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These detailed lyrics follow the story of a little boy and girl who end up getting married. Just when you think you've moved on, you hear a song that brings old memories back to life.

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“Well, for all the miles between us / And for all the time that's past / You would think I haven't gotten very far / And I hope my hasty heart / Will forgive me just this once / If I stop to wonder how on earth you are.” This sad, soulful tune by singer-songwriter David Nail is all about missed opportunities a man is facing after the love of his life passes.

Country duo Brooks & Dunn tells the story of old man Wrigley, a Navy veteran who has lost his wife and his baby, through the eyes of a young boy. “Your love has ended, but mine still remains, but nobody answers when I call your name,” he sings.

“But life will call with daffodils and morning glorious blue skies / You'll think of me some memory and softly smile to your surprise / And even though you love me still you will know where you belong / Just give it time we'll both be fine when I'm gone,” Joey sings, in a moving track that the duo's friend wrote as a tribute to her dying mother. The guttural vocals of Chris Staple ton elevate this sorrowful tune from very sad to total tear-machine.

Emotive voice aside, the lyrics certainly torch our heartstrings, too: “Honey loads up your questions / And pick up your sticks and your stones / And pretend I'm a shelter for heartaches / That don't have a home / Choose the words that cut like a razor / And all that I'll say / Is fire away.” “Eighty-nine cents in the ashtray / Half empty bottle of Gatorade rolling in the floorboard / That dirty Braves cap on the dash / Dog tags hanging from the rearview,” Lee Brice croons, already compelling us to get a little teary-eyed during the song's opening verse.

And it only gets more downcast from there: “I wear this crown of thorns / Upon my liar's chair / Full of broken thoughts / I cannot repair.” Here, Urban captures that lonely night post-breakup feeling in the gloomiest of ways.

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Nope, but we'll be laughing and living, drinking and wishing forevermore to try and replicate that youthful high. This dramatic tale of a husband who returns from service to find his wife with another man and then takes his life is just plain haunting.

With mournful background vocals from Alison Krauts, good luck making it through the song without getting misty eyed, especially as you get to the part where you learn the wife took her life, too, stricken with remorseful pain from her husband's suicide. And unlike most of his arena rock anthems, this is one of his few songs that in concert you can probably hear a pin drop.

You know a song has serious heartbreak potential when Merle Haggard pairs up with Willie Nelson and songwriting legend Freddy Powers to write it. 1 hit delivers with angelic supporting vocals from Janie Cricket.

From first line, “I'll probably never see you eye to eye again / This letter's meant to be my last farewell,” to final hook, “I need to be somewhere hiding' when I feel the teardrops start / Looking' for a place to fall apart,” please send help or a hand to hold, 'because boy are we feeling blue. Cole Wendell teamed up with songwriter Ashley Morley for this wistful tribute to his dad, who died suddenly in 2013.

“Wouldn't miss a single day / I'd probably just fade away / Without you, I'd lose my mind / Before you ever came along / I was living life all wrong / Crazy girl, don't you know that I love you? In a poignant tribute to his grandfathers, Scotty McCready perfectly captures yearning for one more outing, meal, or fishing trip with someone you love.

This ballad is a potent reminder to keep those precious minutes you do get close to your heart as they happen and to add to your collection of life's little (but beautiful) moments every day. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

The saying ‘they don’t make ’em like they used to’, certainly applies to the big trucks of yesterday. The new iron being produced nowadays is pretty slick and cool looking, no doubt about it.

After all, how could you not be attracted to a knock-out paint job, chicken lights, stove-pipe stacks and all that chrome? However, today, there is a distinctive, dedicated following for that old school style of big rigs, that is growing in size.

This group of old school truckers, is becoming larger and stronger, even more so since the newer model rigs are changing so dramatically in their looks, cost and reliability. They prefer these older engines as they are more reliable and have a proven track record and don’t break down so frequently.

The old semi trucks are also favored because of their traditional, classic styling: the simple body lines, the long hoods and the round headlights are a few features considered symbols of the old school style, big trucks. Big buck new trucks, high cost of diesel, repairs and operator costs are the main reasons the trucker trend to rebuilding and restoration of old trucks is growing stronger.

It’s quite a thrill to pass one of those older model rigs rolling down the highway! I talk to many drivers who really miss seeing and driving those old semi big rigs.

They miss the years of trucking when they communicated by CB and truckers helped one another. I hope these photos bring back some fond memories of those good old days for you, when life and trucking, was much simpler.

1981 International S 2574 6V 92 Detroit @ 335 HP Spicer 12513, 13 SP, 4;78 gears, 40,000 lb rears Hendrickson Walking Beam Suspension, 16,000 Dual Sector Steering Front Axles, 11-24.5 rubber, top speed 70 mph @2350 rpm July Transportation Co. was an LTL trucking company, in San Diego, Oakland, CA. Frank July’s Grandfather started the company with a team and a buckboard wagon in the late 1800s.

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