Best 8 Bit Video Game Music

Carole Stephens
• Sunday, 01 November, 2020
• 8 min read

A casual observation will make this apparent, as many of the in- game assets were not changed for the final product. Blazing Layers is a shoot ‘em up that would still be a great game without the awesome music tracks.

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When you give up in frustration after ten minutes the main thought in your head, other than how hard the game is, will be that the soundtrack was wonderful. NTSC Master Systems can be modded to enable FM synthesis, but this is not something the casual gamer would have the necessary tools for.

Golvellius was a Legend of Zelda rip-off that had some great music ; some argue the standard tunes are better than the FM version. He composed the music for classics such as the original Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario 2 features mostly upbeat ragtime style music that gives the game a fun and light-hearted feel. Without the amazing soundtrack, by Hiroshima Sonora and Yoshihiro Yamaguchi, Duck Tales would still be one of the most beloved NEW games.

This game is well known for its difficulty, but the frustration of replaying levels over and over is lessened by the outstanding soundtrack. The original soundtrack for Is is good, but the FM synthesis version is tremendous.

The music was composed by Yugo Kosher, who is renowned for his work in many Sega titles. Space Harrier, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, and Sonic the Hedgehog all had music composed by Kosher.

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The cartridge for the Japanese version of Castlemaine III had a special chip added to allow for improved music. Click here to check out the Japanese version, and here for Banjo Guy Ollie’s cover of one of the songs.

If we filled this list with all six of the Mega Man titles for the NEW it's doubtful that anyone would argue. Banjo Guy Ollie has covers for nearly every track in this great game, click here to check out the selection.

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A while back, we decided it would be a good idea to create a list of the top ten original console game soundtracks of all time. It sounded good on the back of a bar napkin at Edna's Michigan Library, but it turned out to be a mammoth task.

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By the time we sobered up and narrowed down our favorites, the number of finalists was higher than most of our editors can count. And while we considered titles like Phantasm Star and Wonder Boy, the truth is the best Master System soundtrack isn't as good as the tenth best NEW game.

Wizards & Warriors Publisher: Acclaim Developer: Acclaim Year Originally Published: 1987 We can still remember setting our tape recorder up next to the TV, so we could record the catchy renaissance tunes of Wizards & Warriors. Blending the influences of '50s rock and spacey sci-fi sounds à la Metro id, the soundtrack to Dr. Mario is a sometimes surreal experience but always memorable and engaging.

It would make a great addition to games, adventure projects, tech AIDS, or presentations. This music takes you straight back to the arcades of 40 years’ ago in a whirl of sound.

Dance the night away to this tune, or use it as backing for cheerful, energetic, fun atmosphere projects. At nearly 1 minute and a half in duration, you’ll have plenty of time to either loop or simply play.

#10: “Shovel Knight” (2014) When the Blue Burrower burst onto the scene, he brought everything amazing about retro gaming with him. Despite being somewhat musically limited given the game’s chosen aesthetics, Jake Kaufman nonetheless managed to create some truly dazzling pieces.

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Songs like Steel Thy Shovel and The Defender really amp up the excitement, while practically anything associated with the Enchantress will undoubtedly invoke pixelated fear. Perfectly paired with the 1930s animation style that made it such a household name, Cup head’s soundtrack is like travelling back through time.

You’ve got the barbershop inspired Don’t Deal with the Devil, the off-putting if relaxing Inkwell Isle, and lest we forget, the borderline jazz-gasmic masterpiece that is Die House. However, none can truly compare to the ending theme; Setting Sail, Coming Home, which manages to seamlessly blend two previous songs together in such a way that it will have you mouthing along before you know it.

Lena Raise outdid herself with a collection of tracks that heighten both the wonder and dread of exploring these shining stages, along with whatever darkness may lurk within. If you’re looking for a pick me up, songs like Madeline and Theo, First Steps and Reach for the Summit are the way to go, while adrenaline junkies might be more at home with fiery tracks like Confronting Myself and Star jump.

More akin to a full-on heavy metal album, the unapologetic badasses found in this crazy-awesome spin-off is easily reflected in the soundtrack’s lyrics. On the one hand, you’ve got Toby Fox’s ingenious soundtrack that not only makes for a great listen, but comes across as incredibly diverse in presentation.

Where else can you find musical marvels like Hopes and Dreams and Battle Against a True Hero as well as ridiculously hilarious songs like Tommie Village and Dog song. Keep in mind, we haven’t even scratched the surface of how much of an influence Undertake’s music has had on the gaming community, paving the way for countless creators to throw their hat into the ring with all manner of covers and remixes.

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Even if we ignore some excellent tracks to come out of the Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine expansions, the original OST has no shortage of stellar titles you’ll want blasting out as you hunt down those monster contracts. The Trail will have you hyped up beyond belief, Wake Up Cirri is so beautiful that it almost made the White Wolf cry, Commanding the Fury will literally make you want to start hacking and slashing, while Another Round for Everyone is…well…pretty self-explanatory. Before we reveal our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions that more than deserve a place in your music library of choice.

#1: “Near: Automata” (2017) A puzzle wrapped in an enigma with an approach to storytelling that could only come from the mind of a beloved madman like Yoko Taro. However, much like our undying affection for 2B, things go one step further when the songs start repeating themselves, only slightly altered, resulting in a totally different listening experience, along with a drastic shift in the emotional atmosphere.

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