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• Thursday, 17 June, 2021
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Author: Jen K. Millions of people ask Lessons .com for cost estimates every year. If you’d rather be taught by someone with recognized credentials, look for certifications in the area of horse riding you are interested in.

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Once you’ve decided horse riding is a sport you’d like to pursue, package deals can sweeten the cost of lessons. “Instruction includes but is not limited to: haltering, leading, grooming, tacking up, and mounted exercises (walk, trot, canter, etc.).

We work in an indoor or outdoor arena.” Whispering Oaks Equestrian Center in Tampa, FL, offers a four-lesson monthly package for $145, a 20% savings off regular lesson prices. Given that there are so many standalone passions one can pursue within the sport, it can be easy to find an instructor ready to give private lessons toward the accomplishment of your particular goal.

Whispering Oaks Equestrian Center in Tampa, FL, has prepared many students to compete in state, local, and national championships, while Liz at Calypso Bay Stables in Pinellas Park, FL, offers a 45-minute Tiny Tots private lesson for $40 and a 30-minute jumping only lesson for $40. If you have always dreamed of learning to ride a horse, riding lessons will take you every step of the way.

You can be a beginner who is slightly terrified of horses or a competition-level professional looking to fine-tune your skills or improve your general horsemanship. Often, horseback riding lessons take place at a farm, ranch or barn.

Your lessons may be inside a barn, out in a fenced pasture, on a trail, or on an area that's set up as a racecourse or obstacle course. The type of location will depend on your skill level and your horseback riding goals.

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Instructors offer lessons in Western or English riding, or you can focus on a specialty such as jumping or racing. You may take horseback riding lessons for fun and relaxation, for dressage, to improve your competition skills, for trail riding, or for show jumping.

Barns and stables that provide lessons professionally are well-equipped with saddles, blankets, helmets, reins and all the other accouterments of horseback riding. Lesson costs typically include the use of a horse owned by the instructor or stable.

Debut Arabians only offers private instruction, in keeping with their training beliefs. If you would like private attention to hone a particular skill, but also want to careful with your budget, consider attending semi-private or small group lessons regularly, with a private lesson every two weeks or once a month to address specific needs.

Some instructors offer horseback riding lesson packages, which typically must be prepaid. Most experts recommend taking an intro lesson with an instructor before purchasing a package, so you can learn whether you like the instructor's teaching style and the setup of the stables before making a major financial commitment.

At Summer Wind Stables in Chester land, Ohio, the owners provide financial incentives to students who pre-purchase lesson bundles. If a student pays upfront for the quarterly small group package, they receive 13 lessons over 3 months for $599.

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This represents a $116 savings over paying for each class individually, or the equivalent of two free lessons. Most stables will have a welcome email or packet that outlines everything you should do to be fully prepared and comfortable for your first day of horseback riding, including what clothes and shoes to wear.

Obvious red flags are poorly maintained facilities or animals that do not seem well cared for. Meet the instructor you will be working with before committing to ongoing lessons or buying a package.

If you want to eventually compete in barrel racing or show in dressage, do your research and find an instructor who excels at teaching in your area of interest. There are two main styles of horseback riding lessons that you can take, Western and English.

Western saddles are larger with more components, including a horn, which is directly related to cattle roping often associated with Western-style riding. In fact, some pros, such as Staci Graham of Horizon Arabians, recommend that undecided students find a stable that can teach you about both English and Western riding.

According to Graham, some students may take up to a year to make a choice while they master the basics of riding. There are many physical and emotional benefits of spending time with horses, but it can be an expensive hobby.

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If you decide that you want to move beyond taking lessons to owning a horse, you can start out part-time and ease into ownership. For example, Debut Arabians has a program that allows riders to lease a stable horse for either $250 (part-time) or $500 (full access) per month; the stable boards and cares for the horse, but the riders can ride whenever they like.

