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Turnout Escape Harness Red Turnout Escape Harness BlackClik-Lok Buckle Clik-Lok Buckle is connected before closing the pants' waist buckle’D” Ring rigging point extends up and over waist of pantsHarness Keeper Tab snaps around waist belt of harnessHarness Keeper Tab attaches to suspender button underneath suspenderDesigned to be kept with your turnout gear, this harness may be worn on the outside or between the barrier layer and she'll layer. Special Clip OK buckle and attachment strap allows this harness to be easily donned.

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Waist buckle requires both triggers to be depressed before disengagement. Sizing should be determined by waist measurement while wearing turnout pants.

Simply pull down on the EZ round rings to tighten, flip up the tab to release. 4 point Velcro and self material tab attachment.

Simply pull down on the EZ round rings to tighten, flip up the tab to release. 4 point Velcro and self material tab attachment.

EZ Adjust Padded H Back Button Free Suspenders Simply pull down on the EZ round rings to tighten, flip up the tab to release.

4 point Velcro and self material tab attachment. Pockets are available lined or reinforced with moisture barrier, self material, leather, Kevlar® twill, or poly coated Kevlar®.

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Bellows and Semi-Bellows pockets can be ordered in a divided style for multiple interior compartments. Pockets located on lower hem of coat include reflective trim.

Designed to stow small essential tools securely and within easy reach Shown with optional hook and loop closure, 3 vertical strips on flap and full length horizontal on pocket with optional Easy Grab Pocket Flap.

Like our pockets, Meridian accessories can be customized to fit your needs. Contact your sales representative to discuss how we can provide the unique options that you require.

Comfort Trim, Lime Yellow & Red Orange 3M™ Scotch lite™ Padded Reinforced Knee with Multi-Directional Flex Technology Individual padded diamond pockets allow complete flexibility & unmatched performance.

Thermal padding is available with reinforcement options: Possible reinforcement materials are poly-coated Kevlar®, leather, or self material Coat and trouser cuffs are available with the same reinforcement materials Trouser cuffs can be optionally angled to ensure that they are not subject to wear and tear from the boot heel To comply with the new e-Privacy directive, we need to ask for your consent to set the cookies.

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Gait Belts help with the transferring of patients or loved ones from hospital beds and other furniture. If your intention is to help a person stand from a seated position, you may try the Lift Assist Belt.

A seemingly small accessory, they can have a surprisingly large impact on the impression you make. They can be a piece that pulls an outfit together, or end up becoming a distraction that sabotages its overall effect.

So today we’ll talk about when to wear one, the different types, when to choose one kind over another, and how to buy a quality belt that fits you right. A belt is a cinching system that goes around the waist using tension to hold up a person’s pants.

The vast majority of belts (once you’ve moved beyond the simple string) have two parts: the buckle and the strap. After the belt is buckled, the keeper loop stops the free end from flapping around.

Certainly with formal outfits, when your shirt is invariably tucked in, belts are essential. To maintain this function in the absence of a belt, you can choose suspenders as a stylish and fun alternative.

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Almost all formal belts include a frame-style style buckle, in which the strap goes through the frame. A belt on the 1” end of things is suited for a smaller man, with a waist under 34”.

Leathers the only suitable material for dress belts (or a wonderful imitation leather if you’re vegetarian). These skins are all technically more casual belt materials, but can work as formal in a dark color.

Crocodile and alligator belts are even more upscale and have a subtler pattern and texture. Black and brown are the most traditional colors for dress belts; some other colors you might see towards the smart-casual end of formal belts are oxblood, tan, navy, gray, and white for summer.

A belt wider than that is more unusual, suits jeans and casual trousers, and can be paired with classic and “statement” buckles. Some even include marks from scars or brands that the cow acquired during its life.

Used with a frame-style buckle to make very adjustable belts: you can put the prong in any hole in the braid. Braided belts are a good option when you want to keep things simple and unobtrusive; they add a little texture without making an overwhelming statement.

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More casual than a flat strip of leather, braided belts should not be worn with suits, but can work with a sports jacket. Multicolored braided belts are even more casual, and are sometimes worn with summer ensembles for an east-coast prep look: khaki shorts, a light polo or button-fronted short-sleeved shirt, and boaters, with the bright belt holding down the center of the image.

Decorated by “tooling,” a stamping process that leaves patterns on the leather, which are often then stained to make them stand out. Tooled belts work well with simple outfits, such as a pair of jeans and a basic button-down shirt.

As they tend to be visually “busy” pieces on their own, the look starts to get overwhelming if you pair them with too many other patterned/textured items. A casual material that allows you to stand out with bright colors and bold motifs.

Leather back ribbon belts go perfectly with sailing, golf, and boat shoes. A staple of uniforms from the Army to the Boy Scouts, canvas belts with metal buckles are a plain, functional style.

Most have a flat box buckle containing a sliding peg, which pins the strap in place at the desired position. Often fastened with a knot and loop rather than a buckle, they’re a bit preppy but durable and easy to clean, and can take a soaking better than leather.

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Vinyl belts are a young man’s style and can look tacky on older men. With casual non-leather belts, colors can really run the gamut to every kind of pattern and hue.

A good accent belt should share some characteristics of the other pieces in your outfit. Similar or matching colors is an obvious choice, and how most men generally select their belts and shoes.

Dress belts are largely for wearing with suits and business attire, but can sometimes be paired with more formal sports jackets/ blazers and trousers. Conversely, casual belts are largely worn with jeans, khakis, and shorts, but can work with nicer chinos and more rugged sports coats.

But when an outfit clearly falls into one category or the other, you should choose the belt that best pairs with your clothes. If a dress belt is worn with casual pants, its proportions and materials will make it look too delicate, quite nerdy, and generally out of place.

Measure from where you always buckle it to the opposite end of the strap, and get the closest size to that. When buying a plate buckle, remember the throw (distance from shape to hook) adds to the length of your belt.

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If you love a belt that’s the wrong size (or your size has changed since you bought the belt) DO NOT be tempted to gouge a hole in it with your pocket knife or kitchen scissors. Err on the side of shortness if you need to, rather than wrapping a long tail of leather around your hip a second time.

A quality belt can last for years if not decades, so it’s worth investing in a top-notch piece that looks good and wears well. Flex the belt to make sure it hasn’t turned brittle or started to crack.

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