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Danielle Fletcher
• Tuesday, 15 December, 2020
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If you just want to quickly boot up a device for some temporary work, Slab is an impressive option. It is based on Debian, but it aims to be a portable and fast option that is meant to be run through USB devices or DVDs.

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This may not be directly geared towards average users, but it is a Empowered usable distribution with a unique approach to package management. You can easily configure, compile, and install a kernel through package manager with Gentoo Linux if you want.

Minimum System Requirements: RAM: 1 GB CPU: Pentium 1.0 GHz Void Linux is an interesting distribution independently developed by volunteers.

It aims to be a general purpose OS while offering a stable rolling release cycle. It features unit as the unit system instead of system and gives you the option of several desktop environments.

Q4OS is another Debian-based distribution that focuses on providing a minimal and fast desktop user experience. Similar to Void Linux, Q4OS also runs on a bare minimum of at least 128 MB RAM and a 300 MHz CPU with a 3 GB storage space requirement.

Considering that you want something for your old computer, I would recommend taking a look at its Minimal GUI edition unless you really need a full-fledged desktop environment like FCE or Last. They aim to contribute their work to give a free operating system which is also potentially secure.

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It focuses on giving you the best performance with Gentoo Linux along with some extra packages to make the experience complete for users. It is also interesting to note that the development is actually led by Gentoo Linux’s creator Daniel Robbins.

If we have an old computer, and we want to give it a second life, if its processor is not 64- bit, we will not be able to directly load the boot menu of the operating system. Without going any further, Steam, and its games, work in 32 bits, and although Ubuntu and the other distros still have the libraries included, these will not be there forever (there have already been attempts to eliminate them), which can cause us in the long run more problems than benefits.

Masai is a stable and secure desktop operating system distributed as free software. Leap is an edition of Open SUSE designed to meet the needs of ordinary developers, administrators and users alike.

It has a Kernel 4.9 and is optimized to work on very old hardware, being able to bring any computer from more than 15 years old back to life without problems. Therefore, if we compare its aesthetics with that of Windows 10, or any other modern Linux distro, it will draw a lot of attention, for the worse.

If we do not care about the appearance, and we want to have good compatibility with old hardware and programs from years ago, this is an excellent option that we can download from this link. This is a pure rolling release distro aimed at advanced users who want to give a second life to their old computer and use it, above all, for development, programming and code compilation.

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And speaking of complicated distros, if we want a powerful as well as compatible and customizable operating system, Arch Linux is positioned as one more option to give a second life to our old computer. This distro offers us a flexible and very light system, ideal for old computers, following the Keep It Simple philosophy.

This beginner’s guide helps you decide which Ubuntu should you choose. Now, after further reading on the internet, learning people’s views about which Linux version is the best for beginners, you’ve decided to install Ubuntu.

If you’re surprised by that expression, it means you need to learn a little about Ubuntu before you go on to install it. If you’ve been reading forums and blogs, you might have come across a few terms like Ubuntu, Ubuntu, Ubuntu, etc.

A desktop environment is basically a bundle of components that provide common graphical user interface elements such as icons, toolbars, wallpapers, and desktop widgets. Most desktop environments have their own set of integrated applications and utilities so that users get a uniform feel while using the OS.

Basically, it changes the look and feel of the operating system you use, and at times, the programs you use. In the previous analogy with clothes, if you wear skinny jeans, you might look smarter, but you can’t run faster.

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Similarly, some desktop environments focus on the use of graphics, but then they demand a better hardware configuration. On the other hand, some desktop environments run better on low configuration computers but may not look that good.

These flavors are endorsed by Canonical, Ubuntu’s parent company. As you know, unlike Windows and macOS, Linux users have the ‘freedom’ to use their system at will and try out new things.

Expert Linux users, for a hobby and out of curiosity, bring other desktop environments to Ubuntu (coding is involved here) and then other enthusiast Ubuntu users try them out (no coding required). Because sometimes desktop environments conflict with each other, and you end up with a few missing icons, duplicate programs or a not so polished-looking system.

For this reason, dedicated Ubuntu flavors are released so that users get a perfect experience with their selected desktop environment out of the box without needing to install it separately. Let me list the features and purposes of each official Ubuntu flavor, and then you can decide which one is good for you.

This is the default Ubuntu version with a unique user experience. You’ll find lots of support on the forums and ton of resources online through blog posts and videos as well.

backbox linux tools updated hacking
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The KBE Plasma desktop environment is known for its point-and-click configuration options. Ubuntu can run perfectly fine on any type of hardware configuration (not too vintage though).

If you are coming from Windows XP, it’ll have a similar feel. It manages power efficiently, so your system doesn’t overheat that often.

You can also read our review on the latest Ubuntu 20.04 LTS to get an idea. In 2017, Ubuntu dropped Unity as the default desktop in favor of GNOME.

Many people did not like the new interface of GNOME 3 and this resulted in the birth of the MATE desktop environment. If you have a lower hardware configuration, and you like a more traditional desktop, you’ll enjoy Ubuntu MATE.

Thanks to its modern and elegant looks, Budgie has quickly developed a good fan following. Budgie provides you with a macOS-like notification area and a GNOME-like side launcher.

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This Ubuntu flavor is specifically aimed at Chinese users. Ubuntu Studio uses the FCE desktop environment and comes preinstalled with audio and video tools.

This Ubuntu variant caters for the needs of audio, video and graphics creators. Basically, it’s a GNOME implementation with a focus on schools and educational institutions.

It comes bundled with applications and games suitable for students. Mythbuntu is a minimal Ubuntu installation intended exclusively for Myth TV.

Myth TV is an open-source program for multimedia center and home theater PCs. You can start by creating live Uses of the Ubuntu flavors one by one and then test them without even installing them.

To understand those versions, you need to be familiar with the Ubuntu release cycle. An Ubuntu version number actually consists of the year and the month that it was released.

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The pros of a normal release are that you get the latest features and applications, and the newest version of the various software packages. For example, if you choose to install Ubuntu 19.04 (any flavor), it will not get any updates after Jan ’20.

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