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The car and engine are therefore subject to heavy braking loads as the driver scrubs off 50% of that speed to take the first corner at approximately 140 km/h. The braking zone for this corner is the hardest one of the track, as the cars arrive at 300 km/h and take the turn at just over 70 km/h.

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In parallel engineers will try to make the downward gear shifts as smooth as possible so the torque gradient change is ironed out and not too aggressive. Giving smooth downshifts and the right level of overrun will result in a better balance, thus helping to control wheel lock and minimize tire wear.

This sends huge loads through the tyres, so pedal maps are often designed with just this corner in mind. In fact the driver will just blip the throttle between the entry and the exit of the chicane as he changes direction.

Construction also coincided with the Olympic Games scheduled to take place in Barcelona the next year, where the circuit acted as the start and finish line for the road team time trial cycling event. This has led to criticism that drivers and mechanics are too familiar with Catalonia, reducing the amount of on- track action.

When first used, overtaking was frequent as cars could follow closely through the last two corners and slipstream down the long straight. The 2007 season saw the first of the two final sweepers replaced with a slow chicane in an effort to improve overtaking.

Further changes were made to the circuit in December 2017 as grandstands were removed to add additional runoff that allowed the FIM to eliminate that chicane (although the Turn 10 hairpin was kept). The track was resurfaced in 2018 as a result of calls by MotoGP riders to improve the amount of grip on the surface.

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The circuit hosted many other international racing series, including the FIA Sport scar Championship (1999–2002), European Touring Car Championship (2003), FIA GT Championship (2003), Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (2006–2011), European Le Mans Series (2008–2009, 2019), and World Series by Renault (2002–2004, 2006–2011), GT World Challenge Europe Endurance Cup (2017-present), 24h DE Barcelona Trophy Fermi Vélez. Since 2016, the racetrack hosts the 24h Circuit Festival, an ultra-distance cycling event featuring 24-hour, 12-hour and 6-hour races for soloists and relay teams up to 8 riders.

The wind direction at the circuit can change drastically during the day, a significant factor given the importance of aerodynamics to modern Formula One cars. The F1 layout was implemented for MotoGP originally in 2016 following the fatal accident of Luis Salem in European corner on 3 June 2016.

Drivers brake and shift down to gear three, and must not run too wide as turn eight has a large curb on its apex which could potentially damage cars' suspensions. Turn 9, Camps Corner, is a very fast, sixth-gear right-hander which is made incredibly difficult by being completely blind (drivers cannot see the apex on approach).

In 1994, Michael Schumacher managed to finish in second place despite driving over half the race with only fifth gear. In 2001, Mikey Hawkins suffered a clutch failure while leading the race on the last lap, handing the win to Schumacher.

At the 2006 event, Fernando Alonso became the first Spanish Formula One driver to win at his home country's track. In 2008, Hakka Kovalainen left the track at 240 km/h (149 mph) after a wheel rim failure at turn 9.

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He was temporarily unconscious and suffered a minor concussion, but a few minutes later, spectators were relieved when he gave a thumbs up. On 3 June 2016, during Moto2 Free Practice for the 2016 Catalan motorcycle Grand Prix, Luis Salem crashed in turn 12, resulting in the session being red-flagged.

After being transferred to the local Hospital General de Catalunya, Salem died of the injuries sustained in the crash. After off-season discussions, the FIM announced that the track layout would be slightly modified in that the chicane would be moved up a few meters.

Due to the irregularities detected in the last audit, the City Council of Barcelona decided to cancel the economic grant that the circuit received until now, which has aggravated its economy. The Circuit is located in an elevated area with respect to its environment, and without protective measures to minimize the noise pollution produced by cars, motorbikes and other vehicles.

Join Live SessionJoin Live Session google tag.cmd.push(function() {google tag.display('div-gpt-ad-1570701821262-0');}); For a Lap Record to stand, it must be posted during the race, not in practice or qualifying.

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W11 testing II on February 28, 2021 in Circuit de Barcelona Catalonia, Spain. Both Alex Albion and Mimi Raikkonen spun in the cooler morning conditions.

