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• Friday, 25 June, 2021
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Over the past few years, there’s been a noticeable rise in the number of self-proclaimed gurus with #Success and #Excellence in their social media bios who routinely dole out advice concerning the strategies you need to harness to live a life defined by both of those descriptors, which usually comes in the form of motivational sermons recorded in the driver’s seat of a Tesla (or some other luxury car that’s become the default setting for these pep talks for reasons I’m still unable to grasp). Many of those mentions come in the form of their focus on the importance of having a “side hustle,” which (if they’re to be believed) is basically a prerequisite when it comes to maximizing your potential in 2020.

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There aren’t really any restrictions for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to embark on an endeavor to provide them with some supplemental income (with the potential to see it eventually become their primary hustle if they play their cards right) but I haven’t come across many people who’ve taken a cooler path than an Ohio man by the name of Kevin Mullein. Mullein’s primary hustle is a career in marketing that led to him starting his own consulting company focused on helping non-profits and small businesses looking to make more of a mark.

However, around the halfway point of the previous decade, he set out to do the same following a moment of inspiration that marked the beginning of a fascinating quest: opening his own beer bar…by finding a fire truck he could convert into a watering hole on wheels. I recently connected with Mullein over email, where he outlined the journey that led to the creation of Tapped 419, the Toledo-based operation he launched in 2019.

After spending almost years scouring the internet, he finally found the emergency vehicle that served as the primary barrier to entry when it came to realizing his vision (with the possible exception of getting his wife’s blessing) : It started as a “What If” project and I casually searched online auction sites for about five years before I finally got the green light from my wife.

While the owner shared what little he knew about the truck’s background, Mullein eventually reached out to the station it once called home and managed to learn a bit more about its history in addition to getting his hands on a (literally) flashy accessory: After driving home with his new acquisition, Mullen found himself faced with his next hurdle: figuring out how the hell to covert a fire truck into a mobile bar.

While he admits he hadn’t given a fairly crucial step much forethought, he was lucky enough to see the stars align when it came to making his idea a reality: I called a bunch of people who work for different fire departments, and unsurprisingly, nobody knew what would happen if I removed the water tank.

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Over three-quarters of our scheduled events for the year have been canceled, and since the fire engine wasn’t really doing anything, we started donating it to give free root beer floats to local healthcare workers and first responders. There’s no telling when the world will return to normal, but if you’re within Tapped 419’s radius and looking for a way to celebrate if that does indeed happen at some point in the future, be sure to check out their website for all the info you need.

Senior Republicans have been taken aback by the extent of Mr Biden's opening measures, especially on immigration and climate change. Ministers are trying to force Boris Johnson into closing Britain's borders to foreigners amid a growing Cabinet row over how to prevent new COVID-19 variants spreading to the UK.

They agreed there would be additional safety measures for those making essential journeys from non-EU countries such as the UK, including testing before departure. Radical measures to be considered by the Cabinet's Covid-O committee include making UK arrivals wear a GPS tag to ensure they are not leaving their quarantine accommodation, and making all arrivals pay to stay in hotels which they would not be allowed to leave for their 10-day period in isolation.

Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, and the Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove are understood to back tougher restrictions similar to those in Australia and New Zealand, which have travel bans on non-residents and “managed isolation” of any arrivals in approved accommodation. Michel Barnier has warned that there is “always a risk” that other European countries will follow Brexit Britain and leave the EU.

“We have to be vigilant because it is always a risk for the future,” he added, “This risk can be combated by the proof that it is clearly a better situation to be inside the EU than outside.” “Brexit has exposed the consequences of leaving the EU for all to see,” he said, ““Even though we have a deal the UK’s choices mean that there will be inevitable short-term and long-term consequences.” He added, “Together, we can build a Europe that not only protects but also inspires. The important thing for the EU was that Britain’s new-found regulatory freedom did not become “a tool for dumping against us.” If Britain was to undercut EU standards to gain an unfair competitive advantage over European businesses, Mr Barnier said, the bloc would not hesitate to use remedial measures, which could include tariffs, in the trade deal.

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Mr Barnier is soon to step down as the EU’s chief negotiator to become a special advisor to Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission. The Education Secretary said he “would certainly hope” that children would be back in the classroom by early April, adding that he wants this to happen at the “earliest possible opportunity”.

Primary and secondary schools were ordered to close at the start of the month to all but the children of key workers and the most vulnerable youngsters. Announcing the latest national lockdown on January 4, Boris Johnson said schools would need to remain shut until the February half-term at the earliest.

On Thursday, Mr Williamson said a key factor in determining when schools could reopen would be whether pressures on the NHS had eased sufficiently. Bonus has returned every day to a hospital in the Turkish city of Trayvon, to wait for her owner, Cecal Century.

Century’s daughter, Your Gel, said she would take Bonus home, but the dog would repeatedly run off and return to the hospital to continue her vigil. Thousands of vials of the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine were saved during an “urgent” mission by council staff following flooding at an industrial estate in Wales.

“The combination of economy, power, maneuverability and low cost of ownership, made choosing the NOR as the basis for our new craft beer truck a no-brainer,” said Steve Napolitana, co-founder and president of Bottle Logic. The truck features a 16 ft insulated storage area for kegs and beer crates that is kept cold by a Thermos King refrigerator unit and a lift gate in the back for easy loading and unloading.

beer empty kegs trailer carrying tractor falls overpass containers pa truck spilling wpvi trucked crews bucks plunged hundreds bensalem littered
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But the weekend festival scene is where this work truck transforms into its own party beer tent! There is even a 15 ft awning that when opened up keeps the bartenders working the 8-tap beer station in the cool shade.

She was Pippin' on southern and singing' Marshall Tucker / We were falling in love in the sweetheart of summer / She hopped right up into the cab of my truck and said / “Fire it up, let's go get this thing stuck.” Moore spends a lot of time convincing himself that all of this natural and beautiful, but he might be working a bit too hard to do what the birds and bees are telling him to do.

Not just a sandwich or ice cream vendor anymore, these trucks are serving as an expression of their owners creative cookery. These trucks are driven from a home location to events or their service areas.

Many new or secondhand models of food trucks are available on eBay if you would like to operate one. Check your local zoning and automobile regulations before choosing a spot to park your truck.

Do not set up in “no parking” zones, private property, or in front of bus stops, crosswalks, and fire hydrants. Festivals and other events are good locations and can be a way to promote your truck.

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