Working with horses is not only fun physical fitness, it also has proven therapeutic results. The therapeutic value of horseback riding has led to the creation of programs to treat PTSD in veterans.

Read client reviews and follow up with references to make sure you're choosing the right instructor for you or your child. Horseback riding can be a source of unbridled pleasure for people of all ages and ability levels.

This can be an exhilarating experience, but it also carries some risk, so it’s important that you be properly trained in how to ride safely right from the first time you saddle up. When you decide you want to try horseback riding, it’s important to understand up front that this sport requires time and money.

But in return for the investment, you can expect to receive a host of physical and emotional benefits. But more than this, it can also teach hard-work, responsibility, determination, balance, coordination and a sense of freedom that can be hard to replicate in any other way.

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Many people opt for the Western horse saddle style, which is a little safer than English and can be easier to master, although many of the basics can be similar when it comes to beginner horseback riding lessons. If you’re not sure of your preferences, you might talk to some horse instructors to learn more about your choices and help find the right match.

Once you have an idea of your goals in seeking horseback riding lessons, you should contact some horse stables in your area and ask lots of questions to determine what they offer and how well they adhere to common safety practices. Some types of information that can help you to assess the quality of horseback riding lessons include: how long the horse instructor has been riding and how long he/she has been teaching, whether he/she has competed in any horse shows and what type of awards he/she has won.

You’ll also want to find out what kind of insurance the horse stable and/or instructor carries. An affiliation with these types of organizations can demonstrate the horse instructor’s commitment to the field and to students.

If you are just starting out with horseback riding, most experts recommend beginning with private lessons so that you can become comfortable with the basics before you move into a group setting. Keep in mind that the initial horseback riding lessons will usually be shorter (perhaps 30 or 45 minutes) until you build up your stamina, strength, and flexibility required to ride for longer periods.

This teaches students how to handle the horse properly and take the necessary steps to ensure they stay safe each time they saddle up for a ride. In order to find a horseback riding stable that offers lessons, you can ask for referrals from colleagues and friends.

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Some websites also offer a searchable directory that can make it easy for you to find equestrian training in your area. You might opt for private lessons, which will be the more expensive avenue, but it will also help you learn the basics in the most efficient recommended way.

Note that many horseback riding schools offer lesson packages that include multiple sessions. (You might save about $10 per lesson), while others will charge the same price no matter whose horse you use because the same amount of work is involved.

The cost of horse riding lessons will depend on the number of sessions you purchase up front, if it’s private, the length, professional offering the lessons and the geographical lesson. However, this can vary, so be sure to check with your teacher to see how many lessons will be included with your payment.

This price will depend on the instructor’s credentials, experience, and reputation. Each facility, as mentioned, is going to vary with its package plans.

Green lawn Equestrian, a professional we researched, had a list of their prices available on their website. Riding lessons for children under the age of five can cost $35 to $55 per half hour.

Some facilities offer day camps for kids and will usually be done during summer vacation. Type of LessonsAverage PriceGroup$45 per hourPrivate$70 per hourPackages$400~ per 10 The first time you meet with the instructor, he or she will evaluate your skill and decide where to start with your lessons.

In general, you will learn how to handle the horse, how to groom, how to care for equipment and the riding basics. They will give instructions for everyone to follow simultaneously, and may, therefore, not notice small mistakes that you might be making.

After a certain number of lessons, some stables can put on a show for friends and family to showcase what you have learned so far. No matter the situation, a riding helmet must always be worn.

Some stables will include an approved equestrian helmet while others may make you purchase one. Aside from the helmet, long pants and riding boots may be required as well.

Most instructors will want you to take at least four to six lessons to get a good grasp on riding. If you take lessons with other people, the cost will be less per rider.

A private lesson, while more expensive, will give you the instructor’s undivided attention. When the stables are not busy, many professionals are willing to teach for a lower fee.

Some stables may offer free lessons in exchange for volunteer work. While you don’t want to focus solely on the price, it can offer an idea of what they are charging in your area.

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