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Paul Gonzalez
• Wednesday, 23 June, 2021
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Belgian horses (also known as Brabant horses) can be some of the largest and heaviest draft horses sometimes standing over 20 hands tall and weighing more than 3,000 pounds. Brabant's horses and Belgians share a common ancestry, but since the middle of last century, Brabant horses in Europe have been bred to be heavier boned while Belgian horses in America have been bred to be a bit leaner and taller.

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Sort Horses by: RelevanceNewest Oldest Slowest PriceHighest Presort by Colors by BreedShortest HorsesTallest HorsesYoungest HorsesOldest Horses She’s a beautiful registered Belgian mare.

“Bloom's Bender's Twister”, Registered Yearling Belgian. Available: Samson, an 13-14 yr old, 16-16.1 hand Belgian cross gelding.

Molly is a sweet 16 hand 15+ yr old (dentist said between 15 and 18) Belgian. I am looking for a free horse my 70 yr old mother can ride it is her dream .

(4)Anna Maria Thiel (1)Stud farm Van Langenhove (3)Under & Pierre Hubert Winkle (1) In America, when people buy a BelgianDraft they are usually purchasing a light chestnut draft horse with flaxen-coloured mane and tail, whereas most of those in Belgium are roan with black points.

Breeders who sell a BelgianDraft in Belgium present an altogether heavier horse with a larger head and plenty of feathers on the legs. In Belgium, the horses are also used for meat whereas in the States they are mainly working and show animals, featuring in displays of strength at agricultural events.

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Claims of great antiquity are made for large horses from this region, even going back as far as Roman times, although this is unproven. By the late nineteenth century, the heavy horses of Belgium were still greatly in demand in the surrounding countries, where they were known by various names, including the Belgian trekpaard and Brabant trekpaard in the Netherlands, and the Coeval DE trait bulge or Abandon in France.

The official studbook in Belgium was established in 1885, closely followed by the American Association of Importers and Breeders of BelgianDraft Horses in 1887. After centuries of development, Belgian Drafts are some of the most powerful horses in the world and have broken many records.

In 2010, a BelgianDraft named Big Jake entered the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s tallest living horse. Doesn't rush back to the barn & doesn't mind if the group of horses leaves him.

Rides and drives great in a simple “O” ring snaffle bit. Recent archaeological excavations near the Santa Cruz River found a village site dating from 2100 BC.

The floodplain of the Santa Cruz River was extensively farmed during the Early Agricultural Period, circa 1200 BC to AD 150. These people constructed irrigation canals and grew corn, beans, and other crops, while also gathering wild plants and nuts, and hunting.

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The Early Ceramic period occupation of Tucson saw the first extensive use of pottery vessels for cooking and storage. Meet the seller and pet in person Don’t wire money or take advance payments.

Boone is a great sized 16.3” hand, powerful gentle giant, absolutely handsome, and he knows it! He is green broke to ride and has been used as a logging horse and driveway drag puller, is super fun to take out on the trail, and has gorgeous movement in the arena.

He is sometimes a bit scared if you are cleaning in his ears but great for sheath, and he stands for trimming hooves every 6 weeks without stocks and doesn’t mind shoeing and/or trail boots. He is available only due to us not having a driving pair for him currently, he drives best in a pair we think, and we are spending more time training him when the other horses need to be sleigh pulling on the farm.

We will continue to train him and if sold as is, we are asking 5K and once fulling carting will want more late summer if we still own him. Is anti County Roads 3 and 36; and State Highway 65 (MN 65) are three of the main routes in the community.

Price range ~ to $3,068 The BelgianDraft is one of the tallest and heaviest breeds of heavy horses. Like many heavy horses the Belgian Drafts also have a docked tail and a divided croup.

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