foal. Required to be certified Online by the Stallion Proprietor from 31 January of the covering season, once the breeding contract fee has been received from the breeder.

The AustralianStudBook has ceased production of the Document of Description commencing with the 2003 foal crop. These horses, who are microchipped as an additional form of identification, will turn 2YO on 1 August 2005.

The card will be issued at the time of registration for racing purposes, and will replace the Document of Description for all horses recorded as born after 1 July 2003. The AustralianStudBook will issue a Foal Identification Card at the time of parentage verification.

Cards will be sent to the Contact Breeder of a particular foal, once DNA testing has been verified. The card will display the sire, dam, date of birth, sex and microchip number of the foal, as well as the brand image that appears on the Brands Register.

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When the 2003 or later foal is ready to be registered, the Foal Identification card should be forwarded to the Registrar with the Application to Register a Racehorse form, and a new card will be produced once the horse is named. Such details include owner's names, form of the horse, stewards embargoes, approved gear that the horse races in, and an emergency vaccination record.

In the interpretation of these Rules, (and of any program of a race meeting held thereunder), the following words unless the context otherwise requires, shall have or include meanings as follows:- “ Microchip means an electronic identifier transponder encoded with a unique unalterable number approved by the Registrar of Racehorses for implantation in a horse.

The word identifying means that the microchip must be functioning, and readable by a scanning device used by Australian Stewards. Provided that the stewards are otherwise satisfied as to the identity of the horse, a horse trained abroad and imported temporarily to race for less than one month is eligible to start in a race if it has not been implanted with an identifying microchip according to the conditions above.

The aim was to capture a broad cross-section of artists from all over Australia working in a variety of styles, as well as traditional Aboriginal painters. Art critic, John McDonald, provides profiles of individual artists, examining the way their studio space affects and stimulates their creativity.

The result is a book that focuses on the painters of one sprawling continent, but finds lessons applicable to all times and places. STUDIO presents an extraordinary anthology of visual and verbal insights into the way paintings are made, and the complex blend of motivation and inspiration that sustains the painter in his or her solitary search for meaning.

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“The ARB will take control and have all racing-data records centralized, which can only be good for the sport and its integrity,” ATC chairman Michael Climate said. The Studbook is the Australian thoroughbred industry’s library, and it records all stallions and broodmares in Australia as well as the more than 15,000 foals a year.

The result is that both RISE and the Studbook now form an integral part of the new-look Racing Australia website which comprises a raft of important information for owners, trainers and breeders. Our horses have competed at National Level in several disciplines including Camp drafting, Showing, Hacking and Lacrosse.

PHALANX AUSTRALIAN STOCK HORSES Included is information about the stud and breed, A.S.H. COL REMA ASH STUD Jo-Anne Lawrence Hill Street, Watch NSW 2354 pH.

LESLEY TAYLOR ASH Kingdom Park, Winged, NSW 2337 Mobile 0412 247 195 LONE PINE STUD Reasons Road, Bundanoon, NSW 2578 pH.

OAKLAND HAVEN PALOMINOS Breeding Australian Stock Horses Lot 5 Main Road, Glen Oak, NSW 2320 pH. TENDERLY ASH STUD Coveys Road, Clinton, NSW 2626 pH.

(Source: www.sellefrancais.fr)

HILLSDALE ASH STUD Boxes Creek Road, Goulburn, NSW 2580 TUNDRA STUD J & J Meyers 1840 Wean Road, Gunned ah, NSW 2380 pH.

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