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Bob Roberts
• Friday, 18 December, 2020
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The AK was designed at a time when it was common practice to employ blued steel and wood furniture. Aluminum rails and hand guards enable an operator to “kit up” the AK and mount accessories that help control fire and stay on target.

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Here’s a list of mounts, rails and hand guards to kit up your AK for the 21st century. Arsenal PR-01 HandguardThe PR-01 minimizes weight while providing maximum strength by using a triangular support design and utilizing aircraft-grade aluminum construction.

The PR-01 will fit both milled and stamped receivers, and it is designed to accept a cleaning rod with the hand guard installed. The locking mechanism offers quick and easy installation and removal with no loss of zero.

The matte black KSR features a 7.5-inch Pica tinny rail and a windage-adjustable M16-A2 aperture rear sight. The rail section is machined from 7075 aluminum and the rear locking mechanism is made from carbon steel.

The AK -BAR features a Pica tinny rail along the top and multiple Named slots. The hand guard has a width of 1.5 inches, giving it a thin, sleek feel.

Easy to install, the AK -BAR is made from hard coat anodized 6061-T6 aluminum. Similar to the Russian design, the patented AK -300 mount uses a throw lever that clamps onto the side rail of the receiver.

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Made from Type 3 hard coat anodized 6061-T6 aluminum, it features a titanium-based locking system. The universal base attaches to the AK’s rear sight mount with no permanent alterations required.

Strike Industries AK Rear Sight Red Dot Rather AK Rear Sight Rail for Low Profile Red Dot Optics from Strike Industries easily converts the rear sight of most AKS into a Pica tinny rail that is designed specifically follow profile red dot optics from Burris, Silicon, Aim point and others. The hand guard is manufactured from high-strength, reinforced composite and is compatible with most AK -style rifles.

Texas Weapon Systems AK Dog Leg Rail Gen II Texas Weapon Systems’ Dog Leg Rail Gen II allows for very low mounted optics by combining the receiver cover with a Picatinny-style rail with 17 slots; the PSL model has 19 slots. The cam lock’s release mechanism keeps the cover and optic secure for a constant zero.

The cover also has a hinged front tab for easy field stripping. Slide the mount onto the dovetail and use the ergonomic quick lock/release lever with adjustable tension to tighten in place.

For purposes of clarity, I consent to Avalon's collection, storage, processing, and transfer of my Personal Data and Non-Personal Data (as defined in the Privacy Policy) for the purpose of signing up for the email newsletter. These rails come in different sizes and styles, but they all allow you to mount different types of optics and a large variety of other firearm accessories like lasers and flashlights.

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So finding a rail system is not hard, the challenge is getting one that is going to meet your shooting needs and is suitable for your AK47 variant. It’s not budget-friendly when you compare it with similar products, but it does come with a Pica tinny rail system and that is a huge plus.

It’s a Pica tinny rail, so you can mount your red dot scopes, flashlights, or other firearm accessories. The top cover comes with one adjustable piece that has two bolts to hold it in place.

And this adjustable piece allows the rail system to fit many AK variants. The rail comes with everything that you need to install it including a recoil spring replacement and wrench.

Lightweight, durable, and tough Sturdy construction that can withstand harsh conditions Waterproof Pica tinny rail for red dot scopes and other rifle accessories Doesn’t interfere with regular cleaning and firearm stripping Comes with the mounting hardware Fits any AK47 variant with milled or stamped receiver And what’s great about this company is that they are constantly looking for ways to modernize the AK platform.

So this RS Regulate AK303M full-length rail made using high-quality aluminum for strength and durability is extremely versatile. It’s Teflon coated to add to its strength and make it waterproof.

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Strong, durable, and weather-resistant Lightweight Easy to install Fits AK47 variants that have a dovetail side rail mount Allows the mounting of COG and red dot sight scopes It replaces your factory rear sight rail, and you don’t need to remove any other part or modify your rifle to install it.

Side rail mount Rigid construction for improved durability and strength Aesthetically pleasing Extremely easy to install Does not obstruct iron sights Pica tinny rail for scopes and other rifle accessories Quick detachable level for quick and easy removal Compatible with AK47s that have side mount platforms Furthermore, most if not all of them have coated or anodized finishes for added durability and strength.

The material the rail is made from determines not just its hard wearing capabilities, but also its performance. So when it comes to the rail system, your choice is going to depend on the accessories you want to mount on your rifle.

A majority of rail systems are made of steel or aluminum and are coated to harden them and increase their durability. So check what material the rail is crafted from to determine if its of good quality.

You don’t want a rail system that starts to show signs of corrosion or rusting after a short period of time. Or a rail that does not give you the flexibility to hunt or shoot in any weather condition.

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You can determine how well it can withstand harsh conditions by the materials its made from. Most rail systems use simple clamps and screws to attach to a rifle.

Those that can accommodate a wide variety of firearm accessories offer more advantages, but they are also expensive. Price should not be a key factor when selecting a rail system, but if you are on a tight budget, there are affordable options.

But before you make a purchase, read what other users are saying about the quality and performance of the rail system. Rail systems allow you to attach firearm accessories to your AK that can greatly improve and make your shooting experience more enjoyable.

As long as you focus on the quality and less on the price tag, you cannot go wrong. We’ve tried a lot of the stuff out there and here are our favorite AK -47 upgrades that span everything from furniture to optics mounting, triggers, and muzzle devices.

By the end you’ll know exactly what you need to make your AK the best suited for your task. One of the biggies…you can finally mount some optics and scopes to your AK.

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Very secure and adjustable quick detach method…although my recommendation is to really read the instructions. You don’t want it TOO tight and the disengagement system is a little hard to figure out initially.

If you’re rocking a 30 mm red dot like our favorite Aim point Pro (full review)…you can skip some weight of a Pica tinny rail. Again…saves weight from the Pica tinny option and lowers the optic for an easier cheek weld.

I’ve used the option of replacing the gas tube with a mount the longest. It holds zero very well but does heat up the optic, so you’ll have to either shoot slowly (boohoo) or opt for a good optic like the Aim point H-1 I have above (Best Red Dots).

It also places the optic a little farther up which gives you a great field of view but makes it a little harder to acquire the dot. Midwest has come out with their version which features an adjustable nut that makes install really easy.

The OG versions work well…and there’s those that find anything but the regular wood furniture is blasphemy. Proper length, gives you access to MILK, and holds up to the heat.

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And with a robust attachment system (make sure to follow the instructions). Plus it looks super cool when combo-ed with the Magnum hand guard since I think the Zhukov front (above) is too long.

I haven’t tried out too many pistol grips for the AK …but it’s pretty similar to AR-15s. I love the old Bulgarian mags for but for new generation polymer magazines I like Magnum’s Gen 3 versions.

An over-gassed AK can cause premature wear and tear on the firearm itself not to mention it can increase perceived recoil. So, it makes sense to prevent this by installing a new piston.

There’s not too many choices out there, but I like AAC’s which utilizes the tried and true triple prong. Or how about a compensator that pushes the blast forward…especially good if you have teammates and a shorter barrel.

For mine…the ALG AK Trigger brought down my AK trigger to 3 lb 1 oz and reduced the post and pre-travel. Readers' Ratings Another option which yields a better overall trigger pull…but at a much higher expense and potentially a much harder install (depending on your gun).

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Whether you want to mount an optic affordably…or fully trick out your AK to bring it to the 21st century…there’s an upgrade for it.

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