Belgian Draft Horse Zeus

Ellen Grant
• Friday, 29 January, 2021
• 7 min read

Zeus was purchased at 4 years old in Whitney's Point NY. We bought Zeus to pull sleighs at Nestle nook with Fred, another Belgian who weighs 2500 lbs.

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He grew to be 21 hands and tipped the scales at 3000 lbs! He was broke for riding but no equipment fit him. In the Summer of 2013 he was diagnosed with a muscle disease called type 1 PSM.

Brass who runs the Mounted Patrol Unit identified the horse ’s owner based on Deputy Born’s description over the phone. Turns out the owners were part of a sleigh ride crew, and their BelgianDraftHorse “Ace” just got bored and decided to go for a walk.

Contest resultsOffspring Zeus van Rupelmonde 13 offspring found. This online database contains mostly the data of licensed stallions, their ancestors and horses which recently participated at contests.

Brass who runs the Mounted Patrol Unit identified the horse ’s owner based on Deputy Born’s description over the phone. Turns out the owners were part of a sleigh ride crew, and their BelgianDraftHorse “Ace” just got bored and decided to go for a walk.

The horse, who pulls carriages in the Brick town area, fell in a trailer while being transported, according to an Oklahoma City Fire Department news release. “The horse was down in the trailer with his legs precariously underneath him when firefighters arrived,” said Battalion Chief Benny Fullerton, Public Information Officer for the Fire Department.

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Fire Station 6 firefighters used rope gear and a monopod attached to a fire truck to remove the 1,800 pound horse from the trailer, according to the news release. “Once out, the horse appeared exhausted and was unable to get up or put weight on one of his legs,” Fullerton said.

Firefighters contacted a veterinarian who works closely with them as part of the Urban Search and Rescue Team. The equine vet came to the scene and treated and medicated the horse.

The team effort grew as Farrington Wrecker arrived to help lift the nearly one-ton horse. Farrington's personnel used straps and other equipment to securely lift the horse and get him back on his feet.

“The horse was able to walk afterwards and was taken home to be monitored more closely,” Fullerton said. His long-term stamina is garbage, he has a definite curve to his turns, and in a straight sprint down a path he will lose to most racehorses.

Rockstar Games via Polygon In races, I often score top three by using Hayseed as a physical barrier. Nimble steeds with slender frames smash into Hayseed as I continue on at my relaxed pace.

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When players are forced into choke points and all the horses are jostling, Hayseed is the shore upon which the weak, cowardly waves break. One time, a guy openly scoffed in voice chat: “Who brings a Belgian into a race?” I do.

That is largely redundant, because I just charge at people and trample them under Hayseed’s big powerful hooves. One time, I got off my horse to hogtie my good friend Matt for chuckles, and his brother Jake jumped on Hayseed’s back, gave a peal of joyous laughter, and immediately ran Hayseed off the nearest cliff.

I gave him oatcakes, brushed his beautiful mane, and whispered apologies in his ear. Even with friendly fire turned off, Hayseed’s bulk knocks them over, and they have to scramble back to their feet.

Also, since Hayseed is my friend and trusted confidant, I try to bring him into every quest area and mission giver’s house. This enrages Jake, who is half in character at all times, regularly takes photos, and demands total immersion.

There’s a reason why one of the first pieces of downloadable content was armor for your horse in The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. Playing with my posse has proven to be a fantastic social experience, and part of that is the stories we generate together.

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Sometimes, those tales come from fighting with other posses and robbing stagecoaches out on the far reaches of the West. And sometimes, those stories come from me accidentally trampling my friend with Hayseed, my big beautiful horse.

Like their European counterparts, the replacement of farm animals with heavy equipment caused a sharp decline in the cream numbers & the breed faced extinction. The renewed interest has put an emphasis on keeping bloodlines as they have always been, resisting the temptation to create a more ‘modern’ type of animal.

Head is refined with a flat or concave profile Eyes are wide set & expressive Well muscled shoulders Rounded hindquarter & large barrel Rural Heritage'A bimonthly journal in support of small farmers and loggers who use draft horse, mule and ox power.

For Rural Heritage also has pictures from the September 2009 New Virginia Racehorse Fun Show on her website: http://caskeystudios.com Circle C Carriages Jeff & Lori Christiansen2446 State Hwy 2Clarinda, Iowa 51632712-542-2174800-359-4260 circlecfarms@iowatelecom.ne weddings, Prom, Corporate Function, Family Gathering, etc...

The Club was originally founded in the mid 1930s and functioned until World War II. As a result, the New York State Racehorse Club was incorporated in 1956 and there has been a steady increase in interest in draft horses ever since.

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The purpose of the New York State Racehorse Club is to promote the use of, and ownership of, Shire, Clydesdale, Percheron, Belgian, Suffolk, and Harbinger horses. The Gentlest of Giants have had the pleasure of meeting a few of these wonderful horses, and each has been just as sweet as the other.

They have a pretty calm personality and aren't typically spooky, or high-strung. On the other side, two out of three Belgians I have met, have been sick many times.

One had re-occurring colic episodes and the other developed severe laminates that would heal up to a point, and then take two steps back. The Belgian, as stated before, is not a small horse and does require secure fencing and more food than most to stay healthy.

As for their hooves, a farrier with Draft experience is recommended. I would definitely recommend this breed to anyone, despite the health issues I've seen, as they are the gentlest souls out there and can become one of the best, lifelong friends you have ever had!.

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