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• Monday, 21 June, 2021
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Would you throw a curve ball to a hitter famous for hitting fastballs? You would have studied his stats and figured out that this guy hits far more fastballs into the center field bleachers than he does curve balls.


So your game plan would simply be to feed him a steady diet of curves. The weather is nicer, it's easier to travel and outdoor activities can be planned.

Planning a reunion in the summer is also practical for classmates with families that can only vacation during this time. Send out invites a year ahead of time, so attendees can plan their next summer accordingly.

Many planners host a reunion around thanksgiving knowing that many people come home for the holidays. Colleges are usually closed by the middle of May, so many hotels are looking for additional business in the final two weeks.

If you are expecting 100 classmates to attend, then it would be fair to assume that 180 people will be coming to the reunion. Keep this statistic in mind when you to plan the menu, and create the Class Reunion Budget.

Budget Assistance When planning for food, entertainment, venue and party favors, plan according to how many you expect to attend (20-30% of your graduating class), then double that number since many will bring a friend or spouse along to serve as a buffer. Keep in mind that you will have extra costs for vendor meals, teachers, and honorary guests.

This is helpful information when trying to contact people you cannot locate through Facebook or other Internet websites. How strong the class reunion planning committee is in searching, and subsequently engaging potential attendees is.

Typically, a small graduating class can see a 50% turnout at a school like Mount Royal University. In order to get a better understanding of the kind of attendance you can expect at your class reunion, ask the alumni office for historical numbers.

When trying to locate classmates you might find it useful to know that on average more than 60% of classmates still reside in their home state. At your highschoolreunion, you'll experience true terror: an irrefutably accurate reflection of the march of time.

For the price of a single ticket home, you can witness the horrifying truth that your former classmates -- and you -- are getting old. No one is spared the jolt of this realization, and John Weeks, a geography professor at San Diego State University is no exception.

“Our first reaction was shock at the number -- 43 out of a graduating class of 412 -- 10 percent,” he writes on his educational blog, Weeks Population. Using life expectancy tables from the National Center for Health Statistics, part of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, he calculated the expected rate of death for men and women of his generation.

“In all events, it was sobering to realize that the initial number of dead classmates was not higher than we should have expected,” Weeks wrote. At our request, a Florida actuarial firm agreed to calculate the expected number of deaths by various highschoolreunion dates.

Again, these general statistical guidelines don't take into account demographic variables such as gender, income and ethnicity. Americans with money and education also tend to live longer, in large part due to better health care.

Perhaps for these reasons, states in the Deep South tend to have some of the highest mortality rates. African Americans also have the highest mortality rates in this country, followed by Caucasians, Hispanics and Asians.

“Could it be an irrational fear of walking in to that registration room on Day One and -- in a moment out of ‘The Twilight Zone’ -- discovering my own picture on the ‘Those Who Have Left Us’ wall?” Having a strong and focused class reunion planning committee is one of the keys to increasing attendance at your event.

With the average class reunion attendance of 20%, most of your classmates will be very disappointed with the turnout. Some are there to entice by way of a discount and others will create a sense of belonging to the group.

They can cost hundreds a night so a three-day weekend may run a classmate over $500, and that is before taxes. Don’t just email invitations and save the dates Make personal phone calls and ask them to attend.

Post pictures (Old and new), share stories, let classmates talk and catch up on the Facebook group’s “wall”. Make sure to post any videos of graduation to get people to start reminiscing about their past.

Lower the cost of the class reunion by offering an early bird discount Lower the price by 10-20% for early bird registrations and that will instantly get you a bunch of commitments and much need cash flow to continue planning the event. Read Ideas On How To Raise Startup Funds For A Class Reunion “.

Create a class reunion website that keeps your classmates engaged in the planning process Ask questions via polls, participate in live chats, and answer classmate questions in the message boards. Also, post pictures and information of a nostalgic nature to keep people thinking about the past etc.

A class reunion website serves as an icebreaker in that your classmates will be able to see that they are not alone in the aging process. They won’t feel the same anxiety having spoken to people through chats and message boards on the website and that will increase attendance.

Consider the class reunion website as a permanent home where people can connect long after the class reunion is over By sending out regular emails with upcoming birthdays, featured profiles of classmates and other interesting tidbits, you give people a reason to come back. Set the class reunion date around thanksgiving or around the time of the homecoming weekend Many people are visiting family at this time and homecoming weekend will provide lots of school activities that classmates can participate in.

Encourage informal reunions in different neighboring cities Our class reunion in Buffalo New York was preceded by small mini-reunions (5 or fewer people meeting for lunch) in the neighboring cities of Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Rochester. Doing so helps classmates that are geographically in the same area meet up ahead of the reunion.

When creating a class reunion website, make sure to have a page that has a list of confirmed attendees. Communicate frequently with classmates, especially during the last 12 months before the class reunion Send out email updates, post polls on the class reunion website, and ask people to get involved by volunteering.

Whether that involves hosting a monthly chat online or an active message board, do whatever it takes to keep the interest high in the class reunion. Plus, with all this “random” information, you can create a whole slide show for the class reunion with lots of fun facts about each classmate.

Market your class reunion every chance you get Do it through public service announcements, calling people, email, regular mail, and any other means that you can think of. People want to reconnect with their past and a tour of the school can be just the catalyst to get them to register.

Doing so brings back memories for classmates and makes for one nostalgic evening. It will help form stronger bonds of friendship and give each an identity that they will cherish.

If you think most people attend their high school reunions to recapture the good old days and renew old acquaintances, wake up. The real reason most people attend their high school reunions is to find out how badly their former school chums have turned out, experts say.

Still, an estimated 250,000 such gatherings will take place this year, according to information from the National Association of Reunion Planners in Rockville, Md. The key to surviving a class reunion, regardless of how much your hairline has receded or your waistline has expanded, is just being comfortable with yourself, experts say.

It seems that’s a lot easier said than done because there’s just something about the phrase '' highschoolreunion '' that can reactivate adolescent insecurities and trigger once-buried anxieties. But once most people have gone back to a class reunion and shared their personal experiences, they realize it doesn't matter what someone else thought of them, she said.

Yet the thought of stepping back into the past causes many people to zero in on present insecurities such as appearance, or problems such as divorce or struggles with chemical dependency. That’s why at every highschoolreunion, there’s bound to be one or two people babbling on about their successful businesses, while pulling back the cuff on their jacket to flash an expensive watch.

STAFFORD The Holiday Inn on Route 72 was the site for the reunion of students who graduated from Barnett Township’s original Homeschool. The one thing they had in common was that they had graduated from Barnett Homeschool in any of its years of existence.

Barnett Homeschool was originally held in an elementary school building on Ridgeway Street. It graduated students who traveled from Weirton to New Greta and all of Long Beach Island until June 1957.

Margaret Thomas Buchwald of Harvey Cedars, wrote that she met a lot of new girls and boys among the 42 kids in her class. Sonia Delores Larsen Ingebretsen loved her classes at Barnett Homeschool.

Watson Their of Beach Haven also remembered riding the bus to Barnett Homeschool. Ellen Schiff, also from Beach Haven found the long bus ride mundane but life at Barnett Homeschool interesting and challenging.

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