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The treatment of horses transported overseas for slaughter and human consumption is at the heart of a two-day Federal Court trial which kicked off in Vancouver Wednesday. The coalition is seeking a judicial review of the agency's preflight inspection practices along with an order that would compel the CIA to comply with the Health of Animals Regulations in approving horse transport.

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“This case, in my submission, can have significant implications on future government decisions and the CIA specifically, where their ongoing practice or policy is in direct contravention to existing law.” The coalition filed the suit last year, claiming the inspection agency is following the guidelines of an interim policy introduced in 2017, instead of the sections of the Health of Animals Regulations which govern the transport of horses.

“The CIA's role, on the facts of this case, is to determine whether the horses are healthy for export and are being safely transported,” the agency said in a filing with the court. She also claimed that while draft horses may appear compatible with each other before being shipped overseas, they may become incompatible under the stress of a long flight.

But Breeder said their aim in the Federal Court case is limited to ensuring that the horses are transported humanely. The Belgian horse is a large, heavy, powerful draft horse that is native to the fertile pastures of Belgium.

They have provided the genetic background from which nearly all the modern draft breeds originate today. The familiar Belgiandrafthorse that we see in the United States has its ancestral genetic roots in the Brabant, which is also known as the Belgian Heavy Draft.

During the Middle Ages the Brabant was known as the Flanders Horse, after the region of Europe in which it originated, it has had great influence on the development of other draft horse breeds, such as the Suffolk Punch, the Clydesdale and the Shire. The Brabant was bred in Europe to have a thicker body and a more draft -type style, with heavy feathering on the legs; while in the United States, the American Belgian was being bred to have a taller, lighter looking body and clean, featherless legs.

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Stallions from Belgium were exported to many other parts of Europe as the need to produce larger animals of draft type for industrial and farm use was recognized. It was here that the inspection committees for stallions standing for public stud service were established.

In 1891, Belgium exported stallions for use in the government stables of Russia, Italy, Germany, France, and the old Austrian-Hungarian Empire and the export of horses out of Belgium for breeding purposes was so large in scope that it was very financially rewarding for the breeders for years to come. In 1903 the government of Belgium sent an exhibit of horses to both the St. Louis World's Fair in Missouri and the International Livestock Exposition in Chicago, Illinois.

But many of the breed's first imports to the United States were strongly criticized for being too thick, too low headed, straight shouldered, and round boned. In 1914, World War I brought all importations to a complete halt and American Belgian breeders were on their own with no new horses from Europe to breed to.

The post-war depression in agriculture slowed the purebred Belgian business for a few years but by 1925, annual registrations rose to over 1,000 horses. On the 50th anniversary of the BelgianDraftHorse Corporation of America (BD HCA), a pre-sold War II high of 3,196 Belgians was recorded in 1937.

Today's American Belgian is a big, powerful horse that stands 16.2 – 17 hands high, and retains the draft style, with a deep, strong foot, a lot of heavy bone and muscling. About half of the first U.S. imports were bay and bay-brown, followed by roan, chestnut sorrel, black, and even a few grays.

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Above : Rural Heritage December20/January21 Cover : Glen Comer drives his Clydesdale team with grandkids Carson, MYA and Jane. Rural Heritage is a bimonthly journal in support of farming and logging with draft horses, mules, and oxen.

Below is this issue’s annotated Table of Contents, with a link to a full feature article to showcase the good reading delivered to your door every other month when you Subscribe to Rural Heritage. If, in your reading, you run across a drafty word you don't recognize, consult our online Draft Dictionary.

He visited with a mule trainer, restorative foresters, reproduction village enthusiast, and a couple plow days. Joe reviews Cowboy Culture, Capturing the Spirit of the Old West in the Sierra Nevada by Sandy Powell.

If you love horses, the history of the American West, or just amazing photography, he strongly recommends this book. Selections from our extensive catalog of books and videos on draft animal farming, logging, self-sufficient living and much more.

Todd Stairs pitches hay from a bobsled to feed remote elk herds in Wyoming. Read about a fascinating job: feeding elk in the Green River Lakes area of Wyoming.

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Sandy Powell introduces us to Todd Stairs who has spent 34 winters living and working using draft horses to deliver feed daily to area elk for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. Charlie Tennessee introduces us to Ryan Haven, the Land and Livestock Manager at Glenn Hill Farm.

After interviewing a number of ranchers in the state, she presents a picture of innovation: rotational grazing, which emphasizes smaller pastures and longer “rests”. Ralph Rice grows open pollinated corn, so he can save his own seeds and replant a consistent crop.

Jimmy Elder of Mayfield, Ky., drives three abreast of Harbingers on a disc at the Brush Creek Plow Day. Lots of photos of draft horses and mule working in the field from this Member, Kentucky event.

Rob Collins presents challenging situations to expert ox drover Vicki Solomon for her to solve. Teamsters from Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois and Kansas demonstrate field work, and we have lots of photos.

Larry Judges of Farnham, Neb., plowed with his team of black mules at the Bird City Play day. Mules for Sale Advanced Search.

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Contrary to popular belief, mules aren't as stubborn and obstinate as they are... ... Grace is a sweet Belgian mare that rides and drives.

Three collars and one bio thane body bell. A 45-1 hr ride pulled by two Belgian draft horses down the farm lanes and through the woods.

A fun family outing for young and old. We at Evergreen Hill Farm offer horse and carriage for Weddings, proms in season sleigh rides or any; special occasion.

Complete harness with hams; bridle; 25 inch collar. Grey picture is store catalog; picture on grass is the set I am selling cleaned and dusted.

Comes with two matching Bridals and an extra set of reins for team hookup. Lightly used 16.5' close contact jumping saddle.

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Was ridden in for 2 years and bought in France. Fits most horses and was used regularly on Sell Français and Belgian warm bloods.

Very comfortable and good knee locks. Big, handsome, sweet gelding available for part board while I'm off due to pregnancy.

He enjoys jumping, knows basic dressage, and would also be a good fit for someone who just wants some trail time. The barn he is at has fields, trails, an outdoor and indoor arena.

Find the answers to these and many other intriguing questions in Marguerite Henry’s Album of Horses. The award-winning author of Misty of Chincoteague and King of the Wind describes in vivid detail the hardworking Shire, the elegant Lipizzaner, the spirited Mustang, and many more.

A wonderful horse and carriage ride for that special occasion. Two Belgian horses pulling a beautiful white Cinderella carriage with royal blue velvet interior.

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Good for the farrier and their teeth and feet have just been done. Evergreen Hill Farm offers horse-drawn funeral coach pulled by two beautiful Belgian draft horses.

Looking for a safe trail horse, I would love a full draft (Percheron, Belgian, Clyde, etc). Will consider other breeds if broke WTC, kid safe (under supervision) and at a good price.

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