Beer Can In Truck Bed

David Lawrence
• Saturday, 15 May, 2021
• 8 min read

My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of Georgia. As I am under the age of 21 and will be taking a road trip this weekend in my truck, I need information regarding three transportation of my alcohol.

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Pity your parents didn't “coach you up” on decent manners. Mind your snotty attitude, brat child, when you're asking VOLUNTEERS to help you free of charge.

“It's not mine” will not fly with the police if you are caught, because as the person in control of the vehicle, you're expected to know what you're toting around. If you are in control of a vehicle with alcohol in it, you are in possession of it, and there are no hairs for you to split to try to get out of being held responsible.

For example, people can legally ride in a truck bed, but obviously not in the trunk of a car. I know for a fact it's illegal to have in the cabin, just as in a regular vehicle, but I feel pretty positive it's legal as long as I have no knowledge of its presence in the bed.

I think the law was written to protect truck owners because anyone walking by could put something in the bed and I wouldn't know if I didn't see it. As for my snotty attitude, I don't take kindly to canonization and Mr. Know-it-all's response quite annoyed me.

I apologize; I may be young, but I asked for simple help and I don't need a lecture. If being told that annoys you such that you lash out like an intemperate child, you're in the wrong forum.

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No, the truck bed laws will not permit you to carry alcohol. As for my snotty attitude, I don't take kindly to canonization and Mr. Know-it-all's response quite annoyed me.

I apologize; I may be young, but I asked for simple help and I don't need a lecture. You threw a tantrum because Mr. K told you the truth instead of patting you on the head and telling you what you wanted to hear.

If you want to do that, you have to figure it out on your own, because we're simply not interested in you coming back here later to BAW that you got caught and now how can you get out of the charges. The only time the truck bed or trunk makes a difference in any place I've seen is that if you had someone of legal age who could legally possess and assert that the alcohol was there's with you.

All the trunk/ bed does is potentially put it out of your constructive use but that doesn't help you if you and a bunch of underage friends are in the vehicle. I've been reading this forum for literally about a week, and it's amusing how often I've already seen someone say that.

She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials. There are instructions for making aluminum can craft that range from jewelry items to wall decor.

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What a great way to recycle pop and beer cans. You'll find the tutorial for making this peace sign at Crafting a Green World.

Making a beautiful rose plaque like this would be a great idea for a Mother's Day gift. I find this patchwork very attractive and think it would be a beautiful addition to any style decor.

If you don't smoke, you can always use these little trays to hold jewelry or soap bars. By adding a wire stem, these cute little sparkle fairies could be used as plant pokes.

But, since beer cans are made from aluminum, I decided to share this lantern craft also. You can make a beautiful pendant like this one by following the tutorial given at saved by LOVE CREATIONS.

Some uses for the hammered copper look might be as a basis for ornaments, jewelry, garlands, etc. This easy to make patriotic wreath is great for displaying on an outside door.

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Although I like the appearance of this heart pendant with the red added, I really liked it in the photo that shows what it looked like with just the blue. See what I mean, and find the instructions for making this pendant at saved by LOVE CREATIONS.

These coasters would make nice gifts or stocking stuffers for teachers or family members. The instructions for making these coasters can be found at The Idea Room.

Make these inexpensive and attractive earrings for yourself and to give as gifts. MAYBERRY home journal for the templates and directions for making these soda can ornament.

What a nice decorating grouping this would be for an end table, mantle or shelf. I love these metal flowers that you can make by following the instructions given at Crispy’s Crafts.

To make this soda tab bracelet, go to Crafting a Green World for the instructions. Although I find this to be an interesting project, I would want to figure out a way to make the edges of these cookie cutters not so sharp.

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Okay, so I have to admit that I have no idea how anything even vaguely involved in modern technology works. But, since I consider any beer drinker smart enough to figure out this Wi-Fi booster thingy, even if I don't have a clue, it's important that I include this project here.

It looks like I may have to choose the kind of soda that I drink, by what colors are on the cans. Find the instructions to make this cute aluminum can flower bracelet at saved by LOVE CREATIONS.

These aluminum can angels are so cute that I'm sure you'll find all sorts or ways and reasons to use them in your decor. Go to Saved by LOVE CREATIONS for the pattern and directions for making the angels.

Use the can from the favorite drink of the person who will receive the gift and follow the instructions at Diary of a Crafty Lady to make special keychains for special people. Find the directions for making the metal stamped labels by going to the STOW & TELL site.

I love every one of the aluminum can wreaths, and this one is a real beauty. Find the tutorial for this beautiful wreath at Saved by LOVE CREATIONS.

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A great stocking stuffer or party favor gift. The instructions for making these tin work boxes is found at Atomic Shrimp.

Make a beautiful rose pendant to give as a gift or for your own use. The directions for making this gorgeous rose pendant can be found at Saved by LOVE CREATIONS.

When I was, well, a few decades younger, we, my self and a bunch of like-mindless (yeah, I spelled it right) friends built a wall using beer cans strung on strings and hung from the roof beam to separate the garage we worked on our cars in! Looks like some big fun crafting with beer cans.

Fun lens, I definitely like the coffee table beer can stack, awesome How fun that there is such a thing as Beer Can Appreciation Day and that I'm here in time to celebrate it.

In South Australia where I live we get a 10 cent refund for each can as they are recycled in our state. I like your motorcycle which made of beer can. I also have ideas to recycle eggshells.

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