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PosNoDriverTeam Lap Time1st GapLapsTyres 177 Latter BottasMercedes 1:16,19679Hard233 Max Verstappen Bull 1:16,269+0,07345Soft33 Daniel RicciardoRenault 1:16,276+0,08065Soft416 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1:16,360+0,164181Medium544 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:16,410+0,21490Medium631 Esteban OconRenault 1:16,433+0,23775Soft711 Sergio Penetrating Point 1:16,634+0,438154Soft855 Carlos Saint Jr. McLaren 1:16,820+0,624163Soft963 George Russell Williams 1:16,871+0,675146Hard1026 Daniel KvyatAlphaTauri 1:16,914+0,718160Soft118 Romain GrosjeanHaas 1:17,037+0,84186Medium127 Mimi RäikkönenAlfa Romeo 1:17,415+1,219115Medium1320 Kevin MagnussenHaas 1:17,495+1,29929Medium1423 Alexander Allowed Bull 1:17,803+1,60759SoftCheck out more items on this website about: Situated just outside Barcelona, the circuit was a popular testing destination for Formula One teams for many years, until in-season testing was limited from 2009. It struggled to attract a large crowd initially but the growth of interest in the sport in the early 2000s due to the rise of Fernando Alonso saw race attendances surge.

The next corner on the track, La Caixa, was tightened in a largely unsuccessful attempt to create a new overtaking opportunity in 2004. Then in 2007 another alteration was made to improve safety, with a chicane inserted between the two high-speed corners at the end of the lap.

MONTERO, Spain -- Red Bull's Daniel Riccardo set a new Circuit de Catalunya track record to lead the mid-way point of the sixth day of Formula One's pre-season tests. Riccardo's RB14 hit the track shortly after 13:00 with the hyper-soft tire -- the newest and softest compound in Pirelli's range -- to set a 1:18.047.

Dan Institute/Getty Images Pirelli is expecting teams to dip into the high 1:17s before the conclusion of this week's test, highlighting the fact there is still performance to be found from both the newly-resurfaced track and the pink-striped tire. Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel finished 1.494s behind but did not venture on to Pirelli's softest compound for a flying lap.

Last year's top three teams were closely matched in terms of laps completed, which is still the more relevant statistic at this stage of testing. McLaren finished the opening session with 47 laps, but suffered another setback when Fernando Alonso was forced to park the car midway through the morning.

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An oil leak was to blame and although it was not directly engine related, McLaren made the decision to change the car's power unit meaning Alonso will have to wait several hours before returning to the Circuit de Catalunya circuit for what is scheduled to be his penultimate day in the car. After hitting multiple issues on Tuesday, it means more lost time for the team as it embarks on a new engine partnership with Renault.

The French manufacturer's factory team has quietly been building impressive mileage during testing and continued the encouraging work on Tuesday. The team's running was delayed by “minor part changes”, though it hopes to re-emerge in the early afternoon to complete its first full race simulation of the winter so far.

Esteban Icon had caused a brief wave of excitement in the media center midway through the session when he set a 1:19.067 on soft, only for his time to be deleted for evading the track limits in the final sector. He finished the session in eighth, but the Force India was another team which did not emerge from the garage on Pirelli's softest compound before 1300.

Putting together the fantasy Formula 1 race circuit means hair-raising speed will always be an essential part of any track thanks to the raw appeal of the fastest cars in the world being pushed to the absolute limit. During the F1 hiatus, there have been plenty of inventive ways to pass the time including dreaming up the perfect track.

While Mercedes soared, Ferrari slumped to further humiliation with neither of their cars starting their home race in the top 10 for the first time since 1984. Hamilton’s lap was simply sensational, a prodigious one minute 18.887 seconds at an average speed of 264.362kph (164mph) to lead Finnish teammate Latter Boats in another front row lockout.

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It was the 94th pole of Hamilton’s stellar career, and his seventh at the ‘Pasta Magic’, and shattered the idea that a clampdown on so-called engine ‘party modes’ would affect his team’s performance. McLaren’s Carlos Saint, who is joining Ferrari next year, burnished his credentials with an impressive third place on the grid on a sunny afternoon, with Racing Point’s Sergio Perez fourth in his ‘Pink Mercedes’.

There will be no crowd at the most passionate and atmospheric of venues on Sunday, due to COVID-19 restrictions, which may be just as well for Ferrari as they endure their worst season in decades. “What a mess!” exclaimed the four- times world champion, who took his first F1 win at Mona with Too Ross (now AlphaTauri) in 2008.

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